Singapore Idol 2009, Archived

In 2009, I had the time of my life following Singapore's 3rd batch of Idol hopefuls chase after their dream of becoming a recording artiste via the Idol machine. And this time, instead of working for the show, I got to enjoy the ride as the Unofficial Blogger. 

To those of you who very sweetly and loyally followed me from Day One to the Grand Finals via the blog, twitter, twitpics and in person, thank you so very much for your support. It humbles me to know that you find my blog interesting enough to follow so religiously :)

Now that I've been asked to follow/blog for a new show, I've gotta change up the blog a bit to be relevant right? So the Idol bits and bobs have got to go, but we can't let all that work go to waste now can we? 

So here are the links to that amazing journey, archived for our reading pleasure whenever we wanna walk down Idol memory lane.

xoxo, s.

Top 2 Profiles & Idol Performances*
Sezairi Sezali
 - Profile
 - Performances (Airi's Idol Journey)

Sylvia Ratonel
 - Profile
 - Performances

*Performance vids are all taken from youtube, so I can't guarantee that all vids will be there. Sorry folks!

Top 13 Profiles : 
Tabitha Nauser
Charles "Stitch" Wong
Faizal Isa
Duane Russell Ho
Mae Sta Maria
Malaque Mahdaly
Fathin Amira
Nurul Huda
Farhan Shah
Justin Jap
Syltra Lee
MJ Kuok

Just saw this pic today and stole it from their facebook page, its the Awesome Foursome - Duane, Faizal, Farhan and Tabby. 
Miss all your crazy 'word-phrases' (Berschka Dongle anyone?), the non-stop laughter, the food snacks that trail the four of you wherever you go and the Bubble Tea (or Green Tea!). 
Miss the crazy Awesome Foursome pics, with sunglasses, broken model poses, ala Gaga etc etc.
Most of all, I miss your energy. You guys are just the sweetest la!
Miss you guys sooooo much! <3

Top 24 Profiles :
Gabrielle Ferdinands
Theodore "Teddy" Teow
Ryan Lee
Frances Maria Lee
Jannah Shaharuddin
Douglas Wong
Jonathan Cheok
Samantha Lee
Charlene Torres-Tan
Benjamin Chow

Video Links (who knows how long these will  stay relevant though as not all the vids are mine, however I'm sure if you search, you'll be able to find episodes there too!)
Episode 1 : Auditions
Episode 2 : Auditions

Article Links :