Friday, March 26, 2010

Airi's 1st Single Is Here (1st look) + Sylvia gets signed!

"Broken" by Sezairi Sezali
Sorry I've been in the rabbit hole the last two weeks (also known as KL+Blogger's block+stupid addictive facebook games). Last two weeks of American Idol has just boring me to tears. Maybe its the effect of seeing the perfect vocals of Glambert less than 20 metres away, I don't know, even Didi couldn't Benamify me. Siobhan Magnus is the only reason I watch the show nowadays. But this post ain't about the Americans.

Our very own Singapore Idol, Mr Sezairi Sezali will be releasing his debut lead single (after TBAA), hot off his new album (to be released this May! Woot!) and its entitled 'Broken'. Like the cover image for the single? Its very Airi, and I'm glad that he's pictured the way we know him, not airbrushed or primped into manufactured pop commerciality. We voted for the singer-songwriter-musician, and that's what it looks like we're gonna get.

Folks, "Broken" is super radio friendly, you are gonna love it, I heard a demo of it, and its AWESOME, take my word for it. Think John Mayer (minus the douchebag-ness), laid-back, great lyrics, and just a wonderful song to sit back and listen to. Its a nice fit.

"...Broken is an honest and REAL song with a strong emotional message."
- Sezairi Sezali
(aah, just the way we like you Airi - honest, and emo)

There are two other pretty awesome songs lined up for his album, but you'll just have to wait for 'em - I say GOOD JOB Universal Music (and Airi of course!)! Scroll to the bottom to see Universal Music Singapore's official media release.

On another happy note, UMS has also signed up runner-up Ms Sylvia Ratonel. I found out recently (the day she became my 'celebrity babysitter' :) just kidding, we had lunch, my kids were there, they love her) that she'd been offered a contract and we were jumping up an down outside my kids' preschool like crazy people. Isn't that just awesome great news? I'm so happy for both Airi and Sylvia, things are finally starting to happen. Don't miss Sylvia's 'return to tv' (as Channel 5 has been calling it) this Saturday on the telemovie 'Seven Days', she'll be singing a duet with Jack & Rai (follow the jump here to listen to it on J&R's facebook fanpage - the song is called "You & I" and its listed under their 'music player' on the left sidebar).

Idol3 Reunion Tonight : Twitpiccing ON!
Iz and I are throwing a small 'reunion' party tonight and so far only Tabby (prior engagement) and Charles (overseas) can't make it, so hopefully we'll see everyone and I'll be twitpiccing (yay!).

I'll update on what everyone's up to this weekend :) Some quick ones first -we all know Faizal's been signed by the label that used to manage local duo Sleeq and he's one of the male leads in Suria's version of 'Light Years' called Cinta Ixora; and Mae's a radio-personality-in-training at 987FM :). Lets see what everyone else is up to.

Oh and did I mention that Tabby's singing for the opening AND closing of the upcoming Youth Olympic Games? If you follow Izked's tweets, you woulda seen this...
Congrats Tabby, we're all super proud of ya & behind you! *hugs* :)
My spidey sense tells me she's gonna be signed very soon (possibly already signed to a management contract), but no official word is out yet - its been a tad difficult to find Tabby as she's decided to take a break from her laptop (ala Miley?) and deleted her Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts (*tragic*, I loved her Tumblr account, it always had something to make me smile). But again, ala Miley, why talk about your life virtually instead of actually living it? I guess, good move sweets. Just remember to pick up when I call ya! (btw, her phone is also dead and gone, which is a good thing considering the blonde moment that resulted in her posting her mobile number on her twitter a few months ago! *face palm*) To contact Tabitha for gigs, email her, deets are on her only point of contact - her facebook fanpage.

Ok, thats it from me, I'm off to cook Assam Prawns for tonight's potluck (ok, its not just for Farhan, I'm now also a prawn-lover).....follow me on twitter to catch my twitpics tonight :)

xoxo, s.

ps. And here's the official word from Universal Music to the media about Airi's single and Sylvia's contract with them, it was released yesterday (25th March). Sorry I kept mum for so long, not at liberty to dish the dirt mah -- heheh. Airi/SylSyl managers, wanna hire me? I'm an experienced publicist *wink*...


Sezairi Sezali releases DEBUT SINGLE – BROKEN

Sylvia Ratonel signs on with Universal Music Singapore for album record deal.

After having the Top 10 hit with the winning song “Touched By An Angel” (written by Ken Lim), Singapore Idol winner, Sezairi Sezali, releases his much anticipated debut lead single “Broken”, from his forthcoming new album, through Universal Music Singapore.

“Broken” is the first single taken from Sezairi’s debut album which will be released in May. The single is written by Jez Ashurst (who has co-written songs for The Saturdays, Pussycat Dolls, Cheryl Cole and James Morrison) and Ben Montague. The single will be released digitally and for fans alike to download*

“I think “Broken” is an honest and REAL song with a very strong emotional message”, says Sezairi Sezali.

More details of Sezairi Sezali’s debut album will follow and it will be a selection of original songs and songs of special meanings for him. Album will be produced by Jason Tan (Eastward Audio) who has helmed production for previous Singapore Idol winner’s, Hady Mirza, platinum selling self titled debut album released in 2006.

Universal Music Singapore is also proud to announce that Singapore Idol 2009’s runner up, Sylvia Ratonel, will be signed on as its recording artist for an album record deal, joining Sezairi to Universal Music‘s roster of artists.

“I am truly grateful to have a chance to do the one thing I am most passionate about – Making music. It’s a bonus to be affiliated with a great label and have the opportunity to work with a talented musician and a good friend like Sezairi” - Sylvia Ratonel

On Sezairi’s thoughts of Sylvia as a record label mate, “Sylvia joining the Universal Music family is very exciting news for me. I’m looking forward to the possibility of working together with her. I think we have a very strong chemistry and I’m definitely very proud of her.

With both talented artists signing on with Universal Music Singapore, Mr. Lim Teck Kheng, Marketing Director, says “It is of great honour for Universal Music to be working with 2 talented individuals who are so passionate about music.

From the start of our working relationship, we recognised the potential of both Sezairi and Sylvia. We are delighted that we can be there to assist them in their start of their music careers.”

*Sezairi Sezali’s “Broken” will be available digitally on SingTel, M1, Starhub, Nokia Music Store, Sony Ericsson’s Play Now Plus and other digital stores.

Release date of Sylvia Ratonel album and other details will be announced soon.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol Top 12 tackles the Rolling Stones

Its Idol Day! Let's rock and roll!

We're back to the two-night sked for American Idol now as the real competition begins. Its the Spectaculars now and we're a mere 11 weeks away from crowning American Idol #9 (give or take a week or two if they pull stunts or do non-eliminations for an Idol Gives Back special).

Who's it gonna be - Casey, Andrew, Paige (ech!), Siobhan, Didi, Aaron, Lacey, Katie, Lee, Big Mike, Crystal or Tim?
(pic from

Controversies on the net abound that the 'worsters' are back in action, thus the reason why Paige (and not Lilly) and Tim (not Alex) are in the Top 12. The 'worsters' are apparently the people who are anti-Idol and vote to keep the worst performers in the running to win, thus making a farce of the show. Apparently they are the reason Taylor Hicks won (the first year the 'worsters' really made an impact on the show).

Well, hopefully the mass vote will out Paige early enough (her performance last week was the worst out of all the girls AND boys), and I'm sure Tim will follow suit somewhere mid-pack, due to his 6-pack. :) Click here to see Tim topless.

So who's poised to win this thing? Crystal - doubt it, but she'll go far. Who knows, maybe off-her-rocker Siobhan will win it? Too early to tell, personalities have yet to unfold enough.

I had the privilege of watching Adam Lambert perform live at the Pantages Theatre at Universal Studios last Friday evening, and I have to say, he definitely rocked it, with just a guitar and some simple percussions for accompaniment. He should have won. He owns every stage he steps on. His impeccable vocals and larger-than-life personality has superseded every contestant we've ever seen on Idol past and present.

Big shoes to fill for this year's hopefuls. As of right now, I can't see ANY of them stepping it up to come even close to Adam. I hope to be proven wrong.

Happy Idol-ing later tonight everyone! Its Rolling Stones night - wonder if anyone's gonna do the Mick Jagger lips. (To be honest I haven't a clue about their repertoire, so I'm gonna be watching his show 'blind'...better be entertaining....)

xoxo, s.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Randy In A Bikini?

Simon Cowell's Promise To Alex Lambert...
..if he manages to stay in the competition after tonight's vote, is that he'll deliver Randy Jackson to him in a bikini in an effort to help 'distract' him so he be less stiff while onstage. If my Top 12 prediction is right, Simon's got a huge (literally) task ahead of him. Then again, Kara donned a bikini for the show last year and flashed it mid-song. (Yea I know, not exactly the same thing, but I never expected her to go through with it!)

Ok bikinis and dawgs aside, how'd you guys find the Top 16? I thought almost all of them stepped up (or tried to up) their game.

Girls Night!
Wednesday night was back to Ladies' night and two girls in particular blew me away - Didi and Siobhan. I was mesmerised throughout both their performances - the type where your mouth hangs open a little and you're frozen mid-action (I was totally unaware that I clutching the remote so tightly until the song ended and I had marks on my palm!) , that was me.

Crystal and Lilly delivered as usual. Although, I thought Lilly could have chosen a more powerful song.

Lacklustre performances came from Katelyn, Katie and Paige. Paige was definitely the worst performer that night, her rendition of 'Smile' felt very introverted and dull. Not a good move to choose a song that moves yourself so much you can't perform it - *fail*. Time to go la.

When Katie opened the show with 'Breakaway', my first thought was, 'Oh no, Syltra opened the show with 'Breakaway'...' and it felt like a sign that things wouldn't go well for Katie. Overall, I didn't think she did as badly the judges said she did. Then again, I doubt she'll be out - she's been sold as the girl-next-door/American sweetheart type, so she should be a shoo-in to the Top 12.

Katelyn totally underdelivered. I think she should stick to playing piano and lose the keyboards - the keyboards are corny.

The big surprise of the night for me was Lacey, she totally put herself back in the running with her very personal and genuine performance. I had predicted she'd be out, but now I think, someone else may be in trouble and I hope its not Didi cos she also totally redeemed herself.

*Just got a msg from @syazaq asking if I had seen the results! She says its 'omg!' ACK! I am not looking until I finish my post! *

Ok, so now that we've seen 'em sing, I think Paige definitely out, and the ones in trouble are Katie and Katelyn.

Boys Night!
I'd like to start by saying Michael Lynche WOW! He closed the show and imo, closed the competition! The dude totally was up there performing like a seasoned artiste, it felt like he was the guest performer he was that comfortable and confident! Kudos kudos kudos.

Lee opened the show and I loved how he amped up 'Fireflies' which is one of my fave songs at the moment. I am totally diggin' Lee. Casey James' version of the Keith Urban hit was also very enjoyable, it felt like the right song, right vibe for him, although, it didn't seem very challenging for him since its 'his genre' in a way, so I can't wait to see him tackle other genres from next week on.

Aaron Kelly was pretty good, he has that good boy appeal and I have to agree that he delivered the song with heart and emotion despite not being an old man singing to his kids as the song had intended.

Alex Lambert has such a gorgeous voice, and I actually think his 'stiffness' or lack of confidence works for him a little. He's that lost soul, that wounded puppy, you want to shelter and save. So he WILL get votes. I see him as a Kris Allen in the making, hopefully as the competition progresses, his confidence will grow, but he needs to keep a little of the insecurity and vulnerability cos imo, thats his hook, whether he knows it or not.

The most unique performance came from Todrick Hall who did Queen. He's surrounded by all these guitar playin' guys who were singing sitting on a stool and so Todrick stood out for his 'dramatic' performance. I think Cowell's right, he IS a broadway type performer, but whats wrong with that right? No doubt that he can sing, and he upped his game last night.

Most disappointing for me was Andrew Garcia. There was absolutely nothing special about his version of 'Genie In A Bottle', well, not the brand of special that made his 'Straight Up' watercooler talk for weeks. Sorry Andrew, I think your journey may just end here.

Biggest surprise...Tim Urban. He looked and sounded like he'd improved. He may actually be worthy of that spot in the Top 12 now. Ellen seems to like him - so cute la that stunt :) Btw, did you guys see his bangs? They were sideswept and carefully layered ala Farrah Fawcett (or Ms Emma in Glee!), I'm guessing they used a ton of hairspray on that one.

So which boys are going home?
Well I think it could be down to Andrew and Todrick. The favourites are clearly Casey, Alex, Aaron and Michael. Tim is in cos he's cute and likeable. And I'm hoping Lee has won over fans too with his fab voice and humble personality. So that leaves us with just Andrew and Todrick unfortunately.

Oh well, its Results tonight (or if you cannot tahan you can already google the answer)....

I'll miss it cos I'm off to watch Glambert in concert at Resorts World woot! The tickets give us entry to Universal Studios too woot! So I'll definitely be twitpiccing, which reminds me, time to charge my phone! Toodles folks!

I'm off 'for 'my' entertainment oh!'
xoxo, s.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AI 9 for the Dawgs?

Do you think this season's American Idol lacks lustre?
Or is it too early to tell? We're kinda only midway through the show - we're at Piano Show rounds now, and this week is the last week we'll be watching Idol 3 days in a row. Next week on, its the Spectaculars and we'll be back to our usual Wednesday performance/Thursday results sked.

I found this poem on one my fave sites and before reading this, had no idea anyone people were THAT disgruntled with this season of Idol.
Take a read and tell me what you think - do you agree its goin' to the dawgs or you're quite happy with this season's talents and changes (Ellen for Paula, Simon leaving, Kara upping the colour bar on her spray tan etc.)

The End of American Idol
Oh what has become of American Idol season nine?
We’d rather watch the drying of paint or turpentine.

We’ve got much to say, but at our argument’s crux
Is that this season is awful, it just straight up sucks.

Ellen, you’re just so awkward and out of place,
Kind of makes us wish we didn’t have to see your face.

We had high hopes and thought as a judge you’d rule,
But all you’ve done is make us miss crazy Paula Abdul.

Embarrassed to be there at all is you, Simon Cowell,
Your face bears no expression other than that scowl.

Kara, you need a break from your daily spray-on tan
You’re now more orange than an Oompa-Loompa man.

Last week’s theme made everything way worse, FYI.
Not much more we can say other but: TMI, TMI, TMI.

We did love to hate the uber cheery Haeley Vaughn,
What will we do now the headband-maker is gone?

She was always too optimistic, smiling and friendly,
She annoyed us just like that Bachelor loser Tenley.

Singing problems have befallen many a contestant
Everyone’s pitchy and off, in need of decongestant.

As for song choices, take our advice, pretty please,
No more Gavin DeGraw, Temptations, or Alicia Keys.

The only reason we keep turning our TV sets to Fox,
Is to watch our favorite indie gal, Crystal Bowersox.

Everybody else, we must say, is so utterly boring,
After Crystal sang we fell asleep and were snoring.

The only performance thus far to really wow and astound,
Was Larry Platt’s rendition of “Pants on the Ground.”

And because the season highlight is a pre-season lark,
We declare, American Idol, that you’ve jumped the shark.
-Betty's Poet Laureate-

summerr's take :

Just knowing Ellen Degeneres was coming on the show was enough to whet my appetite for this season of AI. I sat thru countless weeks of prelim auditions (just as you have), to finally get to Hollywood week where she made her debut. So has she fallen short of expectations? imo, a little. But I don't blame her entirely. A friend and I were discussing this (as we always do in the middle of the night) and we figured, Ellen just doesn't have enough airtime to be 'Ellen'. She seems 'restrained' and also imo, 'strained'. Maybe she's trying to be a credible judge (cracking jokes every two points does not a credible judge make), maybe she can see the producer doing the 'wrap it up' sign from the corner of her eye, maybe she's (highly unlikely but anything's possible) nervous. Whatever it is, Ellen on Idol isn't really ELLEN on Idol. I liked it better when she would critique performances on her lil single sofa on her show.

Still early days yet. Practice makes perfect, maybe she'll up her game at the Spectaculars.
8 girls will be singing their hearts out tonight ... my fingers are crossed for Didi. (I'm assuming Crystal, Lilly, Siobhan, Katelyn and Katie are shoo-ins.)

xoxo, s.
ps. Fyi, the term "jumped the shark" means a show has hit its high already and is now heading downhill.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tim Urban shirtless *drool*...

Tim Urban has 6-pack abs!

Saw this delish pic on and just HAD to share! Girls (and boys), this is a big part of the reason Timmy-boy is STILL on the show despite less than spectacular performances. He's just eye-candy and very likeable. He's survived two rounds of piano shows, lets see if he can make it to the Top 12.

Speaking of Top 12 - I saw Ellen D's tweet (see screen cap) and she's looking for a 'correspondent' for the upcoming Top 12 party! I waaaaant that job! Wahlao twitpic/ustream video til my phone explodes k!

Why is LA so far away? Sigh, one can dream right?

Ok, so, I finally got to watch American Idol last night (a whole FOUR days after it aired - so fail right? What to do, Mommy duties go 24hrs when kiddies are sick!) Simon Cowell's trailer is TWO-Frigggin'-STOREYS high? Does he live in Monaco and not get taxed on his income or what?

Ok, so last week, the boys and girls switched nights cos Crystal Bowersox had to be hospitalised (rumours online speculating she had to be treated for Type I Diabetes) and the boys gallantly agreed to switch despite that meaning they have one day less to rehearse. I think it hurt them overall, but since they're all in the same boat, its still fair for the boys. The girls definitely did better this week overall.

Here's a quick lookback at each of the Top 20.
Top 10 Boys
Michael Lynche
Big Mike strikes me as an overachiever - musical theatre/jock. He should guest star on Glee :) His performance was good vocally, but it was so slow, I yawned. I thought he was also a tad drama, but then again, thats his big personality shining through. The guy's a fan fave (and the judges loved it), so he should make it to Top 12.

John Park
Not a good choice of song for the second week in a row. With nary a backstory to back him up in viewers' minds, all I recall is last week sang a super slow song, and was called indulgent. This week, do the same kind of slow song again. Kara says he doesn't connect with the song and isn't letting loose - Asian roots playing a part here? After all, we are known for bein' uptight (kiasu, kiasee etc) right? Die lor.

Casey James
WOOT! LOVED IT! Two great song choices over the past two weeks.
Not only is this Gavin DeGraw song totally recogniseable and liked, (thanks to One Tree Hill, the refrain is part of pop culture history), Casey totally rocked it out with his guitar! Fulemak, loved the ending where he went 'Ey! Ey!' while he channeled some guitar god! Totally disagree with Kara and Simon here, I think he brought it - imo totally frontrunner for me for the boys. Sorry Andrew 'my original fave' Garcia.

Alex Lambert
Looks like a young Paul McCartney? He's adorable and has this 'hurt lil puppy' vibe you just want to take him home and pat him and tell him 'everything'll be ok' :) I like his tone, reminds me of Airi. I liked his performance. Its like the guitar helped 'shield' him from whatever it was that made him nervous - he looked comfortable and into it.

Btw peeps, did you catch Simon subliminally 'plugging' X-factor? He said, 'I wish I was choosing your songs for you at this stage' - a characteristic that isn't on the Idol format, but on X Factor, the judges mentor the contestants and do help with song selection - conspiracy theory? What do you think?

Todrick Hall
Simon called him Tondrick...sigh.
I think REKS were way harsh on him. I like Todrick and I don't think he did that bad a job on that Tina Turner song. Hopefully America sees past that, and he gets to stay one more week.

Jermaine Sellers
I find the way he speaks so endearing. And his onesie! Very memorable :) His personality kinda reminds me of Chris Rock (maybe too many Rush Hour 3 trailers running on Ch5).
The song however, ugh, sorry, but I love Marvin Gaye and I felt he didn't do it justice - it was OTT. I think Simon said it right, 'you water down the songs'.

Andrew Garcia
What can I say? "Straight Up" may have put him through to Top 24, but it may also be the downfall that keeps him from Top 12. Last week and this week, although he sang well, judges and viewers (imo) including myself, are disappointed. James Morrison's 'You Give Me Something' shoulda paid off, but somehow it didn't (maybe its cos he didn't have the guitar, cos he went flat a few times), and next week, he's definitely gotta top "Straight Up" to get into the Top 12. Will his status as a 'Youtube star' help him?

Aaron Kelly
I love this boy's voice :) and he's just so earnest you can't help but love him right? His version of My Girl had me bobbing my head to it, so I think not bad la. I'm pretty sure he's gonna make it to Top 12. He's like Jesse McCartney + David Archuleta + Justin Bieber all rolled into one.

Tim Urban
I agree with Simon on this one - he definitely gets highest marks for improving. But I also have to agree with Ellen, he should be on Glee. He seriously looks like an actor playing the part of a singer - last week and this week - a friend and I recently concurred that he reminded us of a stiff Tom Welling (Smallville) coming out to sing.

Lee Dewyze
He did a great job closing the show. I totally agree with Kara that his voice is radio-ready. I looked away a few times when he was singing and he sounds like The Fray or Hoobastank (said as much last week), and I think he could be the guy to beat this season if he makes the right song choices week after week. Oh, and could someone please get him a belt?

Guys I remember?
Lee, Casey. Yep, thats it.

In trouble imo...
Jermaine Sellers. John Park.

Top 10 Girls
Crystal Bowersox
The one to watch?
Crystal was the judges' favourite that night, and I have to say, I liked her this week more than last week - she looked very 'fresh' - her skin actually glowed (I think this makeup suited her better) and towards the end, she seriously started looking like Jewel (when Jewel first started out). However, I didn't really like her song - maybe country isn't my thing - unless its packaged like Casey James ;) (gotta join Kara's cougar club now...)

Haeley Vaughn
Painful. Just painful.
I think maybe she needs a few more years to grow up and experience life. Kara said there are probably a lot of people rooting for her at home - uh, I don't think so.

Lacey Brown
I likey.
Last week when Kara said Lacey's vibe was Six Pence None The Richer, I totally agreed. And I liked the way she changed up the song here and there - it surprised me, cos I figured she wouldn't have the 'power' and just do it straight.
However, eventhough I enjoyed it, Lacey strikes me more as the lead singer of a band...sorry girl, rootin' for ya tho'!

Katie Stevens
I've always loved 'Put Your Records On'. But imo, 'KayKay's' performance was too laidback and flat (overconfidence maybe?). I thought at the end, she was gonna amp it up, but she didn't. I mean, no doubt, Katie's got a great voice, and I never really expect that voice to come outta that face (yes face, she so cute she looks like she's meant to have a squeaky voice). Kinda agree with Kara, she needs that 'wow' moment.

Didi Benami
I feel that way cos I kinda see her going the way of Megan Joy (from last season). Hopefully next week she can up her game. Agree with Simon, 'Lean On Me' was too generic a song choice - very very bad song choice for her. For me, her top performance so far was Kara's 'Terrified'.

Michelle Delamor
Creed. Respeck to her for taking the risk, but sorry, not the right song choice though.
Michelle looks like she could play the 'Mimi' character on the musical "Rent" (my fave musical btw, I watched it 3 times when SRT staged it here!). And when she sang the Creed song, it was like she was part of the cast of the musical version of Green Day's '21 Guns'. Maybe she should try Broadway if this doesn't work out.
And wow, Vera Wang for piano show? Happening. (I thought it looked kinda wedding-y!)

Lilly Scott
Like Kara, I was riveted. I was totally transported back in time to the 70s and was just totally still throughout the performance. And Randy hit the mark when he said 'Bjork'! Lilly totally had some 'Bjork'-y references in that performance and I loved it!
I seriously am rooting for her just cos she's so refreshing - way to hit it outta the park girl! Woot!

Katelyn Epperly
She plays the piano? Cool.
'The Scientist' is one of those songs that just gets you right there. And although I agree a little (just a small little bit) with Ellen, that it was a bit snooze-y (s.l.o.w.), I agree a whole lot more with Kara. I don't know why, but I simply love Katelyn - everything about her, from her cute smile, great skin, fabulouso curls, and of course great vocals, even her name...its so starlet can?
I also agree with Simon that this was a really good choice of song, and it made her contemporary, putting her back in the race. Imo, 3rd behind Lilly and Crystal, in front of Michelle.
Btw, if you watched the recent season of The Bachelor (Jake Pavelka), don't you think she looks like she could be Ali Fedotowsky's sister? (see pic).

Paige Miles
Colouring? Seriously? Okay. Its your VT.
I already don't really remember her - all I remember was thinking she shoulda gone home last week. Sorry, no personality. No spark. No backstory. Forgettable.
She definitely needs to have a 'moment' to get her to the Final Top 12.

Siobhan Magnus
RESPECK - takin' on Aretha! And she's such a small, skinny lil' thing.
"You are such a strange person."- Simon Cowell
I have to agree with Simon. She's just so interesting, I can't help but look forward to seeing what she's gonna do from week to week. Plus, although she's a bit of a freak, she's actually quite pretty (and has what seems like a lot of very white teeth!).

Who do I personally remember?
Lilly. Siobhan. Katelyn. Lacey. Crystal.

Going home imo...
Haeley. Paige.

10 guys + 10 girls singing 'I Gotta Feeling', now THAT'S what I call 'watered-down'. When the girls started singing, I thought I was watching a Miss America pageant lol!

I think I was looking forward more to catching Gokey than I was the actual results. I mean, c'mon its just Piano Shows right? The REAL competition only starts at Top 12 right? Right? So Danny...he's lost some weight and is lookin' hawt! I've so missed him! It was just great seeing him back on the Idol stage and his positivity and just his exuberance for life....its amazing how he's bounced back from the tragic death of his wife.

He's back to also promote his new country album 'My Best Days'. Never really thought he'd go 'country' but I guess it suits him. He may just give Carrie Underwood a run for her country money.

Over 27 million votes came in (wahlao, thats like SI's Finals x27! LOL!), and I guessed 3 out of 4 right :). I wrote the above predictions before I watched the Results Show (and no, I didn't cheat by googling!).

Out :
John & Jermaine; Michelle & Haeley
Damn, Paige is safe. Ugh, hated that it was down to Didi and Michelle, cos I like Michelle, but her lack of backstory (this is so important), means viewers don't connect as much. So bye bye Michelle. Haeley vs Lacey was also quite predictable - Lacey was waaaay better than Haeley.

My predictions for the Top 12 are :
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Casey James
Aaron Kelly
Alex Lambert
Tim Urban
Possibly out : Todrick Hall, Andrew Garcia
The first 5 names above are already huge fan favourites. So with only one spot left for boys, I would say it goes to Tim Urban - see shirtless pic at the top to understand why. Andrew's more talented than Tim, but he hasn't been performing the last two weeks, and that one Hollywood Week sparkle may not be enough to keep him in.

Crystal Bowersox
Lilly Scott
Katie Stevens
Siobhan Magnus
Katelyn Epperly
Paige Miles/Didi Benami

In trouble : Lacey Brown, Didi Benami/Paige Miles
I hope Didi makes it through, but as weeks ago by and people get to know Paige more, she has the voice, so she may actually get through. I really wish I could like her more, but I don't know, she just bores me, not Idol material imo. I mean, colouring hippos....power to you for a great and safe hobby (for ages 3 & up)....*yaawwwn*

Who do you think will make up the Top 12?
We'll know this Friday who are the Top 12. Can't wait! Ok back to watching the Oscars now....did you watch?

xoxo, s.

ps. If you haven't been watching Survivor, aiyo its damn good la, please go watch.