Friday, February 12, 2010

Drama or Nada?

'We're just trying to rehearse without any drama!'

85 Idol dreams were dashed the day before, and 96 carried on to Group Day.
Groups ranged from 3 - 5 people and apart from having to agree on a song and come up with choreography..

But where was the drama that comes part and parcel of every Group Day of Hollywood Week?
Apart from the 'stealing of moves and ideas' (Neopolitan vs Destiny's Wild <-- wahsey so creative lor) and like one power struggle (Mary Powers wants her 'Power', she even kena from the music director - Mary : "I'm not tryin' to be pushy..." Music Director : "But you are..." ooh burrrrn!), oh and Big Mike's group following his baby's birth via video on his iPhone, there wasn't much drama really.

Compared to last season's huge blow out between Kristin McNamara and Nancy Wilson Nathaniel Marshall's diva breakdown (think Mariah hands and tears but with short hair and a stringy headband), Bikini girl's no-show-turned-late-show and Tatiana's group ostracising her, last night's drama ranked mild.

In fact, it seemed like everyone kinda got along. Most of them even looked like they slept early.

Looks like after 8 seasons, contestants are getting a clue on how to stay calm.

Kudos though to producers for trying to er, flesh out and hype up the drama as much as possible with the intense-action-movie-music accompany. Ryan adds to the 'drama' by declaring that "This group is mentally drained and physically exhausted' because its Group Day..." (cue dramatic music).
I've heard from our own Idol producers that Group Day really is just a mechanism to challenge the contestants physically and mentally. Its a test of their mettle and their ability to cope under pressure and still perform despite it all. At this point, if you've made it to Hollywood Week (or Theatre Auditions), you're pretty much good singers. Now its time to figure out who can survive the entertainment industry. If you can remember your lyrics (they're only given 12 hours to learn a song, do it in a group and add choreography), and sing it well, you'll get through. If you can pull your group together, and show the judges that there was tons of effort, the whole group goes through.

I'm happy to see Michael Lynche and Tim Urban go through to the final round of Hollywood. I'm super happy that Katie Stevens got through (so cute, her group was called 3 Men And A Baby, 16 yr-old Katie bein' the baby, and it included my fave guy singer this season Andrew Garcia).

"I'm not power hungry" - Mary Powers
I'm sure she's not. She just wants to win, and I respect that. But you know what, I'm not liking her too much right now. And if she makes it through to the voting rounds, she'd better start endearing herself to viewers/voters, else she'll be one of the first to go.

Next week, can't wait to watch the final round of Hollywood Week. Only 71 are left after group day, and its time for them to take the stage solo with music. Who will be the 12 guys and 12 girls to make it to the Top 24? Eeee, so exciting!

xoxo, s.

ps. I found out the name of the girl with glasses and purple beanie: Erin Hunley

pps. Today's Friday peeps! Survivor XX : Heroes vs Villains today at 530pm on Channel 5 (encore at 12.30am!) Don't miss it! *tsk* still can't believe I missed last night's Survivor Special - Channel 5 rerun pleeeeeeeeeease!

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