Friday, March 26, 2010

Airi's 1st Single Is Here (1st look) + Sylvia gets signed!

"Broken" by Sezairi Sezali
Sorry I've been in the rabbit hole the last two weeks (also known as KL+Blogger's block+stupid addictive facebook games). Last two weeks of American Idol has just boring me to tears. Maybe its the effect of seeing the perfect vocals of Glambert less than 20 metres away, I don't know, even Didi couldn't Benamify me. Siobhan Magnus is the only reason I watch the show nowadays. But this post ain't about the Americans.

Our very own Singapore Idol, Mr Sezairi Sezali will be releasing his debut lead single (after TBAA), hot off his new album (to be released this May! Woot!) and its entitled 'Broken'. Like the cover image for the single? Its very Airi, and I'm glad that he's pictured the way we know him, not airbrushed or primped into manufactured pop commerciality. We voted for the singer-songwriter-musician, and that's what it looks like we're gonna get.

Folks, "Broken" is super radio friendly, you are gonna love it, I heard a demo of it, and its AWESOME, take my word for it. Think John Mayer (minus the douchebag-ness), laid-back, great lyrics, and just a wonderful song to sit back and listen to. Its a nice fit.

"...Broken is an honest and REAL song with a strong emotional message."
- Sezairi Sezali
(aah, just the way we like you Airi - honest, and emo)

There are two other pretty awesome songs lined up for his album, but you'll just have to wait for 'em - I say GOOD JOB Universal Music (and Airi of course!)! Scroll to the bottom to see Universal Music Singapore's official media release.

On another happy note, UMS has also signed up runner-up Ms Sylvia Ratonel. I found out recently (the day she became my 'celebrity babysitter' :) just kidding, we had lunch, my kids were there, they love her) that she'd been offered a contract and we were jumping up an down outside my kids' preschool like crazy people. Isn't that just awesome great news? I'm so happy for both Airi and Sylvia, things are finally starting to happen. Don't miss Sylvia's 'return to tv' (as Channel 5 has been calling it) this Saturday on the telemovie 'Seven Days', she'll be singing a duet with Jack & Rai (follow the jump here to listen to it on J&R's facebook fanpage - the song is called "You & I" and its listed under their 'music player' on the left sidebar).

Idol3 Reunion Tonight : Twitpiccing ON!
Iz and I are throwing a small 'reunion' party tonight and so far only Tabby (prior engagement) and Charles (overseas) can't make it, so hopefully we'll see everyone and I'll be twitpiccing (yay!).

I'll update on what everyone's up to this weekend :) Some quick ones first -we all know Faizal's been signed by the label that used to manage local duo Sleeq and he's one of the male leads in Suria's version of 'Light Years' called Cinta Ixora; and Mae's a radio-personality-in-training at 987FM :). Lets see what everyone else is up to.

Oh and did I mention that Tabby's singing for the opening AND closing of the upcoming Youth Olympic Games? If you follow Izked's tweets, you woulda seen this...
Congrats Tabby, we're all super proud of ya & behind you! *hugs* :)
My spidey sense tells me she's gonna be signed very soon (possibly already signed to a management contract), but no official word is out yet - its been a tad difficult to find Tabby as she's decided to take a break from her laptop (ala Miley?) and deleted her Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts (*tragic*, I loved her Tumblr account, it always had something to make me smile). But again, ala Miley, why talk about your life virtually instead of actually living it? I guess, good move sweets. Just remember to pick up when I call ya! (btw, her phone is also dead and gone, which is a good thing considering the blonde moment that resulted in her posting her mobile number on her twitter a few months ago! *face palm*) To contact Tabitha for gigs, email her, deets are on her only point of contact - her facebook fanpage.

Ok, thats it from me, I'm off to cook Assam Prawns for tonight's potluck (ok, its not just for Farhan, I'm now also a prawn-lover).....follow me on twitter to catch my twitpics tonight :)

xoxo, s.

ps. And here's the official word from Universal Music to the media about Airi's single and Sylvia's contract with them, it was released yesterday (25th March). Sorry I kept mum for so long, not at liberty to dish the dirt mah -- heheh. Airi/SylSyl managers, wanna hire me? I'm an experienced publicist *wink*...


Sezairi Sezali releases DEBUT SINGLE – BROKEN

Sylvia Ratonel signs on with Universal Music Singapore for album record deal.

After having the Top 10 hit with the winning song “Touched By An Angel” (written by Ken Lim), Singapore Idol winner, Sezairi Sezali, releases his much anticipated debut lead single “Broken”, from his forthcoming new album, through Universal Music Singapore.

“Broken” is the first single taken from Sezairi’s debut album which will be released in May. The single is written by Jez Ashurst (who has co-written songs for The Saturdays, Pussycat Dolls, Cheryl Cole and James Morrison) and Ben Montague. The single will be released digitally and for fans alike to download*

“I think “Broken” is an honest and REAL song with a very strong emotional message”, says Sezairi Sezali.

More details of Sezairi Sezali’s debut album will follow and it will be a selection of original songs and songs of special meanings for him. Album will be produced by Jason Tan (Eastward Audio) who has helmed production for previous Singapore Idol winner’s, Hady Mirza, platinum selling self titled debut album released in 2006.

Universal Music Singapore is also proud to announce that Singapore Idol 2009’s runner up, Sylvia Ratonel, will be signed on as its recording artist for an album record deal, joining Sezairi to Universal Music‘s roster of artists.

“I am truly grateful to have a chance to do the one thing I am most passionate about – Making music. It’s a bonus to be affiliated with a great label and have the opportunity to work with a talented musician and a good friend like Sezairi” - Sylvia Ratonel

On Sezairi’s thoughts of Sylvia as a record label mate, “Sylvia joining the Universal Music family is very exciting news for me. I’m looking forward to the possibility of working together with her. I think we have a very strong chemistry and I’m definitely very proud of her.

With both talented artists signing on with Universal Music Singapore, Mr. Lim Teck Kheng, Marketing Director, says “It is of great honour for Universal Music to be working with 2 talented individuals who are so passionate about music.

From the start of our working relationship, we recognised the potential of both Sezairi and Sylvia. We are delighted that we can be there to assist them in their start of their music careers.”

*Sezairi Sezali’s “Broken” will be available digitally on SingTel, M1, Starhub, Nokia Music Store, Sony Ericsson’s Play Now Plus and other digital stores.

Release date of Sylvia Ratonel album and other details will be announced soon.



  1. Harlow sylvia will be on tv on channel 5 today 10pm seven days. pls tune in n advertise.

  2. I'm so happy and grateful for Sylvia , as she finally has a recording contract ! I love you Sylvia !

  3. oh crap. they should do something to tabitha the babe

  4. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. I'm pretty sure Tabby will be signed as an artiste soon. Big things will be happening for this very talented girl.

    And as for Sylvia, I didn't post it here, but I'm sure you guys have heard taht she's scored a spokedmodelling contract with Maybelline New York? She's the first Singaporean to ever be a Maybelline spokesmodel :) so thats awesome!

    Airi's single 'Broken' is currently on radio. Apparently there will be no CD release (single) for this song, so if you want to buy it, you'll have to do it via the telcos, or just wait for the album to be out - May.

    xoxo, s.

  5. what big only? giant and enormous things should happen to tabitha!

  6. Hi. Does Sezairi's single "Touched by an Angel" have an official album cover art? Could you post it on your blog please? Thanks! :)

  7. Hi Anonymous,
    Unfortunately Touched By Angel also has not been released on disc. It should be on Airi's upcoming album, to be released next month :)
    If I come across any more album artwork, I will def post it up! :)
    xoxo, s.

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