Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Challenger #3 : Fatema

Belly Dancing Queen
Gorgeous Fatema certainly makes an impression the minute you see her. Great hair, great body and luscious lips and lashes, she's all sorts of dolled up for her 90 seconds on the OMG! stage. Its unbelievable how toned she is - the woman has abs k! - she's a mother to a 4 year-old!

Why did you decide to join OMG!?
I want to showcase the art of belly dancing to everyone and of course the $50,000 :) My mom has been supportive and everyone, all my friends, have been very supportive.

How long have you been doing belly dancing?
I've bellied (cool term or what?) since I was 16, so its been 12 years. I have been to Egypt to train with Egyptian masters. Each time I go its 10 -14 days training with the real masters. I also travel a lot for performances, and workshops.

What do you do in real life?
I'm a mom. I have a 4 year old. I also dance at a Persian restaurant at Clarke Quay called Shiraz.

What would you do with the $50,000 if you won?
I would go to Cairo. It would be half for holiday and half for training.

What's your favourite part of performing?
I really enjoy expressing what I feel. I love dancing to my own music. The Arabic lyrics mean something and I like to express it, imitate the gestures following the lyrics. And by expressing those lyrics I hope to touch the audience's hearts.

Wanna get in touch with this very lovely and very skilled belly-dancer, find Fatema here.

Catch Fatema on tonight's episode of OMG!, 8pm tonight, only on Channel 5.
Think you can do better than Fatema, or just itching to have YOUR 90 seconds of glory? Got a talent worth showcasing? Email now - judges and producers want you!


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    and lastly just a minor correction... i work in a Persian restaurant Shiraz at Clarke Quay not in a club..thanks again ..appreciate it.


  2. Thanks Fatema! Gosh, that means I spelt your name wrong too! Gah!Changing now!

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