Wednesday, February 3, 2010

MJKuokRocks :)

'OnceTwice3' Sneak Peek!
Remember our idol hottie MJ Kuok? He set many hearts a-flutter with his charming personality and heartthrob smile. Those flutters turned into a full heart attack when it was announced he was quitting the show, right after he'd made it into the Top 13.
He left without saying a word, not even to his closest friends in the competition (who were shell-shocked when they found out midway through promo shoots that he wouldn't be returning).

Anyway, that was in September.... MJ surprised us all in December (and by 'us' I mean the Idol family) by coming back to join in the Grand Finals, performing alongside Duane, Airi, Charlie and Hady Mirza in the 'Idol Band' segment. It was just awesome to see him back on stage and enjoying himself :) When he left a few days later, he promised to keep in touch and he has.

He's just uploaded this to YouTube. Its test shots for an upcoming music video for his original song Once Twice 3. Lovin' the look and the shades, and of course the va-va-voom Ferrari. What do you think?

Join MJ's fanpage here to get more updates on everything MJ!

MJ (pictured here with his Idol BFF and also Idol's politest contestant ever Theodore Teow) will be back in Singapore over the summer and hopefully by then he will be able to release his EP and/or his full length album, both of which he's working on right now whilst studying at Stanford University.

To MJ :
Miss ya cuz, do keep me primo updated and I'll see you in the summer!

xoxo, s.

ps. In case you missed out on MJ's performance at the Grand Finals, watch this :

pps. Speaking of MJ in America...its AMERICAN IDOL DAY TODAY! (ok, so the 'speaking of' part was a bit of a stretch, but who cares! IDOL DAY! Last city! Denver, Colorado here we come! Victoria Posh Beckham guest judge!


    I LOVE ONCE TWICE 3!!!!!!!


    (heard it's coming out in June?)

  2. found out about this guy through ur blog! just spent the last 2 hours watching vids and followed a link on his fanpage - did u know he has a cousin who is a musician 2? that guy has a heart-melting voice