Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Tapings 2 More To Go...

Episodes 4 and 5 are smokin' hawt!
I'm a bit of a zombie now cos its been two straight late nights in a row of OMG! recordings. One more night tonight and we'll have Episodes 4, 5 and 6 in the can. I don't know how Judge FD does it - late night tapings (we have been wrapping at like 11.30pm), and then up again at 4am for his Morning Express show on Class95. He looked fresh as a daisy before last night's recording, I had bad hair and very dry eyes.

Anyway, this is just a quick update, cos I'm busy compilin' all the contenders/challengers info and pics so I can get 'em up for you by tomorrow - its OMG! Day tomorrow woot!

Ok, so here's what we can look forward to for Eps 4 and 5 ...
  1. Guest Judge Tay Ping Hui - *swoon* but also a great judge - he's very detailed
  2. Guest Judge Hossan Leong - he is so tiny but so big on the funny!
  3. Gurms and Michelle suan-ing TPH - don't know why they keep picking on him - its very funny.
  4. A very interesting, sexy, mysterious and exotic cross-cultural performance. As Judge B would say - 'nosebleed' type. And its not the Vertical Dancers!
  5. Some shocking decisions by the judges on who to put through and who not to. Wah I had jaw-drop moments last night man. I was like, "Judges..what the....???"

Thats quite a few reasons already...

Oh and one more - got a Mauritian guy joining the mix - take from it what you will - alls I say is - exotic much?

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow, I've got new Challenger profiles comin' up. And later this week, a chat with Ep4's Special Guest Judge Hossan Leong and hopefully *fingers crossed I get to interview him today*, my interview with Tay *Swoon* Ping Hui. LOL!

Catch you guys later!
xoxo, s.

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