Saturday, March 19, 2011

Are You Singaporean?

Confirm? Double Confirm?
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, watch this trailer....

It is one of a set of trailers launched by Channel 5 to promote its brand new local gameshow called 'We Are Singaporean'. Hossan plays almost all the characters in the trailers - see the one below where he's the kopitiam towkay and worker. There's meant to be one more featuring parents gunning for spaces at a school during P1 registration.

If the show is as good as the trailers (and as funny), I think we may just have a hit on our hands.

Hossan Leong is the host of the show. And I say...ABOUT TIME LOR. Can't wait to see what he'll do on the show - will he unleash his trademark sarcasm and whip his slanty-eyed look at less-than-worthy contestants/celebrities/guests? I certainly hope so. I hear Kumar's on an upcoming ep - I want sparring...please :)

Anyway, the show is a gameshow where contestants have to answer questions about Singapore. I can only imagine the questions to be like, "Where is the best roti prata in the east?" or "Name Dick Lee first hit!" or "What is Taufik Batisah's middle name" <-- trick question - he doesn't have one.

SO, Are You Singaporean Enough To Be In The Audience?
Now that they've got the set ready, host selected and I believe contestants too, producers are ready to fill up the place with audience members. This show's actually gonna give audience members a chance to win moolah too! Check out the flyer below.

Next week's recording will feature OMG winner Jill-Marie Thomas and the talented Danny Koh. Fans of the two, quick- send email to and get your tickets to go down and support them!

By the way peeps, Ch5 has launched their own blog (about time right?), and the hardworking peeps from the promo team will be posting tons of juicy behind-the-scenes pics/stories/gossip that only THEY have access to, so its a great place to go kaypoh. Check it out here and then add it to your bookmark list!

xoxo, s.

ps. @WRSproducer  - I chope 2 tickets please! *see, I used "chope" - I am v Singaporean liao!