Monday, February 8, 2010

Ellen On Idol!

Ellen : "My Point,..... And I Do Have One...."
Thats the name of Ellen's first book (I have it, and I love it, I read it over and over again for a laugh whenever I'm between books), and I hope that will be her judging style too. I mean, taking Paula's chair doesn't mean she has to her 'pointlessness' right? Ooh, bitchy. I have no idea where that came from!

Woot! I'm super excited to see Ellen get on the panel this week.

I didn't even bother reviewing last week's audition eps because :
1. Denver with Posh was pretty much like Boston with Posh.
2. The "Road To Hollywood" episode that "promised" to showcase the best of the best auditionees was basically a clip show from the different audition cities. Seems more like Fox's last minute rabbit-outta-the-hat-trick to make up an extra episode so they could start Hollywood Week in a separate week. Either that, or it was producers' way of highlighting more of the Top 24's stories that didn't get fair showing in earlier eps. Y'know, they gotta build profiles and backstories mah...

Aiyo, I was so bored, I kept looking at the clock. Longest hour ever spent watching American Idol. Fair enough there were some pretty good singers we hadn't seen before, but overall...*yawn* favourite part was the trailer for 'Hollywood Week' hahaha.

So, since we're talking about Ellen and Hollywood week, which started taping like 2 weeks ago, everyone has probably heard about the whole 'Ellen hates Simon cos he was NINETY minutes late' debacle right?

If you haven't, well basically Ellen's been ranting everywhere (and I mean everywhere and to everyone, including producers) that the show would be better off without Simon. She was extra peeved cos she made an effort to shift her schedules around (and she is one super busy woman you know, daily talkshow leh) to do Idol and she was made to wait NINETY minutes for Simon to saunter in (apparently he's quite the diva)....

Some sources have said this situation is highly exaggerated and that Simon was like only fourteen minutes late.

I say...whatever. Just let me watch the episode already! Wednesday hurry up and get here already!

xoxo, s.

ps. In the meantime, I've scheduled a mini Idol reunion for Wednesday (IDOL DAY of course!) so I'll find out what everyone's been up to and pass the dirt on to you guys soon!

pps. More ridiculous AI rumours abound - apparently the buzz now is that risque deejay Howard Stern is being wooed to take Simon's place on the panel. Alls I can say is.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Previously tipped to take the Brit's mean spot were Gene Simmons (ech, no thanks) or Tommy Mottola (not a bad choice, but is does have personality?). I say again, how about Paul McCartney?

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