Wednesday, January 20, 2010

American Idol Episode 3 (Chicago) : Live Blog

Are you watching Ep3 of American Idol right now? So am I!
I'm watching the Channel 5 10.30pm telecast in Singapore. What about you? Add your comments below if you're watching too.

I've just watched Katelyn Epperly. The blondie who says she's got lots of problems at home sang a Duffy song. Not bad. She was heavily promoted at the end of last week's episode, but her audition was just so-so - creative promo editing truly works. Simon so obviously liked her. Not the best we've seen, but she looks like she could be Top 24 material.

And we're back from commercial break with a big girl who has a BIG CRUSH on Ryan Seacrest....and OMG she just collapsed! OMG a 'boob-flex' that was ...surreal. I wonder ifthe term 'boob-boxing' is going to catch on....hope not.

Oooh, I'm liking Charity Vance, just 16! Reminds me of Pixie Lott, in that she's unique and unconventional.

I have to say, Shania is a pretty good judge! Thank gawd! She's not afraid to voice her opinions, gives constructive criticism and doesn't look nervous, fidgety or stoned :)

Back from the break, we're now treated to the duds. Someone actually walked in with a crown thats higher than her hairsprayed hair. OMG there's a bride. Wth?

Next up is Angela Martin, who tried out in Season 7 and made it as far as Hollywood week but got cut there. This after flying out there just a week after her father was killed. Super sob story here. Plus it looks like she has a kid who needs special care. She's 28 but looks 20. Imo, her song choice was perfect to reflect her tough life, but her voice didn't blow me away. All four judges give her the greenlight, lets see if she can make it to the Top 24 this time.

Day 2 in Chicago its dud after dud after dud not worth mentioning. Aw man, this last one is whimpering as he walks out. Aiyo so chaaam. Sigh, crushed dreams are aplenty on AI...

oooh John Park. I likey. Token asian doin' good perhaps?
Woot! Lovin' John Park's voice, but he may just be crushed at Hollywood week. And Shania seems a little whip-happy with her shirt er strings. Again, best guest judge so far. :) And YES the Asian is through. Ooh and you know what I like even better, his friends are a mixed group :)

Ah, stay tuned for another sob story after the break...
Paige Dechausse, 21, almost died from an athsma attack when she was younger. Doctors said she only had a 40% chance of survival and even if she survived she would have brain damage. Well, she's alive and well and auditioning for Idol. Her singing was kinda boring actually, but I think her story moved Shania and Kara alot cos they manja-ed Randy into a 'yes' to get Paige to Hollywood. Hope she ups her game in Hollywood.

OMG Keith Semple reminds me of Keith Urban plus Bryan Adams. Nice.

And thats the end of tonight's hour of Idol. Tomorrow, we head to Orlando, and I think guest judge will be Kristin Chenoweth. (You may remember Kristin from her stint on the West Wing, but probably more from her offbeat tv series Pushing Daisies. This girl can sing, and if you've watched Glee, you'll remember her as Mr Schuester's old high school crush April Rhodes whom he recruits to join the Glee Club).

So was the Live Blogging something interesting for you? Or no big deal? Better if I did it at 6pm with StarWorld's first tx or would you prefer to just follow tweets and then a review later? Leave me your comments, would love to hear from ya.

Ok, so now that the show's over, here's some juicy American Idol gossip courtesy of
1. Taylor Swift looking to record 'Pants On The Ground' - seriously? LOL, can't wait to see this one happen. Here's the original pants on the ground - respect!

2. Simon Cowell to recruit Paula Abdul for his U.S. version of X Factor! - OMG. He is just diabolical. He's had it all planned right? I swear, its just so convenient its like he's got it all planned. He's already got great chemistry with Paula, viewers are comfortable (ok, this is subjective) watching them 'judge' together. Hats off to Simon man *cue applause*. According to, Simon's also wooing his UK XFactor co-judge Cheryl Cole (who is super hawt btw) to judge on the US version. Definitely hawter than Randy Jackson any day of the week, X-Factor is already generating so much pre-publicity, how can it not work?

3. SPOILER ALERT *avert your eyes if you don't wanna know*
Again, courtesy of (I swear this site is awesome, you guys should go there if you haven't already). Remember Skii-Bo-Ski from the Atlanta auditions? The guy who misspelled his own name on his jacket? Tsk. Anyway, apparently he got cut before he could arrive in Hollywood because he had a run in with the law :
"Skii Bo Ski who wowed the judges with his “Heard it through the Grapevine” rendition has been cut from Hollywood week due to his arrests for possession of marijuana and cocaine and intent to distribute. Apparently he was released from jail a week before he was to be in Hollywood and the producers got wind of the situation and had him cut. "
source :

Can't wait for tomorrow's Orlando auditions. The people there look hot (literally, like sweaty and stringy-haired/shiny-faced from the humidity) and raring to go, plus there was a quick shot of a guy in a lilac veil with makeup and were those diamante bling stickers on his face? And as usual, parting shots of someone bleeping his way out while being by security :) drama. I swear, I'm such a big fan of the seamless editing and obviously milked-to-the-bone-dry promos. See you tomorrow!

xoxo, s.

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