Sunday, November 14, 2010

OMG Grand Finalist : Sean Harrison

New Boy No More ....
21-year old Sean Leonard Harrison was dubbed 'new boy' for a while when he first joined OMG! on Episode 10 Lights, Camera, Action! His emotional rendition of Five For Fighting's "Superman" made Beatrice gasp "What took you so long to get here?". Sean's original and often intense/emo take on songs makes for very interesting performances that are sincere and often moving. 

Sean's OMG Journey....
He's been on the show for four episodes now, and definitely fitting in with the rest of the OMG! gang nicely. Sean's a sweet guy who's sometimes like on his own planet. If you're on Planet Sean, you will TOTALLY get what Sean is all about. But if you're on another planet, you may have to furrow your brow a bit and wonder - what is UP with that boy dude? But then again, every artiste should have a bit of a mystery about them right? 

Right now, Sean is booked in at camp and the last time I saw him was last Sunday for rehearsals. He won't be allowed out til Tuesday for last minute rehearsals and Wednesday night's show. Here's what I asked him in between blocking with Zaki and reviews with Jennifer....

You're in the finals dude, last lap now, everyone's probably gonna ask you, who do you think is your biggest competition, so I'll ask you the reverse, who do you feel you're not really in competition with? 
Hrm, that's a tough question. Ummmmm (this 'um' goes on for quite a while, peppered with 'hrms' and 'uhhs' and, 'I don't know ah, lemmethink')....
I think maybe IFLY? I think they're great and all, but I don't really feel so much pressure from them. Like, when I look at the others I like feel a lot of pressure, like nerves you know. But with IFLY its like, no pressure, like I'm not really scared of them.... does that kinda answer your question?

What's been the best part of OMG! for you?
Definitely the friendships that I've formed, like with the other contestants. They're all really cool. Oh, and also the kids! You know, the kids from School's Out and the kids we met on OMG! Cares. They're just awesome. They're just kids being kids and it was just so great to be around them and work with them. I don't really find myself in circumstances where I  get to work with kids, so this was great. They're just kids doing what they do and you have to react to them. The girls who performed with me are so sweet, they come every week to support me and the shows - that's cool.

What's something personal that you'll take away from this OMG! journey?
The craziness! The intensity of it all! The INSANE amount of deadlines that we have! I'm a pretty laidback person. I'm not used to waking up to 7 messages on my phone. I'll see them and like think, 'Leave me aloooone....' I'm used to having time to myself. And now its like, whoa, messages on my phone all the time.
This is also the first time in a long time that I'm actually nervous onstage. I don't know why though. I guess its just the show. Its put me in a lot of nerve-wracking situations. So yea I guess I'm out of my comfort zone and I'm just learning to have to deal with it.

Quick stats for Sean on OMG!
1. Sean joined OMG! as a Challenger during the Elimination Rounds on Episode 10 - Lights, Camera, Action!

2. Sean has performed : 
    Episode 10 : "Superman" by Five For Fighting
    Episode 11 : "Crazy Lil Thing Called Love" by Queen
    Episode 12 : "Music Of The Night" from Phantom of the Opera

3. Sean's rankings : 
    Episode 10 : Judges Ranking - 1, Public vote - Bottom 3
    Episode 11 : Judges Ranking - 1, Public vote - Bottom 3
    Episode 12 : Judges Ranking - 2, Not in bottom 3

Looks like Sean's a favourite with the Judges, but the votes weren't too strong for him in his first two outings, but looks like that may be improving.

Catch Sean Harrison this Wednesday on the One Moment of Glory Grand Finals where they will battle it out against the other four to win the $50,000 grand prize. 

Voting lines will open at the start of the show at 8pm. The Results will come to you LIVE the same night at 10pm. 

To vote for Sean Harrison :
Call 1900 112 1204 or sms '4' to 71199.

Good luck Sean, all the best for Wednesday!

xoxo, s.


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