Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Idol Episode 4 (Orlando) : Live Blog

Orlando, Where Your Dreams Come True!
Welcome to American Idol episode 4, the Orlando auditions! I love how the show opens with DisneyWorld shots, cos really, thats what I think of when I think Orlando (apart from the heat and humidity).

Last night I said I thought I saw diamante stuck on someone's face. O.M.G. the guy has GLASS CIRCLES GLUED to his face on one side. Its the same shiny stuff thats on his scarf. Sorry that it didn't work out sista. At least he took the rejection gracefully...

Comin' up, producers promises stories and voices that will move us. Can't wait. Now to enjoy Glee trailers hehe. And...we're back! OMG Gargoyle! Chicken! Wth!

I am so lovin' Kristin Chenoweth! Her 'sister-act' with Kara is annoying the hell out of Simon :) LOL!

Ok, cue sob stories.
Story #1 : Guy with kid with autism. Aiyo that kid is SUPER cute! Oh no, he 'wants to go with Daddy!' (sounds like my son!). Whoa. This guy can sing. And you can tell he's singing from the heart. Great song choice Gershwin's 'Someone To Watch Over Me'. And of course he goes to Hollywood!

Back from the break, and the theme for Orlando seems to be about 'making dreams come true' ala Disney. Oooh another Jermaine and he's awesome good. I love his laidback style and confidence. Now THIS is the way 'Smile' should be sung. Very very sweet. And, he's off to Hollywood.

Sob story #2 : Shelby Dressel, the girl who's right side of the face is frozen.
From her speaking voice, she sounds like she's got a good voice. Awesome. She got 4 yeses. Her vocals were cool. She sang a Norah Jones song and she had a smokey quality to her voice. And you hardly even notice her 'disability' , just looks like her style of singing out of one side of her mouth. She's actually quite pretty. Hopefully she'll be able to get over her nerves and step it up a notch to survive Hollywood Week.

Back from the break, and Day 2 of the Orlando auditions begin. Aww, no Kristin (she had to head back to NYC) :( I really liked her.

OMG Beatboxer! Charlie are you watching this!
Jay Stone is cool...he beatboxes and sings too. I just have to say Charlie did it first! Did we just one-up the Americans? Cos according to Mr Stone, he's bringin' something new to the Idol stage - simultaneously singing and beatboxing (which is what Charlie did) - because Blake Lewis (the first beatboxer on Idol who made it to runner-up) never did that. Lucky for Jay Stone, Kara said yes and then rallied Randy for a yes too.

Next up are a coupla lovely girls with great singing voices. But the one that got me ROTFLMAO is the guy who did a split jump and SPLIT HIS PANTS....and...THAT got him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood! Good strategy boy!

Blonde/brunette sisters Bernadette and Amanda look very styled. Their teeth are so white. I want my teeth to be that white. Blondie Bernadette goes first and she's pretty good. Brunette Amanda goes next and to be honest she's not as good as big sister. Producers trailed earlier that Simon said yes to Bernadette and no to Amanda.....

Woot! Both girls go through thanks to Kara and Randy. Again, we've been bamboozled by creative editing - hah! love it!

This next guy in his plaid shirt looks like a nervous fidgety Eminem-wannabe? Singing a really painful (wait, can it be called singing?) version of Amazing Race, seems like a no-brainer to me, N.O. Sorry, Jarrod. And since he insists on not leaving, security had to intervene, out came the handcuffs! Thats gotta be a first on American Idol.

Back from the final break, we meet Matt Lawrence, the last sob story of the day. His hero to zero story was that he robbed a bank with a BBgun when he was 15, and spent four birthdays behind bars for larceny. He's hoping to redeem himself by going on American Idol to make his family proud.

Matt's song 'Trouble' seems pretty apt, and he's singing it with tons of heart. OMG, Simon said 'Brilliant'...twice! He said he was very 'impressed' and that it was 'authentic'. Randy said 'genuine'. Kara said 'One of the best'. Dark horse maybe?

And thats a wrap for tonight. Only 31 contestants made it through out of the tens of thousands that showed up at Orlando. Next week it's LA with guest judges Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne.

So how were this week's shows? Did you enjoy the Chicago and Orlando auditions? Spot any bright stars so far? Leave your comments below. The only two so far that have really stood out for me are the two Jermaines. I'm not a big country person, so those don't really move me, but there seem to be a fair bit of country crooners this season (in fact, more with each season since Carrie Underwood's win).

Anyway, show's over for now, do comment!
xoxo, s.


  1. just wanted to say,the guy with the plaid shirt sang 'Amazing Grace',not 'Amazing Race':P haha not being fussy or anything,just wanted to let you know..i'm not against you or anything:P

    and i do agree that Charles is the first one to sing and beatbox at the same time!there's something Singapore could be proud of!way to go Charles!:D

  2. LOL! thats hilarious! It must be my subconscious! I used to promote Amazing Race and did SO MANY press releases i probably naturally type that every time I think of anything 'Amazing' :)
    Don't worry dear, I welcome any criticism, I myself am usually a stickler for such silly misses! :) (my nickname was Ms Grammar School :P)