Thursday, February 18, 2010

IDOL DAY AGAIN! Hollywood Week 71-24

From 71 to America's Top 24.
Last night, producers revealed 7 lucky people who made it to the Top 24. 5 guys and 2 girls and they are :
  1. Michael 'Big Mike' Lynche (his newborn is named Layla Rose - so cool right!)
  2. Didi Benami (my fave!!!)
  3. Katelyn Epperly (love her curls!)
  4. Aaron Kelly
  5. Casey James (taking your shirt off gets you noticed!)*
  6. Lee Dewyze
  7. Todrick Hall
*(did y'all see Kara's leg flip up when he hugged her?! LOL!)

Tonight there are 17 spots left to fill, just 7 for boys and 10 for the girls. Who will make it through? My bets are on (and this is without looking at the cheat sheet of leaked names)....

Boys I can only think of 6 off the top of my head...
Andrew Garcia (my fave this season - MUST GO THRU!)
Jermaine Sellers (first awesome guy contestant)
Tyler Grady (broken hands guy)
Tim Urban (broken hands guy)
Chris Golightly (orphan guy who went thru like 20+ foster homes - blonde afro)
John Park (I'm guessing this one is in cos they keep featuring him here and there without really telling us his backstory or showing us his audition. Plus he's Asian, so he stands out, so I'm thinking he MUST be in!!!)

GirlsI can only think of 6 off the top of my head...
Janell Wheeler
Haeley Vaughn (I'm not a huge fan, but she's gotten a lot of positive screen time and 'refreshing feedback' - so I think shoo-in)
Lilly Scott (sure wan la - they like cool chicks with their own unique style - remember Megan Joy from last season?)
Ashley Rodriguez (total package)
Crystal Bowersox (tattooed hippie mom with a story that can sing - sure in)
Katie Stevens (prim, proper, innocent-looking 16yr-old with a grown up voice - plus grandma story - in!)

What about you? Whom do YOU want to go through?

Latest goss, even before we can get to the piano shows, one of the Top 24 have been cut from the show due to breach of contract - tsk so fast. This person has been replaced already la of course. And imo, not a big loss. Doubt they woulda won anyways.

Powers out! Did you guys watch last night's show? I found the whole 'room-by-room results' and 'rehash each contestant's journey backwards' not very exciting. The only thing that made my day was seeing Mary Powers NOT make it through. Ok, thats just mean, but then again, its really nothing personal, I just don't think she would have gotten very far in a competition where popularity is just as important as singing chops. Her know-it-all, over-domineering, alpha-female persona (whether true or due to a lot of clever editing) was featured so heavily at Hollywood week, it woulda been hard for her to downplay at voting rounds to win viewers over, especially when there are so many other very likeable girls in the competition.

In previous seasons, producers would always break up Room Results in one episode and 'The Final Judgment' (the long walk to face judges solo with sing-offs) in another. So the second hour of last night's show was quite a refreshing change - did not have to wait another day for some Top 24 names - a first in Idol history!

What did you guys think of Jessice Furnley's and Shelby Dressel's dismissals? I agreed with the former but disagreed with the latter. I thought Shelby shoulda gotten through, just cos I think vocally she's solid like the rest, but her story gives her an edge and it would have been interesting to see how that woulda played out. Seemed like Simon thought as much because I swear I heard him mumble 'wrong decision' as she walked off.

Tonight, as usual Ryan promises MORE drama, MORE emotions and the MOST dramatic season of American Idol yet tonight (all reality shows say this season after season - 'in our most dramatic season yet!'). I wonder if there will be any sing-offs this season. From the preview clips, doesn't look like any.

Wheeeee less than half an hour to tonight's one hour episode of Idol! Lets all go watch (pray for no rain - rain = no ASTRO here!)

xoxo, s.
ps. Full top 24 deets are already available on :)

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