Saturday, August 14, 2010

OMG Contender : Jaiho

Slumdog $50,000-aire?
The movie doesn't have anything to do with the name of their troupe. Well not really. They admit to liking the movie, but chose the name 'Jaiho' because of its positive meaning, like Ganbatte in Japanese, which loosely translates to 'keep going!'

Jaiho is made up of seven members, sole male member Rock, Shaili, Hwee Kian, Stephanie, Faezah and Wendy.
(summerr's note : omg, I just realised my notes is missing one name - someone comment below pls if you know the poor girl I've accidentally left out! so sorry Jaiho!)

Why did you join OMG!?
We just wanna showcase our talent and show people what we can do.

How do you all know each other?
We're all members of a fitness club, and we're classmates of the dance class there. We've been dancing together for about a year now, but this is the first time we're like dancing seriously together, like for a competition.

How would you describe your dance style?
Its a combination of many styles - of Bhangra, Hip Hop, Fusion and Freestyle.

So Rock, you're the only guy here, where are you from?
Yes, I'm a choreographer and instructor at the fitness club. I am originally from Hyderabad, India, and I've worked in Bangkok for 3 years and Hong Kong for a year and now I'm here in Singapore.

So what's your strategy if you get challenged?
We actually have a lot of different styles, so if we get challenged, we'll introduce a different style of dance to the choreography.

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  1. Hi there blogger..

    Faezah of Jai Ho here.. The name that u missed is Faridah (the one in purple).. She's my younger sister.. Haha! Thx a lot for posting this up.. Take care.. :)) Jai Ho!