Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Next Week's Theme : An Asian Feast!

Spectacular 3 sounds like its going to be a real TREAT!

Next week's theme is 'An Asian Feast' and the Top 11 will get to sing in an Asian language of their choice! Wouldn't it be awesome if they sang in a language that wasn't their own? Like if Charles sang in Tamil or Sylvia sang in...wait...she's like a rojak of all races.

Anyway, in preparation for this week, a number of great Indonesian, Mandarin and Malay songs have been listed on the Idols' wishlists. I shan't give anything away right now (mostly cos at the time this is being written I still don't know who's in and who's out!).

But safe to say, its a great way to celebrate our Asian culture and be proud of it!

I'll be asking the Top 11 some 'Asian-inspired' questions. If you have an 'Asian' related question you'd like to ask any one of the Top 11, please post them at Comments :) Please indicate who the question is for too, thanks. I'll be giving each of the Top 11 one reader's question to answer on top of my own questions :)

Thank you all for supporting the blog! I can't wait to get to the studios! (yes, I'm writing this at 5pm and scheduling its release for 10.30pm cos I'll be there mah, how to possibly blog while I'm there?!)

Keep following my tweets ya....I'll be walking to Training School for keycheck by this time, or maybe recording Ousted Idol's exit interview :) ...or chasing Uncle Ken for a quote on tonight's cryptic critiques!

xoxo, s.

Its 10pm people. Lines are now closed.
Who have you sent home this week?

Did you guys come out of your shells and support talent, or will the whole 'popularity' index still reign?

Bottom line - did Singapore make the right choice?
(funnily enough, since the show is totally based on votes, ideally whatever the choice is, it should always be 'right' right? Since its totally democratic :))
Lets keep watching to find out!

Who will be joining Syltra (who has now been reduced to a 'cut out' white blob in the picture - for lack of more er, 'skilled' picture editing on my part. Sorry girl!)?

Keep checkin' my tweets/pics from the studio at Caldecott Hill. I'll be following the Idols on to keycheck thereafter. See y'all later!

xoxo, s.

ps. fyi, i'm tweeting from my mobile, so I don't get to see your 'reply' tweets til I get sorry can't interact :P
Its 8pm guys!
Time to whip out those phones and vote vote vote!
To the left, to the details are to the left, on the sidebar for quick and easy reference along with the name of the song your Idols are singing tonight!

Who will be going home next?

Stay tuned to Channel 5 for LIVE Updates during News 5 Tonight as well as the Results Show at 10pm. Special guest appearance by someone is comin' up on the Results Show - woot! You all sure like wan! Plus catch the Idols performing Hady's winning song 'You Give Me Wings'.

Keep your eyes on my tweets/twitpics for behind-the-scenes updates too!

xoxo, s.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Good morning and a big WOOT WOOT!
Cos its my favourite day of the week y'all! Say it with me .... its IDOL DAY!
Big round of applause for those of you who said it with a smile. Now go grab your toast and juice and join me as we recap those important digits your fingers will be tappin' tonight! Key 'em into your phone for repeat voting!

Here we go...
The theme for tonight is 'The Year I Was Born'. Find out more about theme and have a look at their cute lil baby pics here at my earlier post!

Nurul is up first with a Bangles hit, 'Walk Like An Egyptian'.

Vote Nurul :
Call 1900 112 1201
or sms '1' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Justin will be singing the Rick Astley classic 'Together Forever'. He says this is his first time singing a 'dance' song!

Vote Justin :
Call 1900 112 1202
or sms '2' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Tabitha will be singing Queen's very famous 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Very tough song, but if anyone can do it, it will be Tabby.

Vote Tabitha :
Call 1900 112 1203
or sms '3' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Charles will be singing Bon Jovi hit 'You Give Love A Bad Name'. I heard from producers he's added his own twist to it, and its DEFINITELY NOT the Blake Lewis version (which was quite fail!), apparently it will be sung to a Bossa Nova beat! Am wondering how thats gonna work ;) Go Charles!

Vote Charles :
Call 1900 112 1204
or sms '4' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Duane is singing the big Whitney Houston power ballad 'I Have Nothing'. It was either this or Mariah's 'Hero' and I'm glad he went with Whitney. Lets see if he changes it up.

Vote Duane :
Call 1900 112 1205
or sms '5' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Faizal is singing the 90s iconic hit 'End Of The Road' by Boyz II Men. I love this song - everyone is gonna swoon I tell you.
Vote Faizal :
Call 1900 112 1206
or sms '6' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Amira is singing Shanice's big hit 'I Love Your Smile'. :) Do do do do do do do do...I love your smile...I really do!

Vote Amira :
Call 1900 112 1207
or sms '7' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Mae will be singing Stevie Wonder's 'Lately'. Not an easy song to sing, go Mae!

Vote Mae :
Call 1900 112 1208
or sms '8' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Malaque will be singing the Richard Marx classic 'Right Here Waiting'. Piano accompaniment perhaps?
Vote Malaque :
Call 1900 112 1209
or sms '9' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Sylvia will be rockin' the stage with Guns 'n' Roses' 'Sweet Child Of Mine'. I love this song! Can't wait to rock it out with her!

Vote Sylvia :
Call 1900 112 1210
or sms '10' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Farhan will be singing Taylor Dayne's 'Love Will Lead You Back'. Guy singing a girl's song, could really go either way - it has worked for Duane so far. Hope it works for Farhair :)
Vote Farhan :
Call 1900 112 1211
or sms '11' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Sezairi has decided to sing George Michael's 'Faith'. A great upbeat song but is it challenging to sing? Maybe he's changing it up - cos if anyone can change it up, it should be this Guitar Hero. Go Airi!
Vote Sezairi :
Call 1900 112 1212
or sms '12' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

VOTE VOTE VOTE to keep your favourites in the competition :)
I'll be at the studio from about 6pm, so follow my tweets and twitpics from then!
So exciting! I'm really looking forward to tonight's show cos it features a lotta great music, and a little birdie told me (ok la, one of the producers), a few of the Idols will really really shine tonight!

Who? And HOW will they shine? 8pm Channel 5, be there :)

xoxo, s.

ps. I know its PSLE next week, so good luck to those taking the exam. Hopefully you'll still get a break to watch Idol - cos all work and no not healthy!

pps. Voting lines open from 8- 10pm tonight, so get your phones out!

ppps. If you're reading this and its not 9am yet, quick go turn on your radio, 987FM, and catch Sezairi, Farhan, Duane and Malaque heating up the radio airwaves with Dan & Young!

More random vids from Keycheck

NOTE : I prepared this post yesterday afternoon, but it took FOREVER to upload the vids, so here it finally is more than 24 hours later pfft.....

Last week at Keycheck after the show, I got some vids of the guys singing the songs that they're planning to sing for this week - then I ran outta batt!

So here's the 2 vids of Airi I recorded before my cam died and Mae's reaction to finally getting to sing her #1 song choice :) Enjoy.

Its a hot and lazy monday afternoon - I am sans babysitters today, so won't get to join the Idols at their choreo session today though :(

They've been at mediacorp all day for radio interviews, wardrobe imaging (this is where they sort out what they will be wearing on Idol Day) and later choreo with Zaki @ 5pm.
Group song this week

Iz is with them (all day every day :)), so look out for his tweets and pics here.

xoxo, s.

To The Official Blogger

Chill people chill.....

When I woke up this morning, I saw a rather 'upset' sms from my friend Official Blogger Iz.

"I hardly read forums and comments on the web but when I came home today, my blog was flooded with comments and I had to moderate them all. Honestly its not a good all started with the f1 ticket I got. People call me a leech, people call me ungrateful, copycat, useless, liar, and began to curse my family.. Normally I won't be bothered but now it really dampened my spirits big time, don't know whats the point of being a damn blogger. When everything just hurts man. Just too much after a tiring day. My heart just break man. Hai! Wa trace really sorry I don't copy your entries, don't know why people are saying I copy word for word?"

Guys, listen, let's all give the guy some love k?
He works super super hard at being the Official Blogger and he does it the best he can. He's so dedicated to this 'job'. He loves the show as much as I do. And loves the Idols even more. He got home from a long day following them from their morning radio interviews all the way to the end of choreo late last night, so that he would have content to share, only to find people bombarding him for a job he doesn't even get paid to do.

For the record :
1. Iz and I are both NOT paid for the work we do here on our blogs. Iz won a camera from MediaCorp. And his site is hosted by them. But thats all. His taxi fare and any other expenses incurred to follow the Idols around are not reimbursed to him at all. So basically apart from a digital camera and some allotted cyberspace, he's just like me.
*Eh, twitpiccing is NOT CHEAP k. But we do it cos we know you all can't wait to kaypoh on the Idol front.

2. Iz has a day job, we both do. He's a freelance graphic designer, thats how he pays for his Idol stuff, he works. I'm a full time Mom, and if you dare tell me its not a job I will so *kok* you over the head. I dip into my grocery budget for taxi rides to MCS, if The Husband doesn't send or pick me. Bottom line is, we aren't on IdolWatch 24/7 cos we have other things to take care of - which is why some posts are a little late sometimes (plus Iz needs to wait for his graphics to render - how else do you think his pics are always so awesomely decked out?)

3. We are NOT competing. What's to compete anyway? Both Iz and I do this out of genuine love and support for the show. We are given the same amount of access to the Idols and we give as much as we can, to take you behind the scenes so you can get a little closer to your idols. There really is no need to compare our blogs.

4. We both have our own take on things and most times we try not to overlap in terms of content, but when you're blogging at 2 or 3am on your own, how would you know what the other fler's thinking rite? Sometimes we discuss stuff over MSN, and I guess if you're on the same wavelength you end up talking about the same things. Its not like we sit side by side and blog you know, and 'copy' each other...what are we, sitting for PSLE mock papers?

Anyway, I just wanted to say, show him some love la people. He's hardworking and loves this job, and he has feelings too (there really is no need to resort to calling him obscenities or ridiculing his upbringing and his appearance - please la, what are you, in 4th Grade?).

Cut him some slack for language, he's not an English teacher. Look for the good - he's always got great ideas - Idol TV with Jon Cheok as host is a great idea, I love it (mostly also cos I love Jon cos he's a sweetie ;)).

A big hug to Iz. Don't let them haters get you down boy, you're doin' a great job, keep up the good work. You can find Iz's work at the Official Idol Blog, go check it out if you haven't already.

Much much love, s.

ps. Its IDOL DAY tomorrow! WOOT! Can't wait to see ya Iz and the LODIs - miss you guys tons! Haven't seen you all since Beyonce night! OMG I haven't changed my pass...die....skali the ban me from wonder I couldn't find my driver's license.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Charles' Birthday Song

Get ready to fall in love with Charles....

Charles wrote this song for his girlfriend back at Idol Bootcamp cos he missed her birthday (what with them bein' holed up at OCC for a whole week - no handphones sumore!)

Someone on youtube requested the lyrics to the song, here they are....Charles, the sweetheart that he is, handwrote it in my notebook (must frame, may be worth $$ next time!) on the bus on the way to Bukit Panhjang Plaza on Saturday. Nah....

Charles' Birthday Song
I can guess the lights tonight, are darker in your home
I can see you in the kitchen, eating your birthday cake alone
You don't wanna check your phone anymore, cos every time you do,
All you see's the same old picture laughing back at you

Chorus :
Well tonight I'm sure I'll understand, what loneliness means
I'm sure you'll feel it too when you see Idol commercials on the screen
I close my eyes, I see you standing all alone and so I say
Baby please forgive me, I can't be here today, but happy birthday

You tried to tell me what was loneliness, but I was just a fool
was in Australia when you tried to explain, but I never full understood
Baby the stage lights are blazing but its freezing where I stand
All I'm holding is this microphone, when I wanna hold your hand

Chorus 2 :
Baby for this loneliness, we are each other's cure
So many lovely voices where I'm at, but none as good to hear as yours
I close my eyes and see you crying all alone, so I say
Baby please forgive me, please tell me you're ok, happy birthday.

wahlao. can cry wan when you listen to this song. the lyrics are simple but so heartfelt.

here, watch the vid again and sing along :) now that you have the lyrics!

Thank you Charles for sharing! Your girlfriend musta been on top of the world with such a beautiful song written for her (lucky girl!). I'm sure she more than deserves it, remember folks, its not easy being the other half of an Idol contestant - you're likely to not see your partner for days on end cos the Idol schedule is crazy!

ok, am off to upload vids onto youtube! (ok fine, I admit, am also off to hunt for more Beyonce f1 rocks vids on youtube :))

xoxo, s.

Idol Karma at F1 Rocks

Saturday was a super-packed day for the Idols.
Full vocal training session all morning, then off to makeup and hair for the afternoon Roadshow at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

I would only be able to catch up with them at the roadshow. Like previous roadshows, their fans came out to support their favourites.

That night, the Idols were slated to attend the F1 Rocks concert (Beyonce and Black Eyes Peas) as VIPs. They'd be walking the red carpet and mingling with the stars (woot!). Its all part and parcel of the Idol journey - they're now mini-celebs ...almost :)
(In Season 1, the Idols got to meet the American Idols at a U.S. Embassy party and got one-on-one time with Alicia Keys when she came to town!)

I had previously asked the Idol producers to get Iz and myself extra VIP passes so we could 'blog' about this momentus event, but we were told it wasn't possible. Both of us had actually bought tickets to the concert to hang with the Idols (this was waaay before the Idols were told they had VIP tickets!).

As luck would have it, Iz decided to give his ticket away to a cousin. And there I was, goin' in General Admission by myself pfft. Suffice it to say I campaigned a bit harder for the VIP :) One of the Producers dropped the bomb on me mid-roadshow, "Eh I only got one VIP pass, who's going - you or Official Blogger?"

Way to put me in a spot.... *bleah*

"Give it to Iz lor, he's Official Blogger, he has to go, or he sure will kena from readers wan," I wasn't sure whether I actually said it aloud until she said back to me, "OK, you tell him la."

I later found out (after I sent a text to the Executive Producer to thank him for the ticket) that the ticket was actually meant for me ... *double bleah*

Oh well, whats given is given, I don't believe in 'take-backs' low class and well,...just NOT done in my book. I meant it when I said Iz needs it more than I do, I could always find another angle right?

Of course I later got bombarded with "Oi you stupid or what, VIP leh, you're not getting paid, why you sayang the fella, should look out for yourself first bla di bla".

The only person who was really positive about it was Michael Sta - Mae's husband :) He said, "Its all good, at least we're here :)."

At the roadshow, Mike told me he was just gonna 'go find something to do' while Mae was at the concert, so I made a few calls (more like many calls to one person who claimed he had to sleep with someone to get me a ticket! tsk, drama much!) and managed to wrangle him a General Admission ticket :) yay!

I ended up going to the concert with him and my BFF Lainey.
We queued like FOREVER to get in and missed half of the BEP set. But what we DID get to see was...AWESOME! They are just so amazing. I was stuck behind two tall angmohs and next to a really old 'uncle' with his aunty wife, but still managed to see the Peas!

In the meantime, the Idols had already done the red carpet thing (pics courtesy Iz) and had met the Black Eyed Peas in person - apparently Fergie touched Sylvia - woot! - who was like on 7th Heaven! So lucky!

Mike, Lainey and I were screaming like no tomorrow. As far as I was concerned, as long as I got to hear Boom Boom Pow, Where Is The Love and I've Got A Feeling, I was set. And as karma would have it, I got to hear all three.

The second BEP was over, the 3 of us dashed off for some drinks, and because we were so far back (our feet didn't even touch grass cos we were so far back we were STILL at the bottom of the Sunrice building!), we were the first ones at the bar! Woot! No queue. Plus, got a prime chillin' spot on the grass. It was like we weren't even in Singapore! Karma was great :)

While we were relaxing and plotting our strategy to get to the stage area for Beyonce, Iz calls me and tells me we may actually be getting some VIP passes! Woot! Karma is striking again!

Half an hour later, Mike, Lainey and I were walking past the red carpet area and into the VIP enclave where the Idols were! I snapped a gorgeous red carpet pic of Mike with Mae (aw so cute!) and we were seriously like just 7 ft away from Reshmonu and Nadya Hutagalung. Some of the boys (and girls) were hyperventilating.

Everyone had a great time. It was nice to be hangin' with the Idols again who really know how to dance and scream up a storm! Check out the pics.

Mike & Mae on the red carpet - phwoar power couple!

Duane and Tabitha are hardcore Beyonce fans and they got all emo once it was over. They know every single lyric of every single song Beyonce sang. They were amazing, mid way through the show, all the Idols sang Irreplaceable together and all the VIPs turned to look cos they sang every single word so clearly!

I would also like to add, not only was Beyonce spectacular, the whole show from the amazing video screens (and the use of great and timely graphics and layouts), super cool lighting, perfect souund system (and it didn't mati like on Thursday) to my favourite element ---> spot on, amazing camera work and direction for the video walls. I was just so impressed by the whole production.

So what goes around DOES come around :)
  • Iz gave up his ticket for a young cousin who was a big Beyonce fan.
  • I gave up my ticket to Iz (and it will be his bday on Wed, so it was like a great bday gift for him!)
  • I got Mike a ticket when he didn't have one at all but wanted to go but couldn't afford to.
  • Mike, me and my friend Lainey got VIP tickets for the Beyonce part of the concert!
BONUS : Its Mae and Mike's wedding anniversary, so how awesome was it that they got to spend it together watching Beyonce from the VIP area at F1 Rocks? Happy Anniversary guys!

Karma works in mysterious ways doesn't it?
The downside - my feet still hurt from Saturday night :P

xoxo, s.

Speaking of one good turn deserving another - I just saw this vid posted by someone of Beyonce doing an unpublicised visit to a children's cancer ward at a local hospital here before her Sat night performance. How selfless and big-hearted is that? So MJ of her to do that - he used to do that a lot, go to hospitals unannounced to visit sick kids and sing to them! I'm so lovin' Beyonce - she's my new hero.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

All The Single Ladies! Oh Oh Oh...


I expected to be blown away by Queen B, but not THIS blown away. Its a day later and I'm STILL starstruck. (check out this awesome pic of her walking about in the F1 pits yesterday just before her performance! Lookit that gorgeous red lipstick - totally works on her!)

Thank you F1 Rocks for putting up a great show last night - the Peas were awesome as always and Bey IS the consummate performer - in my opinion, she is second only to MJ himself. Her 'Halo' tribute to Michael had me in tears (as it did Tabitha and Duane who are hardcore Beyonce fans. Then again, Duane was in tears for most of B's concert :)), it was heartfelt, sincere and oh-so-hit-the-spot!

I've never seen her perform LIVE, and truth be told, she's such a huge star, I kinda expected her to be a diva and do a 40-minute set (like I heard A*mei did on Thursday night) but phwoar, her royal amazingness presented non-stop entertainment, (save 2 or 3 mini costume changes) song after pitch perfect song for a good 80 minutes!

She was worth every single penny (that my lovely husband forked out for the ticket).
Here's a look at fan videos from last night - thank you people for being so quick to youtube - I am lovin' it - reliving the (alcohol-free I might add!) highs of last night.

Beyonce - I love love love you!

This next vid goes out especially to my friend Taufik :) - sorry babe, I know I promised to record Single Ladies for ya, I was so damn far away (VIP area is all the way back! I swear, I was like 7 ft away from Reshmonu and Nadya Hutagalung! How'd I get there? See my next post later tonight!) , whatever I recorded came out like crap, so luckily loads of crazy fans who were closer to stage recorded the song - here is what it looked like - lemme tell was OMFG AMAZING! Why weren't you there la?!

I love this song.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people who uploaded these vids to Youtube! So happy to be watching them and reliving my high from last night - woot! The only vid missing is Beyonce's Halo and her tribute to MJ. Hopefully someone will put it up soon :)

Oh yes, here's one more, Beyonce doing a cover of the Alanis hit 'You Oughta Know' - this one's from my generation. The song is like 14 years old! I had a great time singing along while the Idols looked kinda blur LOL! To those of you who know song... enjoy....

The last song Beyonce sang was a special tribute version of 'Halo' to Michael Jackson. Behind her on the big screen was MJ's image and she sang with so much emotion, it made me tear. I'm getting choked up just remembering it.

"Singapore, I'm Yours." - Beyonce Knowles
B closed the show by saying 'Singapore,(insert super long pause for anticipation)..... I'm Yours', and when she said that I swear a felt a little weak in the knees. She said that she was here to entertain us and would always, always give us her 100%. And you know what, she so totally did.

(couldn't resist sharing one more pic I found on the net, lookit those amazing legs - kow tow to Queen Beyonce! Lookin' hawt while struttin' the F1 Pits!)

Beyonce has my utmost respect, and I say it again, she is the consummate entertainer/performer. Absolutely top-notch. Second only to Michael Jackson himself. And I am so grateful to have been able to watch her LIVE!

Thank you Hon for buying me that ticket!

xoxo, s.

ps. check out my next post for how my day with the Idols went yesterday. Will post late late tonight, cos I'm off for the race in now - go Button and Hamilton! (bet y'all din know I was an F1 fan right? :))

pps. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you can check out my twitpics from last night here to see pics of the Idols at F1 rocks.