Monday, September 14, 2009

MJ speaks...(Meng Jun, not Michael Jackson)

With news of MJ's departure still fresh on everyone's minds, MJ who has been silent all this while since his decision on Friday evening, has finally posted something on his facebook to all his friends, fans and family...

Posted today, at 8.07pm (probably HK time since its only 7.30pm here in Singapore).

Dearest Family, Friends and most amazing Supporters ever,

I hope this email finds you all well and that your enjoying life to the fullest :) Just thought that I would fill you in on the latest with my progress in Singapore Idol.

Although it was a very difficult decision to make, I chose to withdraw from the competition last week. Deep down in my heart, I knew that had I signed the contracts being offered and continued to perform on the show, I would be deceiving myself, all my loyal fans, supporters and you. After reviewing the terms of the contracts very thoroughly, winning the competition in order to secure them (which was my initial purpose for joining the competition) is no longer the same goal that I had initially set out to achieve. I believe that every task we set out to achieve in life has to be accomplished to the best of our ability, and I feel that this decision in the long-run will help me stick to this value and moral that I hold deeply.

This whole Idol journey has been an experience that I will treasure dearly. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to pursue my passion to the fullest over the last 2 and a half months, through a competition that has enabled me to bond with amazing musicians and wonderful individuals, from which I have learnt countless valuable lessons from. For this, I would very much like to thank the production staff and organizers of this show for giving me their full 200% support & belief.

To all the remaining Idol contestants, I wish you all the best in this competition and you are all Idols & Superstars in my eyes. Know that I'll be there supporting you all the way and thank you for the great memories and experiences that I will never forget... and ofcourse for being my pillars of support and inspiration throughout this competition.

Ultimately, I would like to thank YOU, my dearest friends, family and supporters for your enduring support and encouragement throughout this amazing experience. Through your support and encouragement, I have truly come to believe that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. At times in this competition when I felt weary of my potential and abilities, it was your words of encouragement that strived me to excel and believe in myself. Words truly cannot express how grateful and lucky I feel to have such wonderful individuals like you by my side, supporting me in what I love to do. This experience was not only one through which I have matured and learned many life lessons from, but also one which has re-iterated to me how important it is to cherish all the ones you love and support you (even though you may have never met them), as it is these individuals who help you reach towards your goals and realize your true potential in life. Thank you for touching my heart in one way or another and know that you too have my full support no matter what.

This is just the start of a truly exciting journey ahead. I will definately continue working hard to make music, perform, and strive to achieve my goals on my own terms and beliefs :) If you'd like to continue supporting me and my music, please STAY TUNED to :

3) The MJ fan page on FaceBook (search "MJ" under Pages in Facebook)

As I love to mention, if you like my music, please continue to spread the word to others... as I know you have been doing so well all this while ! Thank You again, you truly mean the world to me. I can only hope that you respect my decision and my deepest and most sincere appreciation goes out to all of you. Your the reason I make music :)

Lots and lots of love, all the best to you and your endeavours.

Yours always,


xoxo, s.


  1. uh. hongkong has the same time as singapore.

    anyway, it's a real pity that MJ left SI, but I guess we have to accept his personal reasons. I'm sure his future ahead of him is just as bright.

  2. what a whole load of crap! he suck anyway

  3. Yeah, he ain't all that good. I thought Theodore be better.

  4. His grandfather is Robert Kuok guys.
    The "richest" man in SE asia.

    Honestly speaking,I think he entered this competition just for "fun" and never expect to be where he is right now. Oh well,I'm really glad Nurul huda is in though. :)

  5. OMG you're right, it IS in the same timezone...maybe he's in er..Philipines or somewhere more east? Geog not my strong suit.

    As for the last comment - tsk, you don't know him, don't assume. you're entitled to your opinion,but I just want to defend MJ here and say that music is his life and what he wants to do. He was very serious about the competition and never took it lightly. It was unfortunate that things turned out this way, but like I said, he is committed to his music and he made decisions based on what was best for him. Did you not read his note re the contracts etc?

  6. Philippines is also +8 -_-.... anyway I heard MJ's own songs on youtube! AWESOME STUFF! i don't mind listening to his songs on radio!

    ex contestant 1704

  7. Is this blogger from Earth? Singapore and HK both share the same timezone!!!

  8. Does this blogger need some watch endorsements before realising that Philippines and Singapore and HK are all GMT+8? nvm bet he/she also dunno what's GMT.

    Anyway MJ's family is rich?! Rich and relatively unknown...interesting.

  9. To Summerr, I really agree with your take on MJ. Personally, I am not impressed with MJ but I am able to understand his thoughts and intentions are for his best interests. If I put myself into his shoes and have the media outing about my family being rich, I wouldn't like it and would be more pressurised to continue staying in the competition.

    Even though some people would be upset with him for wasting their votes, we should look at his decision in a positive perspective which encourages contestants who did NOT make it (but had wanted so badly to win the title). I think MJ's decision should give them a fresh perspective of looking at their fate of not getting into Top 13 - i.e. it's not end of the world. Anyway, without his decision, someone else would NEVER have any chance of returning to the show or fulfiling his/her idol dream. So, I don't think MJ did any wrong, he has in fact earned the respect from me and is now winning me over to be his fan. Kudos to him for being mature to assess the situation and the chances of him winning the title (he may not have the full confidence yet in his ability to win over the audience even though he is talented) and getting his priorities straight - he is definitely more mature than his detractors and other idols who didn't realise their personality and vocal ability are not good enough to win the title while they want the title so much.

  10. To add, I personally feel that MJ has offered a fresh perspective of looking at winning the title. This goes to say that winning the title is NOT everything. Lot of people whine over not winning it - but life is so much more than that. There are so many popular singers like Lady Gaga who does NOT even need to join and win this competition. I am ever MJ's fan until now when I become impressed by the way he thinks - most people I know of want to win so badly that they step on other toes or inspire rivalry. Though MJ is so so in my personal opinion, his attitude will cause him to go far in his music career and may even become as popular as lady gaga one day.

  11. MJ, whatever decisions you make, you've got my back. You're pretty something, you're gonna go to places with that kind of fire.
    - M

  12. It's a no-win situation for MJ if he is really the grandson of Robert Kuok. With his family being ultra-rich and given the nature of qualification through telephone voting, there will definitely be those who will suspect him of using money to get the votes.