Saturday, September 4, 2010

OMG Challenger #1 : Rhythm & Moves

Triple Age!
They told me that was their 'stage name' when I first met them. Why? Because apparently, they are 'older' guys. Please la, not that old k. In the end, due to a submission technicality, they maintained their original group name 'Rhythm & Moves' which is also the name of their dance studio.

Derek, 30, Liang Bin, 29 and Fen, 29 have known each other for about 3 years. Their style is more of chinese dance with martial arts incorporated into it. Derek and Liang Bin are Singaporean and Fen is Mauritian (not Martian ah, read properly k, MaURItian, as in from Mauritius!) They chose to join the show together because they have good chemistry and as such, are able to pick up cues from each other quickly. This is especially useful because the three men are all dance instructors and rarely have time to rehearse!

So why did you decide to join OMG!?
Derek : Well, we've come to this age and haven't been in an official competition yet, so we decided to give it a try. (Derek speaks up for the group with occasional pepperings from both Liang Bin and Fen, who claim that if they do win the prize money, the division line is very clearly drawn - they each get $50 and the rest goes to Derek LOL!)

What would you do with the $50k if you won?
If we are lucky enough to win the $50k, we can get a better studio. We have 40 over members in a place that's more suitable for 15. (Ahh, so that's where the bulk of the money is going after Fen gets $50 and Liang Bin gets $50!)

Who would you like to challenge on the show?
First choice would probably be Danny Koh. We want to see him perform, his personality is like fire which is very cool and very hot. Second choice, maybe Vertical Dancers, they are like acrobats. And third choice would probably be Luminiq Crew because they are super energetic and they have no stage fright. Even though they are not very experienced, they are very energetic and no fear at all! We're not sure who we will pick, but probably the dancers, we want to make it more clear cut for the judges. To be honest, we have no time to think so hard, we are more worried about our own performances! LOL!

What do you think of our judges?
Well, they can't judge based on their profession. I'm glad that they are not very biased. Their comments make sense, they judge based on what they like.

Who do you think, at this point in the competition, will win?
Its either the Vertical Dancers or Danny. They have the highest chance of winning. They are real talents, they can't just rehearse, you have to train to do what they do.

What do you guys do in real life?
We are dance teachers, but what we're really into is dance theatre, dance productions. We join various local dance troupes. We just want to dance.

Note :
Derek is a qualified Wushu coach. He is certified by the Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation (he's friends with famous Wushu expert and Mediacorp artiste Vincent Ng). His forte is modern dance and martial arts. Liang Bin's specialty is in ballet, chinese dance and acrobatics/gymnastics. And modern dance too. Fen the Mauritian is more into jazz and hip hop.

Last words for the show?
We just want to make it through for this round. We just want that ONE moment of glory *cue laughter*. We want to just kick out one person and we'll be happy :)

Catch Rhythm & Moves on Episode 5 of One Moment of Glory, this Wednesday, 8pm only on Channel 5!
Are you a chinese acrobat? Can you whip the 'wu' out of their 'shu'? Producers want you! Come join OMG! Just email the show at today and you could be on the show *snap* like that! $50k + national exposure for your talent. Keep it kosher kids!

:: Pics courtesy of Shawn Pang, Channel 5 Marketing team ::


  1. hais...nothing to look forward in OMG anymore...after they got C-Murda out???!!! hais...

  2. Jaw dropping performance! way to go Rhythm n moves!


  4. idk why they wear makeup like noy female Chinese dancers and i hope they get better costumes! ugh me <3 C-Murda

  5. They are great!
    Looking forward to see their next performance!

  6. They are so cool, especially Derek. I love him

  7. How about Fen? He's cute too :)

  8. Well done Rhythm & Moves. U did well

  9. It not only takes skills but also the capability to think, choreograph and synchronize steps within a short period of time to entertain the audiences. What is Rhythm 'N' Moves' "WOW" factor? I think it would be they always present a whole piece that links from the start till the end. It is just like watching an artistic performance, yet it is entertaining. Every week with different concepts, I am looking forward to what is next every week. Most importantly, it changes the traditional way of Chinese Dance and Martial Arts Performance. Great Job! I am expecting to see more.

  10. Are you people serious? I have absolutely no idea why these 3 are still in the competition. Zero entertainment value. C Murda should be here instead.

  11. Yo, C Murda fan. U r making C murda look bad here. Be sporty lah. Don't be the 1st person to ruin C Murda image. No one commended so much than u abt placing C Murda back. In com, bond to have winner and loser wat. C Murda not the only one who lost, and these guys aren't the winner wat! So why so upset abt it. Move on lah, and don't stay in the past. Jumping Jewels is my first, I move on to beat boxer, and then current these guys. I shake hands with one of them at the re-sep the other day. They are so nice and friendly. My suggestion for u, C murda fan, u r making C murda a person who is not sporty. My idols, 3 great guys. Hang in there. I will vote like mad for u. I will bring in my fellow cheerleaders for u.

  12. Oh ya, come watch OMG live, it's very different from TV. then u will know how great My idol are.

  13. Agree with topgirl about watching OMG live. It is really different from what you see on TV. Keep it cool, C murda's fan. There is no doubt about C murda's performance but entertainment industry is quite practical. They want to see more than just being good. Compare Desert Roses and Jamila. Watching live, I would say Jamila has the best technique and bodyline out of so many bellydancers on OMG. However, Desert Roses won by having more interesting concept to keep the audiences entertained. Anyway, the decision was made by the judges, we should respect and trust their judgement. C Murda might be out of the show but definitely his passion in performing arts will go a long way. Let's support him in the positive manner. As for Rhythm 'N' Moves, it really depends on how much they still got to show in order to stay in the competition. Even if we are not supporting them, I don't think we should badmouth them too. It all lies on judges' decision and audiences' vote. It is not an easy task for each contender to come out with different performance every week. Just looking at everyone's effort, we should support all of them.

  14. im not impressed with people bad-mouthing without leaving names...even if u dun support any of one the contenders, at least support and respect the show lah...this show give our local talents a chance to show what they have and what they can do...sportmanship and showmanship lah...i went watch last week and i'd clapped and cheer for every one of the contenders btw...


  15. Well done my hero. I waited very long for u guys to be out. But mummy ask me to leave. Sad sad!!! Please stay on for OMG ok. Else nothing good for the show Lo

  16. Unique concept n never fails to have a gd link fr start to end. So the noodle is really edible? I tot it was fake until gurmit mentioned he can smell the dish. All the best in voting. If u guys stay, continue to bring more n more interesting concepts.

  17. Hey,guys, I rated R&M performance :entertaining, creativity: yes, talent wise: not so inspiring: style:nothing to learn from R&M

  18. R&M, I am C murda's fan, I just like the way he moves, I like poping style, it is so cool to me!!!

  19. Just watched Ep 6 online without sound. If you turn down the sound in Ep 6 R&M looks really bad even with fast editing you can see them out of time and tall guy messes up. Then I watched again and put the music on! Wow! Great music, very dramatic. Top points for choosing the music. Where is that from?

  20. Yo, C Murda and his fan. Stop commending on Rhythm Moves lah. Give them a break. It's so obvious that you guys are picking on them ONLY. C Murda also kicked out people rite to be in place also ? Is not as if Rhythm Moves won already. Ya, they are not good, no techique but I guess that's a reason why they are still there. Want to check with u C murda, did Jai Ho commend anything abt u??? Pls be sporty lah. I seriously thing these 3 guys are really sincere and nice performer. This is a entertainment com, not skilled-Quote by Flying Dutchman. If talk abt skilled, think abt it, every contender has one of their own. So please respect others lah. And no need to keep mentioning C Murda the best? People see, people know, people like and people will rate. Keep it up Rhythm guys. And good luck to my next favourite-jil Marie Thomas. Yeah yeah

  21. to the 1 who made this comment;

    Anonymous said...
    Hey,guys, I rated R&M performance :entertaining, creativity: yes, talent wise: not so inspiring: style:nothing to learn from R&M

    u said u learnt nuts from R&M's performance, i've learnt nth from other contenders and from ur comment too..if u think u hv a better talent in dance or martial arts, go on to the show as a challenger rather and show WHAT talent u hv rather than sitting in front of ur com and making USELESS COMMENT...

  22. to the C-Murdar fans;

    stop coming here and criticising R&M lah...give them a break man!! C-Murdar also kicked original contender b4 getting the prodium wad...besides, his performance that night when R&M challenged him, was bad and not up to expectation...his 1st performance was better...

  23. ok , guys, You can not compare Iphone 4 to Nokia phone, one is running on Mac O/S another is sybian O/S,c murda is running on Mac O/S, R&M is running on sybian o/s, both has its fan, they are not compatible, if you are comparing C murda to R&M, you are wrong from the start, save your energy for jogging lah

  24. I agreed with snowie OMG judges alway let me down, I enjoy Jon Max Goh singing but but char siewo bao singging is not up to mark but won, David Lin singing is so so, sill won each time,
    c murda lost to his own first show instead of his chanlleger, OH! MY! GOD!

  25. Thks pple! I think all badmouthing should stop here. All unreasonable criticisms are not welcome in summerr's blog. Please provide ONLY valuable comments, be it good or bad, so that all contenders can benefit and improve on their performance next time. For those who do not dare to put your name when criticising, I think you know the reason why you dare not do so. If you want to show your best support to your idol, go to his name and leave your words of encouragement to him. By badmouthing others will only result in more and more people to dislike your idol. Is this the result you want? Although I support my idol, I will not be despicable to criticse others. Go check out other contenders' blog. I will give good comments if they are really good. If not, I will provide suggestions to improve. What I say is truly from my heart and I dare to leave my name. I hope no more nuisance coming in. I am irritated because I really can't believe some fans can say whatever they want, claiming that they are supporting their idols but in fact, they are destroying their idols' name. I really feel sad for this idol. I hope all fans, including myself can reflect on our ways of supporting our idols.

  26. Great jobs! Rhythm 'N' Moves guys! And also byebye to OMG LIVE. I won't be there anymore. Kind of sad cos I know they spent the most effort and money on spore dream theme. They did suspect they are going to be out but they did not give up any hope. They want to do their best as performers. Too bad no chance to show. Great sportsmanship! Judges graded them top 3 and top 5, their performance is up to the mark. They are Never the weakiest of all. But we supporters are just not rich enough to keep them in. Anyway, if we are rich, we would not have fight for this $50,000. Let's grow stronger.

    Being with them to OMG since their 1st episode, I wld say "worth it" n I am glad I am with them all these while. They challenge something I won't dare to. Working in the day, Teaching n performing, yet still need to practice for OMG. Not engh sleep, run ard preparing nice props n costumes. Everyday is just like a battle. It might be a blessing for them now as they can have plenty of rest, recharge and move on from here.

    Thks to the production team for bringing RNM to the show and giving us a chance to show their professionalism.

    Although they are not in the game anymore, their creativity and passion for performing arts will never end. That is the spirit of Rhythm 'N' Moves.

    Catch our Christmas Dance Concert on 18 DEC 2010 at Tanjong Pagar Community Centre. Look for updates at our facebook or website soon. Support Us!!/rhythmnmoves

    Last but not the least we are shifting soon. To somewhere more convenient and popular.

    Come join our RNM family if you think you are passionate for dance.

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