Thursday, July 30, 2009

Even More LEAKED FOOTAGE from theatre Auditions!


And just when I thought there weren't anymore.... THANK YOU QUEEN BEE!

Enjoy! Also, I would love to hear from you guys - what did you all think? Any of the 'Leaks' got Idol potential? Post a comment below k!

(Am also seriously wondering who recorded all this - can't be any of the crew cos it looks like it was recorded from right behind the judges' table!)

So, leave a comment and tell me which 'leak' you think is good enough to be YOUR Singapore Idol this year :)

10 Days and counting to the premiere of the madness and mania that is Idol !

xoxo, s.

More Leaked Idol Footage!!


Found two more clips leaked from the Theatre Auditions!

To Queen Bee! Keep 'em comin' babe!

To SI Producer, don't do a witch hunt k?

Can anyone say GOOSEBUMPS?!
Definitely a very talented dude. Good performance!
What'd I say? This year GOT TALENT right?

Another awesome performance - Girl Idol woot woot!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed these sneak peeks! Hope you do too!
Am now gonna go double check my youtube again to make sure I din miss out anymore!


xoxo, S.

For the blur..
Singapore Idol 3 premieres 9th August, National Day, on Channel 5 (right after the National Day Parade).

Singapore Idol : Leaked Footage!!!!



Holy cow, OMG and Leapin' Lizards!
(am refraining from my usual exclamations cos I realise there may be young readers)

Just found this on YouTUBE! Looks like someone in the TV Theatre was secretly recording during the Theatre Auditions round at Caldecott Hill!!! Ooh sneaky sneaky! I LIKE IT!

The singing is of course awesome!


I know who that is singin' - I'd recognise her powerhouse vocals anywhere! Now the question is - who did the filming (the icon shows 'Queen Bee')...and even more importantly, do producers know about this??

Power to ya Queen Bee! Keep it comin' whoever you are!

You heard/saw it here first! woot!

Xoxo, s.

ps. shortest post ever right? hehe, no more verbal diarrhoea, not for today anyway!

pps. Sigh, my work is done, am off to bed!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top 24 Stylings

Last Wednesday & Thursday, I got to meet up with the Top24 at their wardrobe call for Saturday's big photo/trailer shoot.

They were being styled by resident Mediacorp stylist Annie (whom I did not have the pleasure to meet but read all about here).

WARDROBE at TV Building is an intimidating place. You are surrounded by racks and racks of clothes, backed by rows and rows of tall shelves filled to the brim with more clothes, accessories and shoes, packed in narrow lanes between ironing stations, steamers and seamstresses with pins and needles!

What's more, those shelves are on wheels, moveable only by the big rotating wheel on its side, so if you get clamped in, reaction time to save you is dead slow - big phobia for me - trapped in between shelves at Wardrobe, sure cannot get out in time like in those Indiana Jones movies!

But it was no sweat for the bright as sunshine 13 that showed up, all recuperated from Bootcamp and back to their regular 'high' selves on a rainy Wednesday and the remaining 11 that popped by on Thursday.

I had a lovely time hangin out with them while they took turns to get kitted out for what was sure to be an awesome photoshoot. Cos wherever this bunch goes, they radiate energy.....Thursday's bunch were friggin' bouncin' off the walls!

So what does a member of the Top24 do while idling and not IDOL-ing?

Sing. Hum. Goof off. Sing. Goof off sumore. Camwhore. Sing. Get interviewed. Camwhore some more. Sing some more. Can you see a trend?

Some of the more vain ones (what am I saying, ALL also damn vain) came out to strut their stuff for the others to see, evaluate and approve...Nice not? Fat not? Pass ah? Can get more votes in this? Show more skin? How?

Here's a pic of Ebony. She's really tiny so they had to CLIP her dress at the back with pins! They took in like 6 inches at the back to make it fit! Do not be fooled by her petite stature, her vocals are the powerhouse type!

I caught a glimpse of Momma's Boy's handphone whilst he was emptying out his pockets for the fitting and ALAMAK! SO cannot make it lor...... its so old and used the numbers aren't even there anymore! Anyone got a handphone to donate to this poor fler so he can vote for himself when the time comes (skali end up voting salah cos he pressed the wrong keys?!)!

I also spotted this ADORABLE mini dogtag bracelet on Ben. Apparently its from Chomel. Gotta start going back to Chomel again (I used to be a Chomel groupie when I was younger, I had like 27 scrunchies! Shoot me, shoot me now for saying scrunchies in this millenium!). But yes, MUST go back to Chomel. After which MUST dig up more info on cute bracelet and cute Ben :)

Ok, so time to whip out my Predict-O-Meter *flutter hands*flutter hands* roll eyes*.....

Girl Idol....and its gonna be.....IVORY!

Ivory has a very cool set of pipes. She's also just very cool. The kind of girl that other girls are cool with, but then again, she's a Gemini. Geminis are classic split personality cases, I should know, I'm a Gemini too! But hey, they also say Geminis either totally love or totally hate other Geminis and for now I get a really good vibe from this one.

What's that? You want more gossip? Did I hear about any hook-ups? Hrm, lemmesee...

Oh yea, I did actually. TWO to be exact.

Hook-up #1 : Glamourboy & Cackles
They make a formidable couple. Seriously. You DO NOT want to cross them, they can bitch yoah ass to Canada and back and they still wouldn't be done. Think Karen from Will & Grace... on Prozac. But they're lovey dovey to each other, definitely BFFs, maybe more....

Hook-up #2 : Ben & the Bellydancer & the Pussycat Doll
What this? A 3-some? Hrm, word around camp is that Ben's a little bit of a Ladies Man. Can't blame him, he IS pretty ;) and not too bad with the words. But aiya, whats wrong with a little bit of flirting at this age right? Plus, I found Ben to be a really sweet guy.

So, should Ben be with the Bellydancer or the Pussycat Doll? I shall go consult my astrological charts and report back later!

Til then, I'm putting the Predict-O-Meter (this term is getting to be a pain to type) to bed....*yawn* wtf 4am already?! Time flies when you're having fun with the Idols.

xoxo, s.

Bachelorette : All things MEN

30 guys fighting for 1 girl. With so many MEN involved, you gotta keep up with the Mancabulary.

I've learned a lot of MANstuff from watching The Bachelorette.

First up, the MANcabulary. Its a collection of MANwords.

MANties - male panties or skivvies or new word for boring old 'underwear'.

MANkini - male version of Bikini. See my post about Ed Swiderski's Mankini in Maui.

MAN-UP - be MAN enough to fess-up (something toe-licking Tanner couldn't do until 2 episodes after he spilled the girlfriend beans on Wes)

Last but not least The MANCode.
The 'Code' by which all men live. Supposedly (supposably? <-- Joey reference!)
Apparently its some unspoken set of rules men go by like not ever sleeping with a friend's girl (ex or current) and not spilling the beans on a friend's indiscretions (eg ratting on Wes having a girlfriend).

If the latter rule is anything to go by, I say STUFF the MANCode, do what your heart feels is right.

What am I ranting on about? I've just watched the Bachelorette : Men Tell All Special. Pretty entertaining stuff, always fun to watch men bitch like women. And lemme tell you they are as bitchy if not more. More info on that episode and my predictions for the finale here.

Plus here's a sneak peek at this week's finale (happening in the US in like 6 hours from now!)


xoxo, s.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Note to Top24 : Artistry

Ok, so I was meant to go to bed like 2 hours ago lor, but youtube is so friggin addictive! Aussie Idol led me to American Idol (wow what a big unexpected leap, NOT) and I was happily reliving season 8 which just ended in May.

I liked Season 8, in my opinion, it had the most talented bunch of Idol contestants thus far. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert both deserved a win. (as did Danny Gokey, maybe he lost votes cos he was a bit pui pui and wore glasses, not cookie cutter cute like Kris or glam like Adam)

I was watching back some of Kris' performances during the Spectaculars and more and more I feel he deserved his win (previously I was more partial towards Adam).

Kris possessed what Kara called artistry (Adam did too, but Kris' creativity was more with his unique arrangements). He was able to take a song and make it his own. Something he definitely did with Kanye West's 'Heartless'.

Here's a clip of Kris doing 'Heartless' the Kris Allen way on Ellen. I really enjoyed this, much more than his rendition of No Boundaries (which I'm afraid pales in comparison to Adam's version - kelong la, Kara MUST have written it with Adam in mind cos its so not Kris' style).

Top24, if you get through to the next stage, remember, ARTISTRY, it blows the audience away and the competition out of the water. :) Bring it on, you guys!

xoxo, s.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

ACTUALLY I wasn't planning on putting out any posts this weekend, but I just stumbled across this and thought it was a pretty cool trailer.

This is the a promo for this year's Aussie Idol. And guess what y'all, it premieres on the same day as our much-awaited Singapore Idol!

thats right! 9th August! :) when I saw it I had to do a double-take! I was like...Wat?! wassup man? Oh well, must be a coincidence! Doubt they're even aware of our premiere right?

Anyway, I just wanted to say I thought this is a pretty cool trailer la.

Will be back to posting about Idol (Singapore Idol heh!) tomorrow! :)

xoxo, s.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Idol Bootcamp : Choreography Workshop

Let's Dance!

There are two kinds of people in the world : People who have rhythm, and people who don't. There's really no in-between. The only in-betweens are those who have no rhythm but think they do (worst kind of delusion especially if you're about to go on National TV).

If you've signed up for a show like Singapore Idol, you cannot complain if you're the no-rhythm type. You just gotta suck it up and hope that after a while, producers will REQUEST that you be placed at the back for every 'dance' routine (which they will do eventually once your ungainly swaying gets enough attention from everyone from HDB aunty to New Paper reporter) .

Ok, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic. Actually no real need to break out in hives if you can't dance. Like Zaki says - what they do on Singapore Idol is really BLOCKING, not dancing like So You Think You Can Dance. Thats wicked awesome dancing!

Nobody is asking you to be Jolin Tsai or Usher here. Just memorise the steps and your start/end positions and you should be alright. Its all about rotating from one formation to the next in time with the music. Easy right? NOT.

Btw, since I couldn't take pics of the Top24's faces (shhh still secret mah!).... I took pics of their shoes....their 'dancing' shoes (what they wore to this choreo session). Some choices a bit dubious. So I'll pepper the pics all over the post for a less sleep-inducing read! Click on the pics to see full size if you can't read the captions.


Straight away, Zaki splits the boys and girls up. First up, ladieeessss...

Like a shepperd herding sheep, Mr Z herded them through a 'simple' routine that made MY head spin. Once they learned the 'routine' on their spots, it was time to change it up and 'exchange' places.

Wahliao that one made me give up trying to follow the steps! And to think I did ballet for 5 years! (no sniggering. OI Pendehos! I was young and...ish I don't need to explain myself to you young'uns! :P)

Anyway, I thought the girls did pretty well, aced most of the steps. But when I asked Zaki later he just said, 'Ok lah! Eh, so, lunch is Burger King ah?'

Next up, The Zaki (I like this nick, I will call him this from now on), puts the boys through the same wringer. They did pretty well too.

BIG SIGH OF RELIEF from The Zaki. No Slys (can't be Slies right?) or Olis this season! I recall back in season 1, you'd see a really ashen-looking Zaki holding his shaking, be-capped head, wondering how to make the choreo EVEN easier so that Sly would go in the right direction and Oli wouldn't look so stiff. (Oli, Sly, if you are reading this, much love to you guys, :) but you KNOW you couldn't dance right? and that every week you have Zaki big big headache right? :))

So who's The Zaki again? My bad, shoulda said it up top.....Zaki Ahmad is the best choreographer at Mediacorp (he's done so many shows I don't have space to list) and this will be his THIRD Idol outing (he's even outlasted producers k!). I think only he and Gurmit have been with Singapore Idol from Day One!

Apart from being a fab choreographer <-- aiyo this word so hard to type, The Zaki is ridiculously funny! He had me in stitches throughout his almost 3 hour session with the Top24. The stuff he says are said so matter-of-factly, it was all I could do to keep from ROTFL.

"Don't Look Dead."


After the group blocking demo, each Idol took turns to show The Zaki their stage presence by performing for the rest (who sat on the floor). Those in the front row added to the energy by pretending to be groupies :) nice.

Some took to the 'stage' with gusto. Some whispered because they had no more voice thanks to the strain of the Theatre Auditions. Some ingenious ones used their phones to belt out tunes while they lip-synced.

But over each and every one, The Zaki presided. Most common feedback - "never use the whole stage" and "never plan your movements".

Stage Presence 101.
Know your space.
Always PLAN your movements (from start to end of song, know what you're gonna do and where you're gonna go)
Don't advertise your mistakes (almost everyone who messed up either rolled their eyes or stuck out their tongue, when in fact, most audiences would not have noticed the mistake without that telltale action!)

aiya, there are more tips, but are YOU in the top24? No right? And if you were, you would already know cos you paid attention at choreo right? :) Don't be comin' here for a refresher - I ain't your cliff's notes version of Bootcamp :P

"Don't just EMO your face" - The Zaki

He was commenting on how contestants only had one type of expression - emo (as in emotional).
Just what is emo? To me it looked like he was referring to the 'pang sai' face. Also can be called 'kek sai' face.

*pangsai = poo poo
*keksai = pushing out the poo poo

His parting word of advice..... "Remember, your mirror is your best friend." And then adds, "I'm sure you're all reserving - all got secret weapon!"

I'm sure the Top24 will be fine being bestfriends with their mirrors, after all, they ARE part of Generation Camwhore.

As for the latter - it IS possible that they are holding back on some of their talents (vocal/performance) so as not to 'alert' the competition :). What I want to know Mr Z, is who do YOU think is reserving their secret weapons? :)

I must track down The Zaki for an interview :) .....SI Producer! Make it happen *snap*

Next post - underwater vocal training woot!

xoxo, s.

ps. Choreography can be a bitch if you have two left feet. I believe my right has grown significantly similar to my left as the years rolls by.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

random post : movies/tvshows I loved

Sudden urge to do a random post....

I just saw a friend post on FB that she's watching When Harry Met Sally. I LOVE that movie. Like MAD love that movie!

That movie sent me this message : That Men And Women Can Be Friends. Platonic ones.

Btw digress ah, I love this scene from the movie - its iconic!

Ok, back to topic, ever since I saw that movie, I've always held on to that belief, the one that men & women can be platonic friends; not the fake an orgasm in a restaurant one! Despite the fact that the movie proves otherwise because the two leads end up getting together (oh boo hoo if I've spoiled the ending for you...i mean whats wrong with you that you haven't watched this movie?? Under the tempurung much? If you answered in a whiny act-cute voice. "but I wasn't born yet"...slap you. and then slap you one more time.)

Other movies and tvshows I looked to, to learn about love/life/etc were..

Reality Bites .....I loved that Winona Ryder's character subsisted on Big Gulp and thought I could too - for a while, all I would have all day was a big 32oz Big Gulp Diet Coke!
Stupid not? So stupid lor, of course I gained weight like siao lor ingesting only sugar every day!

Empire Records.... I really wanted to work in a record store that cool. I ended up working at a pretty cool cybercafe with some really cool people PLUS I got to date one of them - a cute guy who was the uber cool, laid-back, sensitive, long-haired artist type (OMG epiphany! I dated AJ!)
The Liv Tyler line 'There are 24 useable hours in a day" also inspired me to not sleep and just keep doing stuff! I once spent an entire 48hours awake just on art projects painting, collaging, sketching etc. I thought I was Salvadore Dali or something...DELUDED.

Dirty Dancing... Thanks to the movie, I fell in love with the music from the 60s. Thanks to that movie, me and all the girls my age were brainwashed into falling for the bad guy, cos if you watch the movie all bad boys are misunderstood sweethearts deep down who need your saving! (yea right! I got SO burned lor! owtch!) What a lobotomy job! Tsk!
But in the end, it also gave me hope that ugly girls with big noses will eventually find a cute guy who'll fall in love with them - luckily I actually did! The Husband is a total hunk and a GOOD guy too - he takes care of the kids so I get to have breakfast with my girls! Heaven not? Heaven right?

BH90210 ..... A total bible to teens in the 90s. That show told you what to wear and how to be cool on everything important to a teen. I always related most with Brenda. Especially her bad hair days. I followed their fashions - wore the flowery dresses with bicycle shorts under it - hey don't laugh - its back in fashion now! Wore high-top sneakers with crazy lace and leg warmers. And who can forget the Debbie Gibson hat. Wanna hear the kicker? I even inherited my Mom's old 3-series beamer to drive to school :) <-- very Kelli Taylor right? I was SUCH a poser. Back then, no cam-whoring, just posers only.

Some kids in my school actually printed teeshirts with our postal code on it like the BH90210 logo, except it said DH50490 (DH is my suburb and 50490 is the area code!) - we were ALL obsessed with the show!

Ok, so thats my era. I'm not that old right? Or am I? Suddenly I feel ancient.
I need some Tequila-pop.

Crap. I just remembered, a friend of mine said he got laughed at recently when he ordered Tequila Pop. The hostess said, "that was so 10 years ago, we don't serve that anymore!" Then proceeded to laugh herself silly. My friend said if she wasn't so pretty (read:big boobs) (and he wasn't so hamsup) he'd-a-slapped-her-silly.


I'm now wondering what shows The Daughter and The Son are going to look to for life lessons as they grow up (because tv will be an inevitable part of their lives, I mean, c'mon, look at Mommy right? Daddy is not much better!)

Shows like Gossip Girl and the new 90210, although targetted at a young audience, are so raunchy. They're what, 15 or 16 and sleeping around like its not a big deal. At least back on the original 90210, you always had The Walshes as the voice of reason (naggy MidWestern parents with wholesome values). Right now, Rupert Humphrey is the ONLY voice of reason on teen angst, and he can't save them all.

Even Miley Cyrus at 16 can't behave herself and sends semi naked, wet teeshirt pics of herself to Nick Jonas FROM HER MOBILE! You're Miley Cyrus girlfriend, of course people are gonna want to bring you down - no need give them unnecessary ammo. Also, NOT a very 'Disney' thing to do now is it?

I know, when the kids are old enough to switch to non-Disney channels, I'll just burn all the TVs in the house, failing which, we'll move to an Amish community. Every day sing Hallelujah, then go plow the fields.

Oh wait, cannot leh. Then I won't get to watch tv.

Shove the plan. I'll just wing it la. Parenting's all bout wingin' it right? Thats what Lily van der Woodsen said.

xoxo, s.

note to self : Watch more Gilmore Girls and less Gossip Girl for parenting tips. Lorelai Gilmore is a waaaay better mom than Lily van der Woodsen OR Eleanor Waldorf.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SIngapore Idol Top 24

Just One More Post for the night!

After a rejuvenating bite of half a piece of chocolate swirly bread (YUM! From Provence @ ionOrchard! <-- first day open and I'm there already!) and a few gulps of cold water (thank gawd for fridges with dispensers), I'm once again flooded with ideas for a post!

But first, gotta check on the household :

Children still asleep? Yes. Wait.. i hear mumbling. Ah its The Daughter - she talks in her sleep just like The Husband and The Godma (the Singaporean one, yes she has more than one).

The Husband still asleep? Yes. Snoring.

The Helper asleep? No, yakking on the phone - who the heck is yakking with her at 4am?
Note to self : remind The Helper -sleep more talk less, no wonder the sugar was in the fridge and the margarine was in the cupboard!

So...for my last post of the's what I want to do...
I'm gonna predict who's gonna win Idol this year, with my Predict-o-meter. Just flutter fingers, roll eyes and the answer will come to me.

Oh but since y'alls don't know the names of the Top 24 yet, I can't share the prediction....hrm what a predicament. Didn't think this one through enough.....

I know...I SHALL NICKNAME THEM! Muahahahahhaha. Top 24 if you are reading this, don't bother guessing, I nicknamed you all, then shuffled it two to the left and 5 to the front then 9 to the left. When the names of the Top24 are revealed, I shall reveal which nickname belongs to who ok?
(ok Einsteins, even if you all figure it out, dun la let the cat out of the bag k? No fun for viewers!)


Singapore! Let's meet your Idol Top 24!

GIRLS (in no particular order)
1 Cackles
2 Dazed
3 Nurse
4 Pet
5 Bellydancer
6 Pussycatdoll
7 Ebony
8 Ivory
9 Goodgirl
10 Badgirl
11 Diva
12 Turtle

GUYS (in no particular order)
1 Teeth
2 Badboy
3 Ben
4 Worrymuch
5 Guitarhero
6 Colgate
7 Shimmer
8 Homeboy
9 Goodboy
10 Momma's boy
11 Glamourboy
12 Grammarboy

I almost named you all after LOTR characters, then decided aiya, so difficult to remember the spelling ...ish! Don't take the nicks personal, like I said it may not be who you think anyway!)

So from now til probably end August, I shall refer to the Top 24 using their nicknames. Lots more info to be revealed in the coming weeks...BFFs, Hook-ups, drama etc.
As of now, my predict-o-meter says *flutter fingers, roll eyes*......

And the winner is ....

....COLGATE! woot!

Here's what I got on COLGATE :
His favourite Idol Judge is Florence and he loves Perfect 10 98.7FM.
He's a Sexy Sagittarius *there are 3 in Top24* and from what I see, he definitely has the chops to sing it and WIN it!

Stay tuned for more updates and info on your newly nick-ed Top 24.

xoxo, s.

ps. 4.24am gotta haul-ass to bed if i'm gonna make it for their wardrobe fittings later today - see what I'm willing to sacrifice for all things Idol? I gotta get the kids up and ready for school in like...damn...less than 3 hours!

pps. oops in my excitement to get this post out, I forgot to do the post on Zaki! sorry Zaki, you next, promise!