Saturday, August 14, 2010

OMG Contender : Bottle Flipz

Love Affair With Flairing
Flair bartending isn't something new. We saw it on the big screen in Tom Cruise's Cocktail about 20 years ago (geez, has it been that long?!). In fact there's an international Flairing community out there.

Shah, 21, and Kenny, 23, met online (sounds like a dodgy dating story, but its not, I promise). Like I said, there's a whole flairing community out there, so these two would go online to watch videos to pick up new tricks. So they met online, talked about flairing, exchanged tips and became friends. Shah started bartending in 2007, and started flairing in 2008. Kenny's been bartending for over 4 years and has been flairing since 2006.

Why did you join OMG!?
Kenny : We want to show the world what Flair is all about.
Shah : I love Flair. Flair's a sport, not many people know that. Its not mainstream yet which is such shame. There is a lot of technique involved. You've gotta develop a trademark move, you have to have originality, and you're also judged on creativity. Through flairing, I got to travel overseas and meet so many people and see and learn from so many different styles of flair. There's also a Singapore style of flair. So yea, we just wanna bring this sport out to the community.

What do your parents think of your job?
Shah : My parents know all about my work and are very supportive.
Kenny who has a sore throat and has lost his voice, nods along :)

Does bartending pay well?
VERY WELL! But that doesn't mean we don't need the prize money! *both laugh*
We also joined the show because we want to let people know about BottleFlipz. We actually provide bar consultancy. We teach you how to set up a bar, we do events. Check us out on Facebook :)

What was life like before BottleFlipz?
Kenny : I was an electrician and a chef.
Shah : My passion was the hotel industry. Then I worked part time in a bar, and just loved being behind the bar.

The routine y'all saw on OMG's first episode was the result of an all-nighter choreo/rehearsal session done just the night before! (siao!) Kenny and Shah were at MediaCorp's Training School from 11pm the night before the show taped, til 6am the day of the taping. Apparently, they enjoyed rehearsing in the dance studio with all the big mirrors - this is where the Idols used to hang during late night key checks and vocal training. Lucky for the boys, they didn't see or hear anything supernatural - think the ghosts were scared away by all that incessant bottle flipping.

OMG! airs every Wednesday, 8pm on Channel 5.
Have a talent you think can blow these guys away? Producers WANT YOU! Come on the show! Email producers at, and YOU could be the one walking away with $50,000!

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  1. What was the song they played during the first episode of the OMG series???? PLEASE TELL ME!!!