Friday, March 12, 2010

Randy In A Bikini?

Simon Cowell's Promise To Alex Lambert...
..if he manages to stay in the competition after tonight's vote, is that he'll deliver Randy Jackson to him in a bikini in an effort to help 'distract' him so he be less stiff while onstage. If my Top 12 prediction is right, Simon's got a huge (literally) task ahead of him. Then again, Kara donned a bikini for the show last year and flashed it mid-song. (Yea I know, not exactly the same thing, but I never expected her to go through with it!)

Ok bikinis and dawgs aside, how'd you guys find the Top 16? I thought almost all of them stepped up (or tried to up) their game.

Girls Night!
Wednesday night was back to Ladies' night and two girls in particular blew me away - Didi and Siobhan. I was mesmerised throughout both their performances - the type where your mouth hangs open a little and you're frozen mid-action (I was totally unaware that I clutching the remote so tightly until the song ended and I had marks on my palm!) , that was me.

Crystal and Lilly delivered as usual. Although, I thought Lilly could have chosen a more powerful song.

Lacklustre performances came from Katelyn, Katie and Paige. Paige was definitely the worst performer that night, her rendition of 'Smile' felt very introverted and dull. Not a good move to choose a song that moves yourself so much you can't perform it - *fail*. Time to go la.

When Katie opened the show with 'Breakaway', my first thought was, 'Oh no, Syltra opened the show with 'Breakaway'...' and it felt like a sign that things wouldn't go well for Katie. Overall, I didn't think she did as badly the judges said she did. Then again, I doubt she'll be out - she's been sold as the girl-next-door/American sweetheart type, so she should be a shoo-in to the Top 12.

Katelyn totally underdelivered. I think she should stick to playing piano and lose the keyboards - the keyboards are corny.

The big surprise of the night for me was Lacey, she totally put herself back in the running with her very personal and genuine performance. I had predicted she'd be out, but now I think, someone else may be in trouble and I hope its not Didi cos she also totally redeemed herself.

*Just got a msg from @syazaq asking if I had seen the results! She says its 'omg!' ACK! I am not looking until I finish my post! *

Ok, so now that we've seen 'em sing, I think Paige definitely out, and the ones in trouble are Katie and Katelyn.

Boys Night!
I'd like to start by saying Michael Lynche WOW! He closed the show and imo, closed the competition! The dude totally was up there performing like a seasoned artiste, it felt like he was the guest performer he was that comfortable and confident! Kudos kudos kudos.

Lee opened the show and I loved how he amped up 'Fireflies' which is one of my fave songs at the moment. I am totally diggin' Lee. Casey James' version of the Keith Urban hit was also very enjoyable, it felt like the right song, right vibe for him, although, it didn't seem very challenging for him since its 'his genre' in a way, so I can't wait to see him tackle other genres from next week on.

Aaron Kelly was pretty good, he has that good boy appeal and I have to agree that he delivered the song with heart and emotion despite not being an old man singing to his kids as the song had intended.

Alex Lambert has such a gorgeous voice, and I actually think his 'stiffness' or lack of confidence works for him a little. He's that lost soul, that wounded puppy, you want to shelter and save. So he WILL get votes. I see him as a Kris Allen in the making, hopefully as the competition progresses, his confidence will grow, but he needs to keep a little of the insecurity and vulnerability cos imo, thats his hook, whether he knows it or not.

The most unique performance came from Todrick Hall who did Queen. He's surrounded by all these guitar playin' guys who were singing sitting on a stool and so Todrick stood out for his 'dramatic' performance. I think Cowell's right, he IS a broadway type performer, but whats wrong with that right? No doubt that he can sing, and he upped his game last night.

Most disappointing for me was Andrew Garcia. There was absolutely nothing special about his version of 'Genie In A Bottle', well, not the brand of special that made his 'Straight Up' watercooler talk for weeks. Sorry Andrew, I think your journey may just end here.

Biggest surprise...Tim Urban. He looked and sounded like he'd improved. He may actually be worthy of that spot in the Top 12 now. Ellen seems to like him - so cute la that stunt :) Btw, did you guys see his bangs? They were sideswept and carefully layered ala Farrah Fawcett (or Ms Emma in Glee!), I'm guessing they used a ton of hairspray on that one.

So which boys are going home?
Well I think it could be down to Andrew and Todrick. The favourites are clearly Casey, Alex, Aaron and Michael. Tim is in cos he's cute and likeable. And I'm hoping Lee has won over fans too with his fab voice and humble personality. So that leaves us with just Andrew and Todrick unfortunately.

Oh well, its Results tonight (or if you cannot tahan you can already google the answer)....

I'll miss it cos I'm off to watch Glambert in concert at Resorts World woot! The tickets give us entry to Universal Studios too woot! So I'll definitely be twitpiccing, which reminds me, time to charge my phone! Toodles folks!

I'm off 'for 'my' entertainment oh!'
xoxo, s.


  1. i cant believe paige is not out , wth man . lily deserves it more ! rite ?!

  2. mullet boy :( quite sad to see mullet boy cry. and to see glassblower crying over mullet boy crying....

    I saw crystal bowersox mouthing that was f***ed up when Katelyn got eliminated. i like her :3

  3. Break away will always remind me of Syltra, i just luv her style on singing that song.