Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Idol Top 12 tackles the Rolling Stones

Its Idol Day! Let's rock and roll!

We're back to the two-night sked for American Idol now as the real competition begins. Its the Spectaculars now and we're a mere 11 weeks away from crowning American Idol #9 (give or take a week or two if they pull stunts or do non-eliminations for an Idol Gives Back special).

Who's it gonna be - Casey, Andrew, Paige (ech!), Siobhan, Didi, Aaron, Lacey, Katie, Lee, Big Mike, Crystal or Tim?
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Controversies on the net abound that the 'worsters' are back in action, thus the reason why Paige (and not Lilly) and Tim (not Alex) are in the Top 12. The 'worsters' are apparently the people who are anti-Idol and vote to keep the worst performers in the running to win, thus making a farce of the show. Apparently they are the reason Taylor Hicks won (the first year the 'worsters' really made an impact on the show).

Well, hopefully the mass vote will out Paige early enough (her performance last week was the worst out of all the girls AND boys), and I'm sure Tim will follow suit somewhere mid-pack, due to his 6-pack. :) Click here to see Tim topless.

So who's poised to win this thing? Crystal - doubt it, but she'll go far. Who knows, maybe off-her-rocker Siobhan will win it? Too early to tell, personalities have yet to unfold enough.

I had the privilege of watching Adam Lambert perform live at the Pantages Theatre at Universal Studios last Friday evening, and I have to say, he definitely rocked it, with just a guitar and some simple percussions for accompaniment. He should have won. He owns every stage he steps on. His impeccable vocals and larger-than-life personality has superseded every contestant we've ever seen on Idol past and present.

Big shoes to fill for this year's hopefuls. As of right now, I can't see ANY of them stepping it up to come even close to Adam. I hope to be proven wrong.

Happy Idol-ing later tonight everyone! Its Rolling Stones night - wonder if anyone's gonna do the Mick Jagger lips. (To be honest I haven't a clue about their repertoire, so I'm gonna be watching his show 'blind'...better be entertaining....)

xoxo, s.

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