Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OMG Challenger #2 : Zhai Jian

Kenny Z...
When you see a sax, most people will think Kenny G. Well, one of tonight's challengers has the sax, minus the maggi mee hair and white skin. Hailing from Shandong province in China, 21-year old Zhai Jian plays the Soprano Saxophone (like Kenny G) and it sounds sublime!
Why did you join OMG!?
My aim is to just get out there and perform, not really the prize money, so its no pressure tonight.

What do you do in real life?
I'm a student at Republic Poly. My course is in IT. I came here in February this year.

How long have you been playing the saxophone?
I have been learning for about 10 years. I had to stop for about 3 years because I was studying for college entrance examinations in China.

Some people thought the sax that you're toting was a clarinet (and by people I mean you Suresh ;))! Its not shaped like the usual ones we see...
*Smiles* The saxophone has a large family. The one that I am playing tonight is a Soprano Saxophone.

So do you think you can make it all the way to the end for the $50k?
I enjoy performing. Its not about the money. I came to Singapore to study, so my priorities is to focus on my studies. My aim tonight is to enjoy performing. Also, for me, friendships come first, competition is second. I have made some good friends here (he means fellow challenger Charles, the popper-locker). That guy (pointing to Charles) is definitely going to be in the finals - I am 90% sure!

Who will you be challenging tonight?
Either Elvis or David Lin. Elvis because I think he would be the easiest to beat. If not Elvis, then David because he also plays an instrument.

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  1. You really damn good when you play the instrument.
    You lost the competition, nut you had won the audience like me, you are a stat to me.

  2. You are already a star to me!!!