Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OMG Challenger #1 : Vertical Dancers

Excuse Me, We're Not Pole Dancers K!
Keep your mind on the straight and narrow folks, OMG Challengers Miko, 30, and Irene, 20, are NOT pole dancers, they are vertical dancers. So don't think sex and sleaze please. We'll have none of that here, we're a family show remember!

So you say this is NOT pole-dancing.
No, this is not those pole-dancing (like you see in strip clubs). The pole you see tonight is just one of the props, we can basically dance vertically up anything. We are vertical dancers. Its not a sleazy type of dancing, its actually a fitness-based routine, you have to train quite hard to do this. Its not easy.

How do you know each other?
Miko : I am from Viva Vertical in KL...
Irene : And I am from Groove Dance School here in Singapore. We've done a few joint performances through our schools, and since then have been dancing together for competitions. We've been performing together for about 1 year 2 months now.

How did you get into vertical dancing?
Irene : I started dancing since young, and then a friend introduced me to this and I really liked it.
Miko : I also used to be a dancer, and then I got into this for fitness. (You should really check out her biceps - this woman's got muscle!)

So why did you girls join OMG!?
Irene : Well, the prize money is part of it. I can use it to pay for my school fees. I'm currently pursuing a degree in Accounting & Finance.
Miko : We also want to showcase vertical dancing, get more exposure for this kind of sport and also gain performing experience for ourselves.

Who will you be challenging tonight?

If you get through tonight, how will you up your game when you get challenged?
We have different dance styles, different tricks, different music and of course different props. We don't just use poles. Like we said, we are vertical dancers, NOT pole dancers. (this I gotta see - what else can they dance up? Oooh, maybe Cirque type stuff! Like silk clothes, ropes etc. Interesting......!)

Ep2 of One Moment Of Glory is ON TONIGHT, 8pm! DO NOT MISS IT!
Watch the show tonight and if you think you can take any of these contenders/challengers on with your superb talent, producers want YOU on the show - just email!


  1. Well Done ! Great Performance ! Its time to showcase what Vertical Pole is all about. People shouldnt just think Pole Dancing is sleazy..this performance shows it !! Kudos to the girls !!

  2. I tot they shld be 1st for tonight. Might be a disadvantage for them to be on pole, ring n rope cos they can't interact face to face with audiences as compared to desert roses. Well u 2 r the best female performers in my opinion.