Wednesday, March 10, 2010

AI 9 for the Dawgs?

Do you think this season's American Idol lacks lustre?
Or is it too early to tell? We're kinda only midway through the show - we're at Piano Show rounds now, and this week is the last week we'll be watching Idol 3 days in a row. Next week on, its the Spectaculars and we'll be back to our usual Wednesday performance/Thursday results sked.

I found this poem on one my fave sites and before reading this, had no idea anyone people were THAT disgruntled with this season of Idol.
Take a read and tell me what you think - do you agree its goin' to the dawgs or you're quite happy with this season's talents and changes (Ellen for Paula, Simon leaving, Kara upping the colour bar on her spray tan etc.)

The End of American Idol
Oh what has become of American Idol season nine?
We’d rather watch the drying of paint or turpentine.

We’ve got much to say, but at our argument’s crux
Is that this season is awful, it just straight up sucks.

Ellen, you’re just so awkward and out of place,
Kind of makes us wish we didn’t have to see your face.

We had high hopes and thought as a judge you’d rule,
But all you’ve done is make us miss crazy Paula Abdul.

Embarrassed to be there at all is you, Simon Cowell,
Your face bears no expression other than that scowl.

Kara, you need a break from your daily spray-on tan
You’re now more orange than an Oompa-Loompa man.

Last week’s theme made everything way worse, FYI.
Not much more we can say other but: TMI, TMI, TMI.

We did love to hate the uber cheery Haeley Vaughn,
What will we do now the headband-maker is gone?

She was always too optimistic, smiling and friendly,
She annoyed us just like that Bachelor loser Tenley.

Singing problems have befallen many a contestant
Everyone’s pitchy and off, in need of decongestant.

As for song choices, take our advice, pretty please,
No more Gavin DeGraw, Temptations, or Alicia Keys.

The only reason we keep turning our TV sets to Fox,
Is to watch our favorite indie gal, Crystal Bowersox.

Everybody else, we must say, is so utterly boring,
After Crystal sang we fell asleep and were snoring.

The only performance thus far to really wow and astound,
Was Larry Platt’s rendition of “Pants on the Ground.”

And because the season highlight is a pre-season lark,
We declare, American Idol, that you’ve jumped the shark.
-Betty's Poet Laureate-

summerr's take :

Just knowing Ellen Degeneres was coming on the show was enough to whet my appetite for this season of AI. I sat thru countless weeks of prelim auditions (just as you have), to finally get to Hollywood week where she made her debut. So has she fallen short of expectations? imo, a little. But I don't blame her entirely. A friend and I were discussing this (as we always do in the middle of the night) and we figured, Ellen just doesn't have enough airtime to be 'Ellen'. She seems 'restrained' and also imo, 'strained'. Maybe she's trying to be a credible judge (cracking jokes every two points does not a credible judge make), maybe she can see the producer doing the 'wrap it up' sign from the corner of her eye, maybe she's (highly unlikely but anything's possible) nervous. Whatever it is, Ellen on Idol isn't really ELLEN on Idol. I liked it better when she would critique performances on her lil single sofa on her show.

Still early days yet. Practice makes perfect, maybe she'll up her game at the Spectaculars.
8 girls will be singing their hearts out tonight ... my fingers are crossed for Didi. (I'm assuming Crystal, Lilly, Siobhan, Katelyn and Katie are shoo-ins.)

xoxo, s.
ps. Fyi, the term "jumped the shark" means a show has hit its high already and is now heading downhill.

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  1. AI9 has been #FAILing so hard. Overall, the live performances have been lackluster (borderlining painful-to-watch for the most part). I'm not gonna be watching it anymore. PS: Tim Urban needs to go.