Sunday, October 31, 2010

OMG Roadshow at Plaza Singapura!

Happy Sunday everyone!
Its Roadshow day today for the OMG Contenders and this time, they're headed right to the heart of town - Orchard Road! No excuse not to pop by today then! 

Come on down today to Plaza Singapura's Fountain Plaza (at Level 1) at 5pm to catch CJ Crew, Luminiq Crew, Singapore Char Siew Baos!, Jill-Marie Thomas, Sean Harrison and newbie IFLY prodigy!

Divian (w Jill) at OMG's BPP roadshow
Its gonna be a super fun roadshow today, hosted by the *drool-worthy* Divian Nair (I wonder if he's gonna turn up in a suit again?). There'll be goodie bags given away and of course now that we're down to just six acts, each act has got more time to wow you with their talent. 

It's a very busy Sunday today for the OMGers, they're busy giving back to the community all day before the roadshow. In the morning they'll be spending time with some very lucky children going around the Jurong Bird Park and in the afternoon, they'll be visiting a children's home. I've sent my fave partner-in-crime @izked to help me cover today's activities cos I'm actually not in town right now.

In the meantime, here are more behind-the-scenes pics from Wednesday's Fright Night. Everyone got so dressed up it would be a waste not to take pics right?
LOL! Irene was sat like this for ages!!
Super Mario Muttons said they had a great time on OMG!
 Queen Irene-dala and Emperor FD, with Morticia Chia-Richmond.

Check out Flash's yellow boots - looks a lot like PCK's?
Ironically they are. Poor Gurms, whether he's buffed up Flash or moley PCK,
he's stuck with dem yellow boots!
Despite looking pretty awesome, both Sean Harrison and CJ Crew
were a huge bunch of nerves backstage...

FD looking right eerie standing in a dimly-lit
corner somewhere in B4.
Have a great Sunday, and send the OMG crew my love when you head down to Plaza Singapura today.... 5pm - don' forget!

xoxo, s.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

OMG Episode 12 : The Review

Didja Have A Frighteningly Good Time?

Happy Halloween OMG! style! This week's episode themed as Fright Night saw everyone from hosts to crew get in the mood for Halloween. Some assistant producers wore wigs, others funny hats, one of the writers even wanted to come as Harry Potter but feared her super long robe would trip the camera men.

Gotta love the way hosts Gurmit 'Flash Gordon' Singh and Michelle 'Lady Gaga' Chong gamely put on their ahem 'padded' outfits. One was soft and the other was hard LOL! 

Props too to the judges who dressed to the nines. FD's Emperor outfit took over two and a half hours to get into (ok, not the outfit, but the hair and makeup took ages, but it was worth it - he looked great!). Irene's Queen Amidala outfit was awesome - she really did look like Amidala but at the same time, she managed to look like a Keong Si (chinese vampire) too! 


All vamped out in serious black was our very own Judge B, looking slinky as Morticia Adams. And next to her, were two very adorably jaunty 'brothers' - 987fm's Muttons were guest judging for the night and came as the Super Mario Brothers. Cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins and eerie green lighting rounded off the Halloween effect on set. The judges even had 'blood juice' (actually Ribena haha) for effect. Must be nice to have Ribena after so many weeks of just plain water!

Backstage though, everyone was tense. Especially the Contenders who were part of the original Top 8 - namely Jill-Marie, Luminiq Crew and The Baos! They all had the feeling one of them would be going home. 
When the bottom 3 were announced and the spots filled by those who sang last week, you could see each of them shaking nervously. 

Lo and behold, everyone got the green light and voila, thanks to the spirit of Halloween - it was a non-elimination week. The look of happy surprise on their faces was priceless!

Anyway, so now, everyone gets to perform again, plus we have the Challenger to look forward to at the end of the show. Last week's votes will be snowballed to this week's votes and the results will be announced on next week's show - Episode 13, The Charity Special.

So now, let's move on to the review....

Contender #1 : Singapore Char Siew Baos!
The Baos!'s theme was Ghostbusters and they sang said song as a mash up with Superstitious. The boys dressed up as Ghostbusters (too bad Dom didn't get to do don the Marshmallow Man costume - that woulda been hilarious!) and Ruby dressed up as Janine, the Ghostbuster's 'secretary'.
What did the Judges say?
Morticia Chia-Richmond :
I think your wow moment was in the frst few seconds when you started. However, after that the number kind of didn't go much further, and I think that with 3 weeks to go, you wanna be champions, you cannot hold back anymore, you just have to go for gold.

Super Mario Muttons :
You know what, we've heard you guys perform in our studio before, we know what you're capable of but, you know, you guys are very good as a unit but today it just felt there wasn't enough movement, was expecting a bit more movement but the singing was fantastic.

Queen Irene-dala :
You are so yummy.

Emperor FD :
Not your best show. Sorry.
summerr says : 
I actually thought this was a pretty good performance. I liked the song and I loved the opening and it was nice hearing Jacob sing - he's got a good voice. The Baos! didn't  take the 'scary' route like everyone else did. So I appreciated the fact that they brought the 'fun' element out of Halloween. Maybe had they not gone first, their routine could have broken up the slew of ghosts and vampires and more 'serious' performances to come thereafter? Swop spots with Jill maybe?

Contender #2 : Luminiq Crew
The boys' theme was a bomoh conjuring up spirits. Danial got some help from Danny with some fire tricks :) Don't know if you noticed but that bowl of dirty water that he's swirling turns clear magically after a while.  

What did the judges say?
Morticia Chia-Richmond :
This week I see something that has been missing from you guys for a long time and that is a certain kind of agression and a certain kind of ferocity. You guys should not be afraid of using that because that can help you win. 

Super Mario Muttons : 
Guys thanks for that one, that was very entertaining, Im glad i'm here today to watch that, well done guys! Awesome!

Queen Irene-dala :
I see you have stolen some stuff from my ex boyfriend Danny Koh, which is very encouraging. And you did a fabulous job today. 

Emperor FD : 
Your hunger is back. That means you are closer to the $50,000.
summerr says : 
What's not to like about the routine? I think the boys did awesome. Spyro was a pretty convincing pontianak who turned into a 'Diva' LOL! I thought the boys were very synchronised this week, the move where they 'helicoptered' they're legs were so 'together' it looked really good. I also thought it was cool seeing Afiq aka Fiqsion step up and the boy had his face ON man.  And OMG did you see the backwards crawling move that he and Vik did - yikes, it always looks like their disjointed! Afiq did the same move for their Zombie routine with Elaine Daly. I thought each of them really gave it and I think the agression and ferocity that Beatrice spoke about really gave the routine an edge. I want more!!! 
And of course, Danial's head 'dropping' at the end was typical Luminiq-style comedy. Nice one boys.

Contender #3 : Jill-Marie Thomas
Jill-Marie dons a red jacket and black pants to sing her accoustic version of MJ's Thriller. 

What did the judges say?
Morticia Chia-Richmond :
Jill I really think you can win this. You have heart, you have soul, you have a connection with us, and you have the singing and musician ship chosp to really push that out. What I really want to see now is this big huge performance coming out of you.

Super Mario Muttons :
Jill you are an incredible talent. I just love the amount of sincerity, emotions and energy you put into your songs. That was a really unique take on Thriller. Incredible.

Queen Irene-dala : 
You are a rockstar. 

King FD :
I have watched you rearrange songs throughout the entire competition. And I have come to the conclusion that you are one of the most creative people I have ever met.

summerr says : 
I actually really liked the haunting way Jill started her mash-up. The opening line was from Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) and it was kinda creepy the way she sang it. Thereafter it was a really nice accoustic version of Thriller. I totally enjoyed it and it was totally Jill-Marie. 

Contender #4 : CJ Crew
The girls are dressed up as sexy Succubi (thats the plural for Succubus).

What did the judges say?
Beatrice Adams :
Here's my feeling about you girls - you girls are really cute, and you're sexy and you have edge but I think you're holidng out on us. I feel as if you're still holding back. I think you have so much more that you can actually strut. Can you show us that next week?
Super Mario Muttons :
You're the only crew that has been up here that we wish there was a wardrobe malfunction.You're te only ones who can pull off this look and you're actually scary but in a good way, you guys fit the theme so well. 

Queen Irene-Dala : 
I think Luminiq Crew is in deep 'trouble'? (Irene made some weird choking sound? But I think she means 'trouble'.)

Emperor FD : 
You've got everything you need to win $50,000. Now, just give me some more, because with you guys, mankind is back on the show. 

summerr says:
I thought the concept was good. The start was really eerie with that rhyme from Nightmare on Elm Street being sung by a child, with the swing and all. And they really suited the theme - all vamped up and super sexy. But somehow, although the girls looked awesome, something was amiss for me. Perhaps it was because I couldn't hear the singing, or maybe I couldn't see the routine as clearly, but it was like not enough dancing. The part I love best about watching CJ Crew dance is when they really like, DANCE! I liked the synchrony better from last week's performance. Also this week, as the girls sang, their voices trembled a little and the singing was out of sync with each other, so I guess that threw me off a little. I have to agree with the judges, they seemed to be holding back a little, if they could dance like they did at the roadshow, I think the judges would be super blown away. You go girls! Ganbatte (sorry but I don't know the Korean equivalent) for next week! BRING IT!

Contender #5 : Sean Harrison
Sean cleans up nicely in an all black outfit, playing the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera. He looked pretty awesome with the mask. Sean sings 'Music of The Night' sans the mask. 

What did the judges say?
Beatrice Adams:
Sean, I thought that was very brave. That was truly one difficult song. For the first time, in the last few weeks you've been here, I've been able to hear your voice clearly, and you actually have a very nice sounding voice. Its a tough song and I don't think you did a bad job. 

Super Mario Muttons :
Its very tough to cover opera and operatic singing. You were very brave to do it, didn't quite make the notes pitch perfect but you brought your A-game, so well done Sean.

Queen Irene-Dala : 
I've watched Phantom ten times. I've seen all those singers from Broadway or Australia who are definitely technically better. But this is the first time I've heard this song and my hair is standing and I'm controlling my tears. You brought so much soul and heart and I feel like you're singing just to me. I think Sean as long as you keep singing your heart out, you're gonna be a major star in the world some day. You are so real, so down to earth and so humble.  

Emperor FD : 
The Muttons were right, you weren't pitch perfect all the way. I'm thinking of how to compliment you. If they ever did a local production of Phantom of The Opera, you have to play the phantom. You are scary in a good way. You are the phantom.

summerr says : 
I thought Sean's performance was especially heartfelt. And it was nice to see him all cleaned up instead of his usual laidback style. A different look and feel and sound that shows Sean's versatility. I would never have thought he would have had it in him to pull of a song like Music Of The Night. And like the judges said, although he wasn't pitch perfect, Sean's ability to convey sincerity and heart is what made his performance work - I couldn't take my eyes off him til the performance ended (on a rather shaky but triumphant (it seemed to me) note). Good job Sean, work it out better for next week. 

Challenger : IFLY prodigy @*scape
Our Challenger this week is a troupe of Acrobatic Entertainers who have a background in gymnastics,cheer and dance. They've decided to do a 'vampire romance' routine, ala Twilight. Check out the two base guys are werewolves and the rest are toothy vamps. Coincidentally, music is from Phantom of The Opera :) That's twice we've had music from this musical tonight.
What did the judges say?
Morticia Chia-Richmond :
I think you guys get an A for Ambition. Because what you're trying to do there is so difficult and very very brave. 

Super Mario Muttons :
Simply put you guys made  today's show OMGTWI  - Oh My God That Was Insane!
That was dangerous but that was such wonderful eye candy! Fnatastic, beautiful!

Queen Irene-dala : 
I screamed three times! Its been a long time since we've sat on the judges chair and gone 'waaah' and you guys are 'waaah!'

Emperor FD : 
You were very ambitious with what you did and i have waited many weeks to be able tos ay this again. Oh. My. Gawd. 
summerr says : 
The move that woke me up was when Alan FLEW through the air. That was O.M.G. for me. I was stood at the side of the stage and from nowhere I saw this human in mid-air. After that it was a lot of flying bodies here and there and it was great to watch the flying. The transitions between the flying looked a little messy, but it could also be because there were just so many of them onstage, so many things to see. Even on tv, it looked like there was a lot going on, but again, its just cos of the sheer number of people needed to do things like carry up the girls and catch them etc. All in all, I think it was a good first effort! Now I'm just waiting to see them perform in proper lighting (and maybe less fancy costumes), so I can ogle at their athleticism.By the way, Vincent Fok in the opening shot - DEAD SCARY! For a minute I thought he had special contacts on. Loved the fake teeth on everyone hahaha. 

That's it for the review. Overall, I'd have to say it was a pretty entertaining the show - the props and theme definitely helped make it interesting. 

Here's the Judges Ranking for this week.... remember, votes send on Wednesday night will be accumulated to the votes received the previous week. 

1. Jill-Marie Thomas
2. Sean Harrison
3. CJ Crew
4. IFLY prodigy
5. Luminiq Crew
6. Singapore Char Siew Baos!

I kinda disagee with Luminiq's ranking, I think they should be higher up on the totem pole, in fact, I think I would rank them as follows :
1. Jill-Marie Thomas
2. Luminiq Crew
3. Sean Harrison and IFLY tied
5. CJ Crew and the Baos! tied

If the judges are right, next week, it could be bye bye LMQ and Baos! :( Will be tres sad.

Next week, its the OMG Charity Special. Must watch! Sylvia Ratonel will be performing on the show - not to be missed!!

Roadshow on Sunday ah!
This weekend, apart from the roadshow, our Contenders will be busy as a bee. Saturday morning they will be headed to bake and decorate cuipcakes, and later on, they'll be giving those cupcakes out to the elderly. Sunday the OMGers will be spending time with young children at the Jurong Bird Park!

Roadshow this weekend is on Sunday at 5pm at Plaza Singapura. Don't forget to come on down this Sunday to support your fave OMGer!

Final Announcement : 
Btw, tickets this week are scarce! So if you wanna come for the LIVE show, please email and stake your claim now! So remember not to come to recep and look for tickets next Wednesday. For this week, you gotta EMAIL producers to get a chance to win a ticket - we're already almost out of seats!

xoxo, s.