Friday, July 30, 2010

OMG!'s New Trailer & Press Ad

Lookin' good.

Now that the hosts and judges have been unmasked, I've been told a slew of new on-air trailers and press ads will be released, obviously featuring their faces ;) how nice.

Check out the first trailer here, it features hosts Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong. By the way, if it doesn't load up, go to the OMG Facebook page to watch. This is the first time I'm using the 'embed' function from FB, so fingers crossed it works all the time.

I have to admit I wasn't sure whether to expect a straightforward trailer or a comedic one, considering the fact that Gurms and Michelle are both hilarious naturally and in the many characters they play on tv.

In fact, on the first day I met them, I asked them to come up with another meaning for OMG and they came up with OMG = The 'Only Michelle & Gurmit' Show. Farnee right? Michelle even said, "They tell me this isn't a comedy show, but look at the line-up, you have Irene and FD, and Gurmit and me, and they say its not comedy? Sure not?"

Well, from the way the recordings went for the first few eps, having these seasoned comedians who are quick witted and can think on their feet certainly makes for good show banter, and keeps the energy level of the show up. (In addition to being able to hold their own against the sometimes rude hecklers in the audience).

IMO, although the show is mainly about the talent, it is also about the way the judges and hosts carry the show - you want to see if your judgement tallies (or not) with theirs. I mean, admit it, we're all couch potato judges at heart right?

xoxo, s.

ps. next post will be about the format, sorry, HAD to share the vid and press ad cos they look so glossy!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Big Reveal : OMG!'s Press Conference

And the Judges and Hosts are....
Finally, the good folks at Channel 5 have publicly unveiled (whoa that didn't sound too kosher), the identities of the hosts and judges for their upcoming talent show One Moment Of Glory. If you've been following my tweets today, you woulda seen it all unfold from about 11am this morning while the press conference was ongoing.

Meet your wonderful hosts - Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong!

And the OMG! Judges are : resident judges Irene Ang and Mark van Cuylenberg a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman; as well as guest judges Beatrice Chia-Richmond and Jeanette Aw. Unfortunately for us, both Beatrice and Jeanette couldn't make it today due to scheduling conflicts.

As promised, I've recorded videos of what went on at the press con, so here they are for your viewing pleasure. Not the best quality vids mind you, I had to juggle recording this and tweeting/twitpiccing at the same time. Also the venue was super echo-ey and I didn't have proper recording equipment (please remember I am just a mere blogger, not an actual videographer or producer :), but I try my best, so hope you can make out what's goin' on.

Class 95's Jean Danker emceed the press con and looked mighty hawt in a black and pink mini-dress. Someone commented she looked very Gaga today. I would have to agree - lookit those legs though, they like go on forever! Tsk! Envy!

This first vid shows the two hosts being introduced. The sound quality isn't great, but you can still hear what they're saying about the show.

These next two vids feature the two resident judges talking about the show. Have a listen to what FD has to say about how he and Irene are going to be judging the talent on the show.

After the big reveal, Channel 5 surprised the press further by introducing a few 'sample' acts from the show. First up were b-boy group Luminiq.

Followed by soulful strummer singer-songwriter, Jill Marie Scott, singing her accoustic version of the Wondergirls hit 'Nobody'. Jill's actually a mini Youtube star, do a search for her and you'll see.

Next up were a belly-dancing trio called Desert Roses, followed by Vertical Dancer Irene Ng. Do note, its NOT 'pole-dancing', its 'vertical dancing' because she not only dances up and down poles, she can do any sort of 'vertical' shimmying. (Check out Gurmit in the back when Irene slides down at the end! LOL!)

Finally, show closer for the day was fire artiste Danny Koh. Apparently the poor guy had blisters in his mouth after the show because he 'tahan-ed' a little longer for dramatic effect today. But like any true professional performer, you would never be able to tell. But Ouch! anyway. If you could see me while I was filming this you'd see me going 'Ow' and 'Yikes' every 5 seconds!

After the performances were done, there was a quick photocall (that means photo-taking session for the non-media-type people) and voila, time for makan and mingling! Mingling here = one-to-one interviews with various press.

Check out this impromptu vid I managed to take while Jill and a few guys from Luminiq were just hanging out. Nice. Reminded me of Idol days :)

I think the contestants had a good time showing off their talents and soaking up the atmosphere at their first media event :) Thanks for a good show today you guys - hope the press were just as impressed and will support the show!

Overall, it was quite laid-back, relaxed presser, check out Gurms showing off his skills with a pole. Totally impromptu and all the photogs in the room dashed over and snapped like a gazillion pics of this!

After that, someone took this lovely pic of Mr and Mrs Phua out of costume, a very rare occurence indeed according to Irene Ang's tweet "We barely ever get to take 'normal' pics". (especially now that they're working to promote their new movie - Phua Chu Kang The Movie - I wanna watch this!)

Over the next few days, I'll be putting up the individual profiles and interviews I did with each Judge and Host. Tomorrow's post - "How does the OMG format work?". Imma tackle the difficult task of explaining to you how the show actually works.

Hope you've enjoyed the vids and have a good night!

xoxo, s.

ps. Don't you think Irene Ang looks hawt in that outfit? She's just looking better and better as the years go by. Just found out the jewellery she was wearing was designed by Lum May Yee - so thats where she's disappeared to, jewellery designing!

pps. Did you notice Gurmit's tie? Its a 'Superman' tie. Every time I've seen him for OMG, he's been wearing something 'Superman'. A teeshirt, a belt buckle, and now a tie! Is he gearing up to watch the final season of Smallville? (ok, that was so random :P)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG! Judges/Host Big Reveal Tomorrow

The big reveal happens tomorrow!
In just under 14 hours, the media will be introduced to the four Judges and two Hosts of One Moment Of Glory. Of course those who attended the show's recordings last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday already know who they are, but we're all being very good and keeping mum.

I'm actually pretty excited about tomorrow because

1. Its gonna be at *Scape and I haven't really had a good walk around that place - heard from the marketing team that the room where the media conference is gonna be held is pretty snazzy!

2. I'm looking forward to hear what the judges/hosts have to say about their roles on the show and what they've seen so far in terms of talent.

3. I'm interested to hear what our local journos are gonna ask them. I hope someone will ask them really tough questions (and put them on the spot haha)! *evil grin*

4. Last but not least, I just heard that producers may be inviting some of the more, ahem, 'colourful' or 'unique' contestants to perform for the journos! I wonder who they'll cherry-pick and whether these acts are representative of the judges' favourites or are just random? Ooh, if there's fire involved, its gonna be hawt!

Follow me on Twitter tomorrow for live updates and you'll also get to see it all unfold via Twitpic as it happens :)

The whole thing starts at 11am, so see you on Twitter right about then! Have a good Thursday night y'all!

xoxo, s.

Monday, July 26, 2010

OMG Fun Facts

Did you know TV Theatre had a B5? I didn't.
Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a good weekend :) I'm all chirpy cos its a super-packed week for me and I'm looking forward to going to the OMG! press conference this Thursday, 29th July. Mark the date and join me on Twitter for live updates on site! You'll be the first to know if you guessed the judges/hosts identities right cos I'll be twitpiccing!

Here are 10 OMG! behind-the-scenes tidbits to kick off your week, and hopefully get your curiosity going too :

1. So far, only 3 contestants have brought musical instruments along. Betcha wondering what everyone else is doing right?

2. Only one contestant so far has envy-worthy abs, and its not a guy!

3. Injury count thus far : 1 sprained ankle, 1 sprained back, 2 have lost their voices, 1 burnt arm, 1 burnt tongue, quite a few broken hearts and shattered egos.

4. Out of the contestants I interviewed, most have said they would either share or give their prize money to their parents (aww so filial!) or use the money to go on holiday. Only two have selflessly proclaimed to donate it all to charity.

5. Prior to the actual show recording, contestants don't know who the Challengers are or what they're talents are either. The four challengers are kept hidden away in a dark hallway with yucky green carpeting one floor below the theatre, they only get to come up for air when they actually go on-air! (Who knew TV Theatre had one more floor below? The lift only has buttons down to B4. This is actually B5, and its creeeeeepy. I must take a pic to show you guys!)

6. One groups outfit's were so coordinated and colourful, it prompted someone to nickname them 'Garden Gnomes'. Seriously, they looked a little like the Travelocity gnome that's always featured on Amazing Race.

7. The biggest group thus far is a 7-member act.

8. One of the contestants used to make a living on the streets of Latvia! (Wth! And they're not Latvian ok!)

9. Another contestant did pirouettes onstage, and nope, this contestant's talent was not dancing. Soooo not their talent, according to Zaki (lol!)

10. With each passing episode, contestants have edged closer and closer to the judges in a bid to impress them up close and personal. One such contestant got so close to a judge, that said judge actually stood up in order to avoid any, ahem, close proximity awkwardness. Hello, personal space?

Hope you enjoyed that, don't forget to follow me on twitter by Thursday so you can be 'at the presscon' with me :)

xoxo, s.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

OMG's Third Taping : 4 New Challengers + More Rules

Weeding Out The Weak?
Sorry for the mini silence, I had spent all Wednesday/Thursday night trying to reorganise the blog and archive all the idol stuff to make way for OMG! stuff, but it was a seriously tedious back-end job! Needless to say, by the time I shut down the netbook each night, I was zonked out of my mind.

Ok, excuses aside, I had been wondering what to report about for OMG!'s 3rd episode. I''m still not at liberty to disclose identities of the judges/hosts/contestants/challengers. So what COULD I possibly blog about that would be different from the last two entries??

Here's what we know :

1. In Episode 1, we see 10 contestants culled from nationwide auditions perform. Judged then whittle this down to just 8. These 8 contestants take a spot each on the 8 coveted podiums on stage.

2. From Episode 2 to Episode 6 (that's a 5 week period), 4 new challengers will be introduced each week to challenge any one of the 8 on the podiums. The challengers get to pick who they want to challenge. And once both parties have performed, judges decide on the spot who gets the spot on the podium.

- If the contestant manages to defend his spot, he gets immunity for the night, and the following week, he cannot be challenged again.

- If a challenger wins, the contestant goes home. The challenger takes the spot on the podium but does not have immunity - he can be challenged within the same show and may even lose his spot! So really, you can't relax at all on this show (until the credits start rolling!)

Think YOU could be a worthy challenger?
Join OMG! Email NOW!

By the end of episode 3, some of the original contestants managed to defend their places and some were replaced by the challengers, we're actually left with only about half of the original contestants from Episode 1 - how's that for musical chairs?

Here's what I think...

This show is really quite watchable. The producers have come up with a pretty interesting and smart format. Watching contestants and challengers have a go and try and top each other is great tv. The format is also a smart and effective way of weeding out the weaker contestant. Which means, technically, at the end of this process (at the end of Episode 6), we should have the strongest line up of 8 on the podium to go on to the next round of weekly eliminations til we get to the winner.

However, there's a loophole. And this is what makes it extra interesting for me, and gut-wrenching at times.

The loophole is this - challengers are the ones that get to pick the contestant they perceive to be the weakest, or basically the one they think they can beat. A wrong choice here and a fan favourite or a really talented contestant, could wind up going home.

Do your research and choose wisely!
This happened on Episode 3. One challenger chose a very strong and unique contestant and ended up not making the cut. I thought this particular challenger would have made for interesting tv and had they chosen a different act off the podium, they would have sailed through quite easily. The contestant that was challenged had a unique talent and it was a close fight imo. In fact, I wasn't sure who to root for.

So, to all those who have a hidden talent so far unbeknowst to anyone, and you think you can totally kick some butt on the show, join OMG! and you could be walking away with $50,000, but a word of caution, since you'll be coming on as a challenger, I suggest you really watch the show and pick your 'oppFont sizeponents' carefully, choose the one you KNOW you can beat!

I'm looking forward to next week! Thursday, 11am is the press conference at *scape! Once that's done, I have soooo much more to share!

xoxo, s.

ps. Coming up on Monday - OMG! fun facts :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OMG's Second Taping : Meet The Challengers

Contestants aren't the only ones whipping out tricks on OMG.

Its getting really interesting. Last night was the second night of pre-recorded episodes for OMG. Monday night saw Episode 1 in the can. Last night was Ep 2. Tonight will be Ep 3.

Want tickets to tonight's show? Come to MediaCorp's reception tonight at 7pm!
Show starts at 7.45pm.

So after Monday, night saw 2 acts being eliminated, the successful 8 that got through that night moved on to last night's show to face 4 challengers. Here's where it gets interesting. The 4 newcomers get to pick the act they want to challenge from the 8 on the podium, so not everyone performs in the episode. You only perform if you are a challenger or if you get challenged -confusing? Aiya when you watch the show later, it'll be clearer.

Winning strategies
I like this whole 'challenger' thing because not everyone has the same strategy. You can basically choose to challenge anyone on the podiums and with a variety of acts, you could get a crooner
challenging an acrobat. You don't necessarily have to pick on someone in your own genre. Naturally you'd pick the act you think is the weakest and easiest to beat.

At this stage its about impressing the judges, but once viewer voting comes into play, this challenger 'mechanism' will get really interesting. Will an act's loyal supporters outweigh the judges' and general public's voice? Or will the votes reflect the collective audience's opinion? (wah, a bit cheem hor for a Wednesday morning)

Here's A Twist
If you're already on the podium and you get challenged, and you BEAT your challenger, you get immunity for the night AND for the following episode! :) Good la, can slack for a week and shake leg, just come in for hair and makeup and smile for the cam!

Ok, last Twist...
Even a Challenger can get challenged! So you could come in this episode, beat someone, get on the podium, and then get challenged and possibly beaten. This 'trick' from the producers I likey. Just goes to show you can't get complacent on OMG (unless you have immunity).

So did the challengers 'up the ante' for the show? I think yes, they most certainly did. They made the show interesting because they were 1. good and 2. different, from what was already on the podium.

I hope to be surprised again tonight when I see the next set of challengers. The show's definitely picking up, so now I really can't wait for everyone to watch it so we can start having conversations about all things OMG :)

Think you might wanna be on the show? (think you have a**kicking talent?)
Got a talent you wanna showcase? Or need $ to pay off your student loans or buy that new set of rims for your car? Or just think you can probably do better than the contestants already on the show (Once the show gets started, the audition doors will remain open til November, so if you see someone on that podium and you think, "Man, I can SO kick your a**") contact the show's producers at

Like I said, its getting interesting.....

xoxo, s.

ps. If you'd like to come down for tonight's recording (its the last one they'll be having this month), come by to the MediaCorp reception area at 7pm tonight.

pps. I'll be tweeting/twitpiccing as usual, but due to restrictions I doubt there'll be much to twitpic, but don't despair, whatever pics I take now, will make it to the blog sooner or later ...fer sure!

pps. Aren't those just the cutest rainbow socks ever? Thats a 24yr old guy wearing them - aren't you now curious to see what his talent could be? :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OMG Judges - My Verdict

OMG : Judging the Judges
Dare I? Judge a group of heavyweight entertainers (who between them probably have over 60 yrs of experience in the biz) who are the OMG judges on this blog?

Skali I kena blacklisted how? The media industry is very small you know. But aiya, then again, I shouldn't get ahead of myself, not that many people read this blog anyway right? So now, you probably think I'm gonna lambast them.

No la. If you followed my tweets last night you'd know I really enjoyed listening to their comments last night.

I had the pleasure of sitting with ex-Idol-now-OMG choreo specialist Zaki throughout the show, and we were both saying how this panel's style of judging is so different from the way DFK comment. (For the uninitiated, DFK = Dick, Florence and Ken, the Idol judging trio).

What's the magic number?
If you've been following my blog, you'll have read that a last minute addition to the panel occurred over the weekend, so instead of 3 judges on the panel last night (2 regular + 1 guest judge), we had 4 - they added another guest judge.
See the chairs in the pic above? (nice chairs btw!)

The promo people were running around reorganising publicity materials and press conference details to accommodate the new recruit whilst mumbling something about b*tchslapping producers for the unexpected change, twas certainly a sight to see, but I think maybe a fourth judge wasn't such a bad idea after all.

And this particular guest judge (no idea how many episodes they'll be guest-judging for) is a little younger than the other 3, so their perspective is totally different, I was actually surprised by most of the comments from this judge, it was always something I didn't expect them to say - I enjoyed the unpredictability.

In fact, I only have good things to say about each judge, and its not cos I'm dead scared of being shunned (please la they have no idea who I am anyway, much less shun me right?), its because I truly felt they gave constructive, honest and fair critiques, and never disrespected the contestants on air.

So polite this show.
My favourite judge is the one with the uber long legs. Imo, she speaks so well and makes so much sense, I just msn-ed @siproducer today and said she should be the 4th on Idol, should Idol ever return. But then again, not sure if her background is suitable to judge a singing competition, but I just love hearing her critique. Its kind, constructive, well-constructed and intelligent. Good wat? Sumore this one is a guest judge, future guest judges better be able to top her man. (Skali so good producers ask her to stay on for the full season woot!)

The lone male judge also had very constructive feedback, and since he's been in the industry for over 30 years, its safe to say he's probably seen it all. I thought he could have ended up being the harshest judge, as sometimes being in this line for so long, you may get jaded, but nope, I found him to be quite open and candid.

Speaking of candid, the last judge I haven't covered is just that. She's candid and the levity she brings to the show helped keep it light. Don't get me wrong, she wasn't cracking jokes up the wazoo, just a few calculated punchlines occasionally was enough, because like it or not, this woman comes with a lot of experience (and credentials to boot), so she knows what she's talking about.

The Verdict :
I think as much as the show is about the contestants, I dare say that what made the show enjoyable for me was the judges. The panel's mix of personalities added a level of credibility a show like this needs and I hope when voting time comes, viewers will listen carefully to their critiques so that the most 'deserving' act wins the $50,000.

xoxo, s.

ps. There's one more recording for the show tomorrow night, so if you're keen to get tickets, email NOW.

Quickie Post : OMG's First Taping

And we have lift off....

Last night was the taping of the very first episode of One Moment Of Glory. And to be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially after having been in 'Idol' mode last year, when someone says 'talent show', my reaction is to expect 'idol'-type shows.

I have to say it was a surprisingly refreshing change.

The atmosphere backstage was nowhere as tense as back in Idol days. But where tension lacked, variety was abundant. At times I felt like I was in a circus. Ok, maybe not circus, cos then you'd be expecting like 'freaks' to appear come August 9th. It was just a case of a lot of colourful sparkly costumes and props. You don't really get a lot of props at Idol, save for a Gibson guitar here or a baby grand piano there.

Ten acts took to the stage last night and only eight made it through to tonight's show (Episode 2). I was tweeting away last night after almost every contestant, so I shan't go into great detail except to say that overall I think everyone brought something quite different to the stage, some a little more so than others. Not bad la, got fire on stage k. More than once.

Confidence and showmanship are so important in winning the audience, and the judges, over and a handful of last night's competitors had both in spades. But some were a little lacking, on both fronts. Perhaps it was nerves or just inexperience, but hey its just Ep 1, still early days.

Holding back, maybe?
I spoke to some of the contestants (there were soooo many sparkly-costumed bodies moving about, I couldn't catch them all) backstage after their performances, and began to wonder if maybe it was part of their game plan - hold back now so they had something more WOW to show at the next stage? But holding back also means risking elimination.

When asked, many said that if they got through to the next episode, they had tons more tricks up their sleeves to impress judges. Looks like they like taking risks. One of the contestants gave me a laundry list of all his other talents (apart from the one he had just performed) and they were the kind that make you go....."holy crap you can DO that?" That was my first reaction, my second was, "why didn't you whip them talents out just now?"

It's clear if I ever got on a show like this I would fly by the seat of my pants cos I usually have NO game plan.

Balancing act...
I guess its not easy to strike that balance between a fab trick-filled routine that has enough to wow and surprise, yet leaves yourself just enough space to up the ante if you get to the next stage.

Which is TONIGHT.
Yes, they are taping Episode 2 tonight! Not much lead time to prepare rightt?? So people who watch the show later on, don't think they had a whole week to get a new routine together etc, they had to do it literally overnight!
(Although, I met an act who literally came up with their act overnight.... they were at Mediacorp from 11pm the night before til 6am yesterday working on the routine they put up on the show last nght. Talk about pulling an all-nighter!)

And get this, the 8 that made it through last night, will be facing FOUR NEW CHALLENGERS tonight! At the end of the night, only 8 acts will make it to Episode 3 (which tapes TOMORROW night!) Chee-kek right? (thats Cantonese for 'exciting' btw!) Producers weren't kidding when they said got twists and turns.

Can't wait to see who the 4 new challengers are for tonight and see if the current 8 are able to defend their place on the podium (see pic of set, there are eight 'podium' spaces for the top 8 of each episode).

Contestants......are. you. ready. to. BRING IT?!

xoxo, s.

ps. Note to self. Bring DSLR. No longer have fab photog @norasyraf to leech pics from.

Monday, July 19, 2010

OMG Recordings TODAY!

First OMG Recording TONIGHT!
Good morning folks! Its Monday! And normally I'm not a fan of Mondays, weekend withdrawal syndrome an' all, but today I'm rather upbeat, because I'm looking forward to all the OMG firsts happening tonight ...

1. First recording for the OMG series, and I'm guessing this will be Episode 1 (although this may not always be the case with pre-recorded shows, but we'll see.)
2. First time I'll get to see the contestants (really hoping to be very surprised by whatever they're talents are and hopefully hopefully blown away, so I can come back and report to you guys that there IS a show worth watching come August 9th!)

3. First time I'll get to see the judges and hosts in action (am curious to see the tone they'll be setting for the show - upbeat, serious, funny or atas?)

4. First time I'll get to see/find out who the brand spanking new FOURTH JUDGE is.... SOOOO curious lor! No amount of bribery or cajoling could get it out of the Ch5 people over the weekend. I was just told to be patient and see for myself on Monday pffft!

Anyway, am gonna head over to Caldecott Hill around 7pm, so I can nosey about backstage a little before the taping starts at 7.45pm, so be sure to follow me on Twitter for updates and twitpics! Hope me and my cam don't get banned!

Thanks for the emails!
Btw, just wanted to say thank you for your email responses (sorry didn't thank you guys earlier) for when I asked if you had burning questions you wanted to ask the judges/hosts. :) Thanks for taking the time to write, although, er, some of you got the 'assignment' a bit wrong hor.... I asked you to send me your questions for them, not ask me questions about them laaaaa.... *kok* LOL!

Anyway, feel free to leave comments below or email them to me at if you're the *shy* type :)

More emails...
(eh you all this year new trend ah, don't wanna comment, just email ah?)
Recently, a number of you have asked me how the show works. This is as much as I know at this point, but I'm hoping it will be clearer after tonight (usually the show hosts will give viewers an overview of the show in the first ep).

1. Auditions were opened to anyone, any age, any race, any nationality in June. From there, I believe producers narrowed it down to a select group (not sure how many), who have made it onto the show.

2. One Moment Of Glory premieres on Channel 5 on August 9th, right after the National Day Parade. Thereafter, its weekly timeslot will be on Wednesdays at 8.30pm.

3. The first 6 episodes will be pre-recorded prior to their airdates. Results of who goes through to the next round (or next episode?) will be determined by the judging panel.

4. The LIVE shows begin in mid September and I've not been clued in as to how those will work as yet, but I think viewers will get a say in who goes through. I have been assured however that this is not a straightforward programme, and that viewers will have lots to look forward to as there are plenty of twists and turns to the format. So we'll just have to sit tight and follow the show from week to week! (Sounds like publicity people being secretive but still promoting the show hehe!)

Ok, thats it folks, am gonna go pack up my stuff and get all me chores done so that everything at home's in order before I ditch my babies to for TV Theatre!

xoxo, s.

ps. See y'all on Twitter later!!

pps. If you're keen to come for the studio recordings of the show, there are two more tapings this week - Tuesday (tomorrow) and Wednedsay - so just email Recordings start at 7.45pm at Caldecott Hill.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Latest OMG Goss!! - New Judge being added!


Another Judge To Be Added To The OMG Panel!

What? The show hasn't even started and already they're changing things up? Last Tuedsay when I attended the 'secret' OMG photoshoot at Caldecott Hill, there were only five 'artistes' present - two hosts and three judges.

A little birdie just told me late last night via SMS that a fourth judge is being added to the panel and due to such a late addition, this judge won't even be featured in all the publicity material!

The only thing I know about this new judge is that he or she is from a super popular Channel 8 programme. Is Channel 5 perhaps trying to rake in new viewers with this new addition?

Gah! Cannot wait for tomorrow to see who it is!!
I'm assuming this judge will be joining the panel from the very first episode which is taping TOMORROW! Btw, if you haven't got your tickets yet wat you waiting for dey?
Email NOW!

Would love to hear from you guys about the show - who do you think should host/judge a show like this? Post your comments below!

xoxo, s.

ps. I don't really watch Channel 8 (although I would like to start though), what were their super popular shows?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Judges/Hosts Publicity Pics - 'First' Look!

Think you can figure out who they are?
Happy Saturday morning everyone! Check out the four pics I just got from the very nice promo people at Channel 5. There was one more sent to me but that one was waaay too obvious who it was, even with my amateur grafitti, you could so tell. So I couldn't put it up. (Apologies to that artiste!)

But I think this should be enough to whet your appetite over the weekend :)

Masked #1 :
Doesn't this celeb look super chio? Hawt right? Your guess - Judge or Host? She was the tallest 'celeb' at the shoot, sumore add heels, phwoar! V pretty lady :)

Masked #2 :
Had to put something to cover up his hand cos I thought his hand would give his identity away. Now on hindsight, I'm thinking, how COULD his HAND possibly give him away?! Silly summerr tsk! So...judge or host?

Masked #3 :
Also didn't expect this lady to be so tall when I met her. Haven't had a chat with her yet, so will catch her on Monday (hopefully) :), I'm really impressed by all her accomplishments, and hope I don't get TOO tongue-tied when I meet her 'properly'!

Masked #4 :
This one held her mask really well, I didn't even need to add grafitti to cover her face! Either the mask was big or she has a small face. Possibly the latter, she's a lot more fine-boned than what you see on tv, and waaaay taller than I expected.

(D'you see a trend? They're all taller than I expected, ie I'm probably shorter than I think I am wth!)

This is the celeb with the fab Kate Spade bag. Love.It. (Want.It.) suitably whetted? <-- is that even a word?
Then grab your tickets to the OMG studio recordings for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday by emailing NOW and put your curiosity to rest (so that you can enjoy the talents who are coming on the show).

Plus, get updates about the show on Facebook by joining the show's FB page...

Have a good weekend, and if you've gotten yourself tickets, I'll see you on Monday night!

xoxo, s.