Saturday, August 14, 2010

OMG Contender : The King

"One For The Money, Two For The Show...."*
That pretty much sums up the motivation for Elvis tribute artiste Kamaraj Gopal, 39. He's known as 'The King' on the OMG! stage and the 'queen' of his world is his 12 year-old daughter Anisha Sonia. She's the main reason he's on the OMG! stage at all.

Why did you join OMG!?
For the $50,000. It would definitely be a big help to my daughter's medical care bills. She has cerebral palsy and is epileptic, so she needs medical care and she goes to the Rainbow School at Margaret Drive.

So how'd you become an Elvis tribute artiste?
Well, I've been listening to Elvis since I was 5. My favourite Elvis song has go to be 'Suspicious Minds'. Personally, I like the songs from the earlier part of Elvis' career.

If you get challenged, what will you be performing?
If I get challenged, I'll be singing 'Don't Be Cruel'. Its upbeat!

So what do you do when you're not Elvis?
In real life, I'm a freelance soccer coach and trainer for schools. I actually coach at 3 to 4 schools from Primary 3 to secondary school aged kids. Basically I coach the boys and girls who don't make it to the school soccer team but still have a keen interest in the game and want to keep training.

I also teach Physical Education (P.E.) and do enrichment courses like entrepreneurial skills and cyber wellness where I teach them how to take care of themselves on the internet. I'm a trainer with Master Reign, an enrichment group for kids and so we have lots of programmes from sports to arts.

How was it like performing on the OMG! stage?
It was okay, I'm performing for the first time without my 'sunglasses'. Producers suggested I go without. They also suggested the full outfit and big wig, so I'm hoping it all went well.

Catch Kamaraj "The King" on Episode 2 of One Moment Of Glory! next Wednesday at 8pm, only on Channel 5.

xoxo, s.

*for those of you who aren't old enough to know Elvis' catalogue, the line 'One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go cat go...' is from the song 'Blue Suede Shoes'. :)

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