Monday, August 2, 2010

OMG - How Does The Show Work?

OMG - The Mechanics.
One Moment Of Glory. But many moments of headache for me, trying to 1. follow the powerpoint I got about the way the show worked and 2. figuring out how to explain it here in the simplest way, shape and form.

OMG's stage has 8 podiums to be filled in each episode.

Phase 1 : Episode 1
10 contestants (or more like 10 acts), take the stage in the very first episode. By the end of the 90-minute episode, the four judges (FD, Irene, Jeanette and Beatrice), will whittle this number down to 8.

These 8, will henceforth be known as The Contenders.

Phase 2 : Episode 2 - 6

The previous week's 8 contenders will take to the podium at the start of the show.
Gurms and Michelle will then introduce 4 Challengers that they have never met before.

(remember in a previous post I said Challengers were hidden away in the Orchesta Pit?)

The Challengers will take to the stage individually and choose a Contender to challenge.

They will each perform, and once both performances are over, Judges will decide on the spot who gets to take the spot at the podium.

If a Contender manages to defend their spot on the podium, they earn Immunity for the night (ie they cannot be challenged again on the show) and for next week (they cannot be challenged on next week's show).

From Challenger to Contender
If a Challenger manages to win a spot on the podium, they become a Contender, but without immunity, so within the same episode, they are eligible to be challenged by another Challenger, and could possibly either lose their place or earn Immunity (if they manage to defend their spot when challenged).

Think you can do better?
So over this 5 week period, if you watch the show and think YOU can do better, wanna send an act that you think is 'lame' home, you can COME ON THE SHOW! Seriously! Just email producers at

Phase 3 : Episode 7 onwards...
By now, after being challenged for the last 5 weeks, we should be seeing the best 8 on the podium, the cream of the crop!

Its time to get busy, up the stakes and start eliminating people to select the winner of the $50,000!

So each week, the Contenders will battle it out against each other in 'Themed' challenges. I don't know how the theme part is gonna work, but already it sounds tough - how would you put a magician, a fire eater and a dog in a shared theme?

Wait, there's MORE!

1.'s where it gets tougher....each week, Gurms and Michelle will introduce ONE NEW CHALLENGER.

2. ...... and TWO will be eliminated each week.
That means, in Episode 7, the 8 Contenders + 1 Challenger will perform. And 2 out of these 9 performers will be eliminated.

Confusing? Waaait, there's EVEN more....

3. YOU get a say. That's right! Each week, who goes home will depend on both Judge's choice (50%) AND viewer's choice (50%), so your votes could sway the fate of your favourites!

Exciting right? I'm excited. So many questions - how will the whole 'thematic' thing work with such diverse talents? I, for one, would like to see a theme like "Freakshow" or "Circus" so the talents can push the boundaries and really go 'out there' - shock and impress us! Or a theme like "Gaga" or "Theatre". I'm sure producers will come up with something cool.

After watching the recordings of the first three episodes, I can safely say the show gets better and better as everyone settles into their roles and the format. Hopefully all this translates to tv and you'll all be entertained come 9th August.
Oh and speaking for format, here are some names that I heard were thrown up for the guest judging spot (yes, I know, Jeanette Aw can't be guest judge for the full season - bummer :((( she preeety!)
- Glenn Ong, Kumar, Kym Ng, Selena Tan (woot!), Mark Lee, Tay 'Just-Got-Married' Ping Hui and Patricia Mok. Personally, I can't wait to see Ping Hui judge, am wondering what he can bring to the panel - he's well-spoken, but I doubt he's done stand up. Maybe he can throw his voice? I definitely want to see Kumar and Selena Tan judge cos both entertain a lot, especially with live audiences.

If you could suggest a guest judge, who would you want on the show?
(I'd want to see Leticia or Barbarella be judge LOL! Or at least 'backstage' judge right? That would be such an awesome 'crossover'! Michelle Chong is in studio waaat, can't be that hard to organise right?)

One Moment Of Glory premieres NEXT WEEK, 9th August, right after The National Day Parade on Channel 5. Usual timeslot commences 18th August, Wednesdays, 8pm, on Channel 5.

xoxo, s.

ps. Cute 'Oscar Statuette' powerpoint slides courtesy of the Channel 5 Marketing team. Thank you!

pps. Sorry for the lapse in posts, this post was scheduled to be out yesterday (Sunday) but for some reason it didn't get published :P


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