Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two hosts for the price of one!

Unbelievable hey? And Oscar is 82 this year!

But that silly number aside, what I'm totally excited for this year is the fact that a duo will be hosting the show, something the Oscars hasn't seen in like forever and personally, I haven't seen anything like that in my lifetime. I totally lurve Alec Baldwin (I've loved him since Beetlejuice - yes THAT long ago, when he was skinny! And I watch 30 Rock for fun, at least once a day!) and Steve Martin (I still watch Father of The Bride once in a while and when I watched Cheaper By The Dozen, he made having 12 kids actually seem doable! ).

Some vids to watch!
Anyway, catch this Behind-The-Scenes clip, click here, 'hosted' by Adam Shenkman (familiar name? If you watch So You Think You Can Dance, you'll know him as one of the more er, colourful judges on the show - he's one of the producers on this year's Oscars).

My two other fave hosts for the Oscars are Billy Crystal (I loved his song & dance routines at the start where he'd try to incorporate all the nominees into the lyrics) and Ellen DeGeneres, gotta love her monologues, click here to watch her opening monologue for when she hosted the Oscars in 2007!

Hugh Jackman (2008) and Neil Patrick Harris (2009) didn't do too bad a job either, so kudos to them. Can't believe a year has passed since I rushed in front of the tv to watch NPH host - feels like just yesterday!

So who's gonna sweep all the nekkid gold statues this year? If Titanic was any indication, it could be James Cameron's year again with Avatar - yay or nay? Drop a comment below and share who your favourites are outta this year's nominees....

xoxo, s.

ps. The 82nd Academy Awards airs live on Monday morning at 9am. Red Carpet live reports on E! an hour or two earlier - wheeee!

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