Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bye Bye Rhythm 'N' Moves and Capoeiristas :(

People are voting ....
Looks like people are starting to get used to the OMG! format and voting and most importantly, making themselves - the viewers - heard.
Last night's bottom 3 surprised me a little. You guys have definitely been busy calling and sms-ing because Jill-Marie Thomas and the Baos! who were in last week's bottom three have obviously moved up the ranks a little. Enough to land Vertical Dancers and Rhythm 'N' Moves in the bottom three along with the Capoeira Association of Singapore.

I didn't manage to catch the Capoeiristas who left really quickly after their elimination. They were jumping for joy all the way up to makeup and all the way out to the lift. Every single one of them had big smiles on their faces - apparently they had a big trip to Indonesia that just came up and had they stayed on the show, they wouldn't have been able to make it. At least that exit was a happy one (a VERY happy one from the looks of it haha) - we wish you well dudes, your fab moves are AWESOME k!

I DID manage to catch Derek, Fen and Liang Bin at the changing rooms and here's their exit video.

Sigh, it was pretty sad to see them go, over the weeks we've all gotten to know each other, so it sad to see another member of the 'OMG Family' leave. 

What's a bigger pity is that we didn't get to see the routine they had lined up for us. Check out their outfits - ready for combat! They had mad props can - guns, knives and an M-16 (ok maybe not M-16 but it was a rather large and realistic machine gun!). PLUS, they were gonna rapel down ropes as their entrance. Phwoar, sure damn drama and action packed type - how that tied to the Singapore Dream I am not sure - maybe something to do with Civil Defence? National Service?

Ah well, whatever it is, we will never get to see it :(  .... I'm now really thinking maybe the idea of a 'swansong' performance on the show ain't such a bad idea ...

Anyway, thanks Rhythm 'N' Moves and Capoeiristas for some great entertainment. Good luck in all your future undertakings, we hope you'll look back on your time at OMG! with fond memories ...

xoxo, s.


  1. hmm i think that the current format for the show is pretty good and logical, because if they had let the ousted contenders perform for one last time (according to current week's theme), and if they do reallllly well, we won't bear to have them eliminated and this would cause a sticky situation..

  2. It's not logical at all!! What if the very last challenger won the show eventually and walk away with the cash prize? Wouldn't it be so unfair to the contenders and previous challengers, who put in so much efforts and time on their rehearsals and practices, throughout this competition? If that's the case, what were the auditions and eliminations for? Besides, why aren't the votes result being reveal? We, as audience and fans, wouldn't know what were the results and the reason why our ''idol'' being kicked out. Competitions, be it singing or talent showcase, the votings and score given were based on on site audiences, who only holds 20% or 30% of the result, and from judges who hold 70% or 80% of the results in other countries. OMG was ought to be a fair talent show competition is't it?

  3. I think it's rather unfair for out going contenders to get prepare everything, rehears and practices and yet not given a chance to perform. If that's the case, why not just inform them they got the lowest vote so no need to attend the show? It's rather embarassing to go on stage, got kicked out and not able to perform. Felt pity for both David Lin and Rhythm 'n' Moves

  4. yeah.... I think the omg way-of-running-the-show is stupid