Friday, April 9, 2010

Glee in just 6 days! (for me at least woot!)

GLEE over GG?
Hehe, doesn't this Gossip Girl ad for The Gap look like its part of Glee? Ahh, the melding of my two fave shows. Anyway, I digress...

I thought I was more excited about Gossip Girl's return last month than I would be about Glee, but nope, I am actually MORE excited about Glee coming back. (Check out this new Glee cast promo pic I found, click on image to enlarge ;))

I have SOOOOO missed the breath of fresh air that is the show some people have dubbed 'High School Musical for adults'. What la...who wants to be an adult when you can immerse yourself in music and comedy for a full 42 minutes? (And live the evil double life of arrogance and sharp wit with no regrets vicariously via Sue Sylvester? I'm a big fan of that character, loved how they injected a little smidgen of a heart when they showed her caring for her retarded sister - aww.)

Anyway I have been waiting and waiting for Glee to return and I just got my mioTV catalogue in the mail today and waaah ...super happy that its returning next week, 16th April! Woot! And as I was flipping through it, was salivating cos there are so many shows I wanna watch (where am I gonna find the time people?)

Anyway, here are the shows I'm earmarking to watch this month on mio :

Movies :
  • Post Grad (Alexis Bledel!! love her!)
  • Did You Hear About The Morgans (heard this bombed, but I missed it at the theatres!)
  • (500) Days Of Summer (I've been wanting to watch this for like FOREVER)
  • Surrogates (I've always liked Bruce Willis)
  • ..and can you believe... 'Where Got Ghost?' (the Jack Neo one...waaat, the pic looks interesting wat - support local!)

TV Series :
  • Glee (comin' back April 15th!!!!)
  • Romantically Challenged (been following Alyssa Milano's tweets...waiting to watch this!)
  • V (cos the lead alien looks hawt!)
  • Happy Town (looks very Twin Peaks-ish, shall give it a try)

Your thoughts? Have you guys watched any of the above? Anything to recommend? What you guys are watching on TV these days, apart from American Idol, which btw, I'm so bored of. I didn't even watch the 'Beatles' episode this week cos I read online who got the lowest votes.

I was surprised the judges saved Michael Lynche. He's talented but I don't think he's gonna win. My theory? And its only a theory - its possible it was just too early for the only black guy left standing to go home. The show would lose a large viewer demographic.

Then again, if he WAS out, it would definitely cause a huge uproar too. Especially since Tim's still around :) LOL.

But the 'save'..... I don't know dawg....I mean, what if Siobhan or Lee or Crystal don't make it to Top 5? No more

xoxo, s.

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