Thursday, August 19, 2010

OMG! Episode 2 : Review

Gladiators...ARE YOU READY?

I just love the whole Challenger vs Contender thang. Don't you? Its so....American Gladiators. In a small way la. Ok, so there aren't any skimpy stretchy spandex costumes or giant-sized cotton buds (they're called Pugil sticks if anyone's interested to know), but I like seeing the newbies come in and point to the people on the podium and say things like, 'him, that short one, I want to challenge HIM!'

...and then they proceed to 'battle it out' on stage....
Ok, maybe my imagination is making it a tad dramatic. But OMG's show format is cool right?
After a very straightforward elimination on the first episode where everyone performed and judges just picked two to go home, this was a nice refreshing change.

Missed OMG! Episode 2? Watch it on xinmsn here.

Ok, on to the review of Ep2...
First off, I have to say the judges all looked really spiffy that night. The ladies were glowing and FD looked quite dapper. Michelle Chong's gold dress was also damn glam lor.

Secondly, kudos to the producers (and editors) for doing the backstage cam thing in between performances (didn't much like it 'during' though - a bit distracting). Thought the whole bit where Desert Roses were giving The King some luck (looked like they were feeling him up LOL!) was hilarious. It helped to break the possible monotony of back-to-back performances. It was also real cute how all the Contenders would band together and support each other 'against' the Challengers. Likewise, the four Challengers (especially the 3 boys), really banded together too. It was really two clear-cut camps - Contenders vs Challengers.

Challenger #1 : Vertical Dancers
Contender : The King
Why would a pair of Vertical Dancers choose to challenge Elvis? Well, a quick chat with all the Challengers beforehand revealed they all concluded that Elvis was the weakest Contender of the lot because they felt there was no real way he could up his game. Strategyyyy.....

What did the judges say?
The wonder women really took me by surprise. You know whenever the pole comes on, you get an idea that this is gonna be the nose bleed number, but what they showed us was a great display of athleticism. Elvis' performance was almost similar to what it was last time he performed.

Elvis, I was expecting something more. Vertical Dancers have changed my perception of what pole dancing is.

(To the vertical dancers) You gotta work on the costumes.

(To the vertical dancers) It was very entertaining. You are so incredibly fit you blew me away, perfect way to start the show!

Check out Judge Irene's profile here!

summerr says : I think The King did up his game a little. He changed up his outfit, looked more glam than he did last week, and whipped out those sunglasses. In my opinion he performed more confidently than he did the week before.

However, comparing a tribute artiste against a pair of pole dancers (this is said in a non-sleazy way), in terms of entertainment value, I'd have to go with ladies swinging up and down a pole (again, said in a non-sleazy, and very respectful manner). Watching them live was a lot more impressive than on tv, because on tv, they kept going back and forth between the performance and shots of the backstage area, The King and Judges' reactions. Imo, felt like we may have missed some awesome moves.

Oh and in response to Irene's comment about costumes, actually - the girls had a 'Wonder Woman' inspired outfit on, except that just before the show, one of their shorts had a malfunction, so they had to wear the simple black shorts instead. The original pair of shorts were blue with stars on them! Notice they have 'gold' cuffs on ala Wonder Woman? :)

RESULT : Vertical Dancers
Judges decided Elvis has gone as far as Elvis coulda gone in this competition.

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Challenger #2 : Zhai Jian
Contender : David Lin
Zhai Jian chose David because they both play instruments.

What did the Judges say?
I play the saxophone too and the soprano saxophone is one of the hardest instruments to play. (Jeanette truly has a lot of hidden talents hor - can dance and play sax..what else will we learn :)) You look calm, collected and savvy and I really loved the performance. David, its nice to hear your composition, you got the crowd going, so wow, its gonna be a tough decision.

Zhai Jian, your music was so soothing and comfortable, I felt so relaxed, I think I will fall asleep. David you still owe me a hug ...

*This comment kicks off a string hugs. David hugs each judge followed by Zhai Jian also getting into the act, prompting the hosts to comment on judge bribery. Most hilarious was David polishing FD's show! LOL!*

David, the tambourine was a bit distracting. Zhai Jian, you have taken saxmusic out of the elevator.

David, a hundred points to you for bringing your own song, you fought very hard. I would like both of you to stay on. What I want to see next time, is you guys really bring it on when you perform and reallly want to kick the other person's *bleeeeep*

Check out Judge FD's profile here!

summerr says :
I thought Zhai Jian was actually really good. I could close my eyes and it could have been a Kenny G CD playing. He was that good. But that was just it, I could've closed my eyes. David's song 'Into The Woods' about friends and mushroom soup (?) was fairly daring, its so folksy and niche, if the judges didn't like that kind of music, coulda been a turn off. The tambourine was a surprise and I liked that he showed he was capable of playing two instruments at a go (sort of). His performance was a little more interesting albeit less smoothly executed, but therein lies David's appeal. You want to root for him and see him improve. Plus he gives pretty good backstage soundbites.

RESULT : David Lin
Judges said it was a really tough decision to make, but they chose a performer who had room to grow. Because David succeeded in defending his spot on the podium, he has Immunity and cannot be challenged for the rest of the night and for Episode 3.

Challenger #3 : C-Murda
Chosen Contender : Jaiho!
Charles Lee says he chose Jaiho! because he's a dancer and so are they. Makes sense :)

What did the judges say?
Jaiho, bollywood is my fave dance form. Today you were the same as the last time you performed. I was expecting more.

I am not a huge popping fan but when I watched you there are only 3 words to describe you - Oh. My. God.

David came on and took on Goliath. It was inspiring. It was extraordinary.

C Murda thats something I could never do.

Check out Judge B's profile here!

summerr says : I think it was pretty obvious, C-Murda pretty much blew the competition outta the water. Although Jaiho's routine was energetic, it wasn't as inspired as C-Murda's moves. It was great to see something so different, and of a certain standard, on the show. It wasn't just a wannabe who 'thought' he could pop and lock, he really could. When I watched his routine in studio, I thought he could have had added in a bit more facial expressions to go with the music and moves. But watching it on tv, I think he did just fine. Am really looking forward to seeing what else he can do - his profile says he does Salsa as well.

RESULT : C-Murda
Beatrice on the result : "I think it was very clear, it was unanimous, David took down Goliath this week."

Challenger #4 : Syros
Chosen Contender : Desert Roses
Syros chose the girls because he says Magic is like Dance, they are both a form of art. Okaaaay. I gotta say, this guy seems really experienced, his answers on stage are like crafted for beauty pageants. I don't doubt he's sincere, it just seemed rather rehearsed - impressive but rehearsed.

What did the judges say?
Syros, I can tell you're very skilled, if you do get in, I would like to see more glam. Right now its like party tricks. Show us more glamourous , more stylish, more showmanship. Desert roses you took the judges comments from last week so well, and worked on it.

You gave us really good tricks, so I think you can do a lot more. Desert Roses, thank you for taking our advice, you had really good isolations today and great energy.

Syros you are a very confident performer. Desert Roses, I'm so glad you got rid of that candlebra, because once you got rid of the props, waaah! *B proceeds to shimmy in her seat!*

Desert Roses, today was really good, I really liked it.

Tay Ping Hui is the new Guest Judge on OMG! Read more ....

summerr says :
I think visually, Desert Roses' performance has more of an impact. They have colourful costumes and they used props (the capes) that were visually very engaging. Syros' tricks were impressive - I mean, how many people can slice celery with a flick of a card right? - but wasn't wow enough to trump the addictive beat of a belly dance. Perhaps if he had concentrated on ONE impressive trick instead of a variety of card tricks, it would have been more engaging.

RESULT : Desert Roses
Irene on the result : "For this show what we want is showmanship. Desert Roses took our comment seriously and they are hungry, we think they have a lot more coming."
This means Desert Roses has Immunity for Episode 3 and cannot be challenged.

So at the end of Episode 2, we have seen two successful challenges and two successful defends.

Congratulations to C-Murda and Vertical Dancers for earning a spot on the podium. And congratulations to David Lin and Desert Roses for successfully defending their places and earning Immunity.

Next Wednesday, we'll see four new Challengers on the show. Only six of the Contenders including newbies Vertical Dancers and C-Murda are eligible to be challenged - slim pickings for the Challengers - but I've seen 'em and they are good! New Challenger profiles comin' up on Monday so stay tuned to the blog.

In the meantime, have a great weekend, and if you're comin' for the recordings Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, see ya there - we can *swoon* at TayPingHui together haha!

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xoxo, s.

ps. Thought it was hilarious how David Lin (and the rest of the original Contenders) always supported the Contender blatantly with random reasons like, "I support The King because I don't like girls with muscles" and "I support Desert Roses because I like girls that shake".


  1. another good review! :D keep it up summerr! :)

  2. This is great. I grew up in Singapore, but I am no longer living there. This way I get to follow OMG from far away and support my friend David. Thank you and keep up the good work!