Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OMG Challenger : Capoeira Argula De Ouro

Kick Ass Time - Meet The Challenger!
When I saw the word 'Capoeira', I thought, uh-oh, someone is gonna get their a** kicked. Capoeira is always impressive to watch. Plus, half naked med who are totally ripped - sure to get the votes in from the ladies, judges included. That said, its also impressive because of the skill and technique required to do it.

Capoeira is defined as an Afro-Brazilian art form that combines martial arts, music and dance. Click here for the Wikipedia definition. I've only seen Capoeira performed on tv and I recall its a lot of acrobatic movements, flips, lots of legs sweeping about here and there and its usually two men sparring in a 'circle' who look like they are 'pretend fighting'.

I love that they're always in white pants that never seem to get dirty despite the fact that I always see them perfom in the streets (again, based on what I see on tv ah). And the fact that they are usually topless and tanned. OMG, not to be linked in any way to the topless and tanned Guidos of Jersey Shore.

Capoeira Argula De Ouro is a local Capoeira school taught by Master Ousado who has had over 36 years of  experience teaching this. He has schools in Brazil, London and now Singapore. Performing with him tonight are Capoeristas Professor Tucum (he just graduated to 'Professor' status in 2008) and Galo De Ouro, along with four others (I just heard on radio that it'll be a group of 7 onstage tonight).

Professor Tucum was just interviewed on Class 95 this morning and he singled out the Vertical Dancers as their biggest competition. Glenn later countered that they should also consider Rhythm & Moves as challengers because they were also performing a combination of dance and (chinese) martial arts.

When asked how they would step up their moves if they carry on in the competition, the Professor said they have "no limits. Because all the steps you see are martial arts steps, we can always come up with new steps and add something more fantastic." Confidence and optimisim. I like him already. 

Out of the group of seven who are performing tonight, only he and the Master are Brazilian, everyone else is local, "this shows that Capoeira is for everyone, whether you are Brazilian or not."

Bottom line folks, Capoeira is hot. 
Check out this video to get an idea of what the movements is like. I love the music too, its almost hypnotic after a while.

Btw, the capoeiristas in this video are NOT tonight's Challengers ok?  

For videos of Capoeira Argula De Ouro, click here. You should also check out their photos tab - AMAZING pics, phwoar type. Sorry la, couldnt' 'steal' 'borrow' them to post here. To find out more about the school, click here for their official website.

Wheee! Can't wait to watch them (and the rest of the Contenders) perform tonight!
Although, the thought of seeing someone go home tonight is kinda sad. Sigh. We've gotten to know the Top 8 over the past few weeks and it'll be sad to see one of the 'OMG family' leave the show. Wonder who it will be after last week's performances - bottom 3 were Desert Roses, Danny Koh and David Lin according to the judges' ranking. Did you guys vote enough to change the ranking? Or did everyone listen to the judges? We'll find out at the start of the show (which means one of the Contenders would've gotten all dressed up for nothing). 

Live show tonight guys! Anything can happen.... can't wait. Follow me on twitter for live updates and twitpics from the studio tonight!

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  1. I expected a lot since summerr blogs with so much WOW. A bit disappointed as totally out of theme but they come with great technique, as compared to luminiq crew.

  2. @snowie

    i agreed with wad u said but still cant compare luminque wif them in terms of techniques, cos luminque learnt b-boying and flips on their own (heard it from some of their fans, whereas the capoeiristas went thru professional trgs... however they were totally not into the theme, were they not informed of or juz wanna go onstage for fun and showing ppl what is capoeira? i wonder...