Saturday, August 14, 2010

OMG Contender : Desert Roses

Sexy Shimmying Sirens!
Not all belly dancers are from the middle east. In fact, these three shimmying ladies hail from mainland China. Sofia, Susan and Jessy are from Hebei, Hubei and Chongqing provinces in China respectively. They moved to Singapore a few years ago and got to know each other through belly dancing.

How long have you girls been belly dancing?
Susan : Over 2 years
Sophia : 1 year
Jessy : 2 years

Why did you join OMG!?
Because we love belly dancing and we want to show people how beautiful and fun it is. Also, we have never joined a tv show before. We have participated in competitions but not on tv, so this is very exciting. It is a great experience.

What will you do with the prize money if you win OMG!?
We want to go to Egypt together. We want to upgrade our belly dancing skills, so we will go to Egypt and train with the real belly dancing masters!

Your costumes are so beautiful (and very sexy!), where do you get them?
We have a friend who buys them for us. It is imported from Egypt!

How have you been preparing for OMG!?
We have been practicing from day to night every day for the last few weeks! We want to get it right so it will look just perfect!

What do you girls do outside of belly dancing?
Susan : I give belly dancing lessons at various CCs, Tampines North CC, Pasir Ris East CC and Redhill CC.
Sophia and Jessy both teach belly dancing part time at NUS.

How will you be upping the ante on your routines if you get challenged on Episode 2?
We have a lot more tricks. We will change the routine and add in more complicated isolations (this is the ability to move your top and bottom half independently of each other!).

OMG airs every Wednesday at 8pm only on Channel 5!
Think you have a talent that can trump theirs? Producers want YOU! Email now and join the show - you could be the one walking away with the cool $50,000!


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