Friday, February 12, 2010

Survivor 20 : Return. Revenge. Redemption.

Isn't that tagline just awesome?
Forget about Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. These guys (and gals) have been there and done that. Now its time for Round #2 (or #3 for quite a few of them) and another $1 million is up for grabs.

10 years ago, Mark Burnett introduced us to his brainchild Survivor, and lo and behold, a new genre for television was born. Survivor is arguably the first real reality tv series that has successfully captivated a wide audience. Now 10 years later, with 19 seasons under its belt, the franchise celebrates its 10th anniversary with a cast that is sure to make this season of Survivor the best we've ever seen.

This season sees Heroes vs Villains from previous seasons. I certainly hope they won't stick to their 'roles' and change it up in a bid to throw each other off. Everyone has played the game and played the game well. Some have played it twice before.

In fact, the only person who seems to have a slight disadvantage would be last season's (Samoa) ultimate villain Russell Hantz. His season of Survivor and Season 20 were filmed back to back before the results were announced, so he played Season 20 without knowing whether he'd won at Samoa or not (it was down to him and Natalie, and tapings happen months before the live finale reveal back at CBS studios). If he'd known going into Season 20 that he'd lost it to Natalie, he may have played the game a little differently.

But then again, Russell is smart and unpredictable, and he knows he's goin' up against Survivor's best, he may change his gameplan.

Oh but wait, I just realised he also has an advantage, because Survivor 20 would have started filming BEFORE Survivor Samoa aired, so the other 19 heroes and villains wouldn't have a clue what Russell would bring to the so excited lor. Just 3 hours from now, 5.30pm is the premiere on Channel 5.

Here are the tribe members :
Heroes :
Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback)
Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands & All-Stars)
Jessica 'Sugar' Kiper (Gabon)
Cirie Fields (Panama & Micronesia)
Amanda Kimmel (China & Micronesia)
Stephenie LaGrossa (Palau & Guatemala)
James "J.T." Thomas, Jr (Tocantins)
Tom Westman (Palau)
Candace Woodcock (Cook Islands)
James Clement (China & Micronesia)

Villains :
Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback & All-Stars)
Russell Hantz (Samoa)
Tyson Apostal (Tocantins)
Randy Bailey (Gabon)
Rob Mariano (Marquesas & All-Stars)
Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands & Micronesia)
Benjamin "Coach" Wade (Tocantins)
Courtney Yates (China)
Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands)
Danielle DiLorenzo (Panama)

Check out these vids to see their faces and 'remember' what you loved/hate about them! Arrgh so exciting!

There are so many I'm looking forward to seeing again. I want to see if Stephenie can up her game (she made it to Top 2 at Palau), and likewise so did Colby. I totally love the sweethearts that are J.T. and Tom, and of course Rupert!

And for entertainment I'm lookin' forward to hating Coach, Tyson (the guy loves himself too much and his V-neck tees...maaaan!), Jerri, Rob(I love his Boston accent!) and Russell. I wonder if Russ will all the hidden immunity idols again - hope producers hid it where he couldn't reach it ahhaha.

Ok, now check out Jeff Probst's take on the castaways selected for this season ;) - gotta love Jeff (he's not just host you know, he's also a producer on the show!)

Tons more vids of the individual castaways

Excited! Ey-ey oh-ey oh-ey oh-ey a-a ey ey oh ey oh...
xoxo, s.

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