Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OMG Quickie Update - After Ep 3

OMG! Challenger Got Challenged!
Well that's a first for OMG. Shortest ever podium stay. Musta been tough to have to whip out an extra performance at the drop of Jill Marie's hat. Sigh, Survival Rounds are cruel aren't they? Just two more Survival Rounds til we get to the next stage - Elimination rounds! Well, more on that tomorrow when I do my review.

In the meantime, congrats are in order to Zul Mystroe and Jill Marie Thomas for winning their challenges and earning themselves a podium spot. Double congrats to consummate entertainer Danny Koh for defending his podium place and earning himself immunity for next week's show.

Desert Roses and David Lin were immune tonight, but will they get challenged next week? Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Ok, on to some quick OMG! updates!

Episode 7 will be recorded on Monday, 20th September (and will air Wednesday, 22nd September). Tickets are available at 7pm at Mediacorp Reception on the day itself ie Monday, 20th September. So come come come! First round of the Elimination Stage - you definitely don't want to miss this!

2. Catch your OMG! Contenders in person at roadshows!

Channel 5 Roadshow @ AMK Hub
Sunday, 5th September, 2.30pm - 4.00pm
The 8 OMG! Contenders from Episode 5 will be there.

OMG! Roadshow
Sunday, 19th September, venue & timing tbc - just save the date!
The top 8 OMG! Contenders who've made it to the Elimination Rounds will be there!

3. Callin' all performers and entertainers and buskers!
Judges and Producers want YOU on the show - Chinese acrobats, any acrobats, cheerleading squads, ballroom dancers, jugglers, BMX bikers, skateboarders, plate twirlers, HDB Aunties who can sing opera....COME BLOW US AWAY!
Email (or just post a comment and your contact details here and I'll get you in touch with a producer!).

Still thinking? Don't. Just come.
Even if you don't win the prize money, think of the amount of exposure you're gonna get - you're on national tv for godsakes! 90 seconds of just YOU out there doing your thang - who knows what kind of jobs this gig will lead to right? Plus, its real fun backstage :)

Ok, am off to bed, review out tomorrow - g'nite y'all, hope you had a good time watching Ep 3. Such a pity BottleFlipz is out - they were one of my personal faves, its the Tom Cruise in Cocktail thing la.

xoxo, s.

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