Sunday, August 29, 2010

OMG! Show Taping on Monday 20th September

Save The Date! Monday, 20th September
Always wondered how a tv show is made? Wanna experience the show up close and personal? (ok, all yous out there who always come for recordings stop sniggering k! There are people out there who have never set foot in tv theatre k!)

Well, now's your chance, I had thought all the pre-recorded episodes were over and done with but nope, OMG!'s Episode 7 is now gonna be taped on Monday 20th September.

Just come to Mediacorp reception at 7pm on the 20th and pick up tickets from there. Then come on in and make yourselves comfy! Please pee before recording begins hor - its very distracting for the performers and producers to see people walking about during the show - and downright disrespectful too hello.

Want to be on camera?
Dying to be 'spotted' in the audience by friends and family watching at home (don't blarf, you know you love it when your niece or grandma points at the tv proudly and says "eh Gu Gu/Ah Boy that's you!")? Up your chances of being caught on cam by blatantly showing your support for your favourite contender! Bring banners/light sticks/posters/props! Anything that you can shake/wave/twirl/raise (not your top or any lingerie, please, we are a family show), will do.

Better yet, want to be ON the show?
Just bring your awesome talent and, in the words of HIMYM*'s Barney Stinson, your "awesomeness", and join the show as a Challenger. Email and BRING-IT!

Contenders Up Close & Personal @AMK Hub
Don't forget to catch the Contenders from this week's episode at the Channel 5 roadshow at AMK Hub next Sunday (5 September, 2.30 - 4pm). Its your chance to see them in person! Plus they'll also be showing off their talents on stage - fingers crossed if Danny gets through, he won't set off the sprinkler system at AMK Hub! LOL!

So erm, yes I have digressed .....

Save the date - Monday night, 20th September, come for OMG! Episode 7 recording. This episode will be aired just two days later on Wednesday, 22nd September, and is the first episode of the Elimination Rounds. Its the next stage - so you're in for a change of set, change of pace and who know what other changes! V. exciting I promise!

xoxo, s.

In the meantime, episode 4 is coming up this Wednesday, check out :
The Profiles of the 4 Challengers :

*HIMYM = How I Met Your Mother (how can you not know this? Barney is AWESOME!)

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