Friday, April 23, 2010

I Heart Broken

Not A Broken Record.
I'm in trouble. I think I'm seriously addicted to Airi's single 'Broken'. I know I sound like a broken record, pun intended, but I just love the song! I've also gotten a few offices-full of people addicted to it, and in KL mind you! My cousin, three friends and their colleagues - thats about 30+ people - have given me the thumbs up, a few of them have had it on loop for a few days now, citing they thought it was some international reply - "Got standard right?"

Even when I can't sing it outloud cos everyone in the house is asleep, I plug my headphones in, put it on loop, close my eyes and mute-lipsync my heart out. Its just such a great tune, but the best part about it, apart from Airi's crooner delivery, are the lyrics and emotion conveyed.

And if its anything to go by, the album coming out in just over a month's time will be something worth looking forward to.

I've sung this song to myself so many times I thought I'd just do everyone the service of putting out the lyrics so you can sing along too. This player I found online automatically loops it - perfect!

No copyright infringement intended, just a fan/friend sharing her love for another friend's music. If you like music, support the artiste, please go buy it from your telco or the Nokia music store (like I did :).

Broken by Sezairi Sezali

dropped of your keys last night
the front door still unpainted
you were polite like ice
i, once could met it
you took our pictures down
and you left them on the ground
its like you wiped all the mem'ries
of what we used to be...
you and me before it all crashed down

and i know i never told you
that i love you
now its all too late
and i don't know how to hold you
but i want to
i don't want to leave this way
all i know
is broken

i heard your voice break when you said
"well i hope you're happy"
nothin' to say i'll stare straight into my coffee
then the conversation changed
how we talked around the blame
and the pain of losin'
all of the good times lost
when it all crashed down

And i know i never told you
that i love you
now its all too late
and i don't know how to hold you
but i want to
i don't want to leave this way
all i know...
is broken...

well i'm here if you need me
i know you don't believe me
well i'm so sorry
for all the pain i've caused

and i know i've never told you
that i love you
now its all too late
and i don't know how to hold you
but i want to
i don't want to leave this way
all i know...
is broken...


xoxo, s.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hell-O Gleek Out!

Glee is back, I'm watching American Idol again and OMG Sue Sylvester does Vogue! tv life is good again.

Fox made sure everyone knew Glee was back ON! Even if you weren't in the U.S., you can FEEL it returning after its super long hiatus of what felt like a year! The cast of Glee minus Lea Michelle were in the audience for Wednesday night's American Idol (Tuesday if you're the U.S.) and Cory Monteith (sigh Finn!), Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester ftw!) and Matthew Morrison (Mr Schuester) were even onstage to close the show with Seacrest.

Considering I haven't watched two weeks worth of AI (seriously had no urge to watch last week's show at all), I tuned in this week because my favourite Idol persona was on - Glambert. And boy, was he worth the 1am - 3am viewing. (I watched Glee from 12am - 1am, more on Glee later).

Thank gawd for Adam who was super honest and constructive unlike the other guest judges so far who have sugarcoated and hemmed and hawed their way through their mentorship duties. Ok, Usher wasn't too bad. But Adam really said it like he saw it. And I just have to say, I loved Tim Urban. Best performance for me last night. Totally deserved not to leave - for last night anyway.

As for Andrew and Katie going, I predicted it (to myself la, since no one was up for me to talk to), everyone's tired of Andrew not hitting that 'Straight Up' stride again and Katie's been on her last legs for a while now. When the two of them stood on stage together at the end watching the 'goodbye package', I felt kinda sad, cos they were first two I followed on Twitter just cos I thought they had the most potential at that point in time.

Big Mike's fans got a huge wake up call, and unlike alum Matt Giraud, Mike's fans got the message and voted like siao to keep him in - he wasn't even in the bottom three.

Elvis night was not bad. Everyone did fairly well. Had no idea what Casey was singin' about. Apart from T'Urban's haunting 'Hallelujah-like' rendition of 'I Can't Help Falling In Love With You', the other performance I enjoyed was Lee's - good call by Glambert to get him to smile more. As Tyra would say...'smize' (smile with your eyes).

The best part of the show for me, wasn't even the performances, it was catching glimpses of the Glee cast when the judges were talking! Every time Simon spoke, I had to listen harder to hear what he was saying cos my eyes would keep straying to see the expressions on Jane Lynch's and Matthew Morrison's faces - to see if they concurred or disagreed with Syco.

And of course seeing Adam in mentor-action was a real treat too. Love that guy. Just LOVE. HIM.

Highlight of the results show for me was of course Adam's lasered up performance of 'Wattaya Want From Me'. Seriously Siobhan this season's Glambert? Not even close. I love the girl, she has loads of potential, but not even an eighth of his personality, and it was even more apparent when they were onscreen together. Adam has always just oozed starpower and presence, even when he was a mere contestant.

Ok, enough Glambert-praise.

So how did Glee's first ep after hiatus hold up? Well lemmetellya-it.was.just.AWESOME!
I loved seeing Cory Monteith sing solo. And it was a pretty strong one too. His rosey cheeks and duh-duh looks sometimes made me wonder how he could be the school's top jock when he was so wimpy everywhere else, but when he takes on songs like that, rowrr. Good job Finn.

Loved Sue's less than savoury tactics to get herself reintstated in the school - drugs, sex (or the illusion of it) and blackmail. Very Cheerio. Would have liked it if they didn't snuff out the Will & Emma romance so quickly though. However, the introduction of a new love interest for Will and Rachel, both from the enemy camp of Vocal Adrenaline, was a great distraction, albeit a little predictable.

Best song of the episode....Rachel's duet with her new 'boyfriend', Jesse St. James. They sang Lionel Richie's 'Hello' accompanied by piano. I've forgotten how beautiful that song was. Thank you Glee. And HELLO! Welcome back!

xoxo, s.

ps. CANNOT WAIT FOR NEText ColorXT WEEK'S EPISODE - Sue does Madonna!!!
First, check out the promo for next week's episode.
ROTFLMAO - "Somewhere in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping!" - Sue Sylvester

Next, watch Glee's music video parody of Vogue, featuring Sue Sylvester. Goode one!

For the latest episodes of Glee, the legal way, ;) do the mio TV season pass. New episodes every week just a day after the US. Hello--- I've just gotta let you know.......

Friday, April 9, 2010

Glee in just 6 days! (for me at least woot!)

GLEE over GG?
Hehe, doesn't this Gossip Girl ad for The Gap look like its part of Glee? Ahh, the melding of my two fave shows. Anyway, I digress...

I thought I was more excited about Gossip Girl's return last month than I would be about Glee, but nope, I am actually MORE excited about Glee coming back. (Check out this new Glee cast promo pic I found, click on image to enlarge ;))

I have SOOOOO missed the breath of fresh air that is the show some people have dubbed 'High School Musical for adults'. What la...who wants to be an adult when you can immerse yourself in music and comedy for a full 42 minutes? (And live the evil double life of arrogance and sharp wit with no regrets vicariously via Sue Sylvester? I'm a big fan of that character, loved how they injected a little smidgen of a heart when they showed her caring for her retarded sister - aww.)

Anyway I have been waiting and waiting for Glee to return and I just got my mioTV catalogue in the mail today and waaah ...super happy that its returning next week, 16th April! Woot! And as I was flipping through it, was salivating cos there are so many shows I wanna watch (where am I gonna find the time people?)

Anyway, here are the shows I'm earmarking to watch this month on mio :

Movies :
  • Post Grad (Alexis Bledel!! love her!)
  • Did You Hear About The Morgans (heard this bombed, but I missed it at the theatres!)
  • (500) Days Of Summer (I've been wanting to watch this for like FOREVER)
  • Surrogates (I've always liked Bruce Willis)
  • ..and can you believe... 'Where Got Ghost?' (the Jack Neo one...waaat, the pic looks interesting wat - support local!)

TV Series :
  • Glee (comin' back April 15th!!!!)
  • Romantically Challenged (been following Alyssa Milano's tweets...waiting to watch this!)
  • V (cos the lead alien looks hawt!)
  • Happy Town (looks very Twin Peaks-ish, shall give it a try)

Your thoughts? Have you guys watched any of the above? Anything to recommend? What you guys are watching on TV these days, apart from American Idol, which btw, I'm so bored of. I didn't even watch the 'Beatles' episode this week cos I read online who got the lowest votes.

I was surprised the judges saved Michael Lynche. He's talented but I don't think he's gonna win. My theory? And its only a theory - its possible it was just too early for the only black guy left standing to go home. The show would lose a large viewer demographic.

Then again, if he WAS out, it would definitely cause a huge uproar too. Especially since Tim's still around :) LOL.

But the 'save'..... I don't know dawg....I mean, what if Siobhan or Lee or Crystal don't make it to Top 5? No more

xoxo, s.