Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Night To Remember - Part Deux, Results Show late review!

Confetti + 2 MJs = Rockin' Results Show
Just a mere week ago tonight, we were picking up the scraps at the Indoor Stadium (no wait, 11.47pm last Sunday I was scarfing down bee hoon at the post show reception with Malaque, Nurul, Farhan, Izked and the rest).

Ok, wait, before I go any further, I wanna say sorry peeps for not doing this earlier - got so wrapped up in the whole aftermath (media backlash) and Celebrate 2010 stuff that I didn't review what was actually a great power-packed Results show! So come, sit back and let's reminisce together shall we?

So I shan't bother describing what was a pretty boring post-show party, lets rewind the night instead....

9.30pm, Sunday, 27th December 2009. Indoor Stadium.
We had just witnessed a super tight fight between Airi & SylSyl. Voting lines are open for another 45 minutes, and right now, its a half hour break before the Results Show comes back. But the lucky peeps here at Indoor don't have a chance to take a break. Stepping up to the mic to entertain us are Tabitha Nauser with 'Ain't Nobody', Faizal Isa with 'I'm Yours', Charles 'Stitch' Wong with his awesome beatboxing and last but not least, Hady Mirza with his latest Malay single, 'Angkasa' - delivered beautifully and flawlessly I must say! Here are the vids...

(this footage of Hady was recorded at rehearsals, cos I couldn't find any vids of the actual performance on Youtube. To watch more rehearsal footage, check out my Youtube channel here).

That was enough to make that lil half hour break feel like nothing :) Of course backstage was crazy la, wardrobe change, pee breaks, new hair (styles, not actual hair pffft!), then haul ass to stage left/right to prep.

10pm, We're back with the Results Show LIVE!
Shot and broadcast in HD (just like the performance show earlier on), the Idol Results Show opens with the 'Spectaculars Medley', featuring the following :
  • Smooth Criminal performed by Sezairi Sezali, Charles 'Stitch' Wong and Faizal Isa (for Spectacular #4 'A Tribute To Michael Jackson)
  • Chiggy Wiggy performed by Malaque Mahdaly, Farhan Shah and Nurul Huda (for Spectacular #3 'An Asian Feast')
  • Hey Mickey performed by Fathin Amira, Mae Sta, Justin Jap and Duane Ho (for Spectacular #6 'Mambo Mania')
  • When Love Takes Over performed by Tabitha Nauser, Sylvia Ratonel, and later joined by the rest of the Top 12 (possibly for Spectacular #1 Chart Toppers).

Every time I watched them perform this medley, I got goosebumps, especially during Tabby and Syl's duet 'When Love Takes Over'. Every time I watch that, I can imagine what the Finals would have been like had it been an all-girl affair - without taking anything away from Airi - it would have been pretty explosive...and super sexy! Our Diva showdown - imo, would be better than Fantasia vs Diana Degarmo (cos lets face it peeps, although those two had vocal chops, our girls are vocals PLUS eye candy and swagger!) .... in the words of Ning Baizura, ' another life, in another place...'

Not sure if you guys felt the same, but I felt 'Hey Mickey' was a bit of a waste of Mae's, Amira's, Justin's and Duane's talents (and a tad humiliating). Initially when I saw the choreo, I thought it was kinda cheesy but hey, its not too bad a song I guess. But when I saw what they had to wear, I was like...O...M....G.... I wish they would have picked a better song and dance (and wardrobe) for these four (but I must say, never once did any of them complain - such good sports!). There are so many great songs to choose from for a 'Mambo' theme... anyway, hope they've gotten over the trauma of wearing those yellow outfits! (I can just see someone commenting, 'producers made them wear yellow cos they secretly support Sylvia and want her to win!' - am I right? Haha, CAUGHT YOU, now that I've said it, this totally INvalidates that stupid lame-o thought, so don't bother posting -AUTO REJECT!)

After the medley, we were treated to a variety of gorgeous performances that I totally enjoyed. First up, Hady with his brand new self-written English single, 'I'll Never Leave Again'. Beautiful song, well written, and totally perfect for his great voice - loved it! Its such a great song, totally worthy to be played on radio stations around the world (and by that I mean US, UK, Australia and Europe! Sounds just as good as any of them angmoh singers wat right?) Backing him on guitars were Sezairi and Charlie.

This was followed by a great crowd-pleaser performance of 'Use Somebody' by the 'Idol Band' featuring the vocals of 'big brother' Hady Mirza with Sezairi, Charlie, Duane and MJ Kuok (everyone say woot!) I so absolutely loved that the producers brought him back for the finale. Eventhough it was just a few lines of song, we've all missed him and it was great to have him back as part of the Idol 'family'. It would have been better if producers had given him a little airtime to say 'hi'. I have no doubt many were wondering 'huh? is that MJ? whats he doing here? how? why? etc', woulda been nice if Gurms had said something about MJ's special appearance (after all, he did fly all the way back from the States just to perform :))

Next, we had the Idol Boyband, made up of Uncle Ken's worst nightmares put together - Season 2's Joakim Gomez & Paul Twohill with our very won Farhair & Faizal.

Uncle Ken, can't say the boys dint listen to you when you told them to go form a boyband right? Imo, they actually sounded pretty good! Watch...

The Paulkim/FarFai show was followed up by a sizzling hot Idol Diva performance....

The Divas were Season 2's resident powerhouses Nurul Maideen, Gayle Nerva and Mathilda D'Silva and our very own power princesses Tabitha Nauser and 'queen-diva-for-the-night' Sylvia Ratonel(li <-- can you believe the CNA host got her name wrong and made her 'Italian'? tsk, never do homework hahaha! Aiya, live show, people make mistakes, however, SylSyl doesnt hear the end of it from the Idol crew - 'Ratonelliiiii!') Anyway, I'm sidetracking...back to the Idol Divas, they are AWESOME. Sizzling number that had all the right hair flicks, neck twitches, finger wags and hip pops! Idol Divas FTW!

Speaking of divas, the next one up, was (no, IS) a major powerhouse to be reckoned with. No further introduction needed. The very sweet *and tiny!*, 17-year old, Charice Pempengco, performed her 'Bodyguard' medley (I Have Nothing/I Will Always Love You) and her first single, 'A Note To God'(written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster for her).
Watch (and be blown away!)....

Earlier in the day I managed to catch her during her rehearsal (click here to watch), and even then at 'half-power' she was awesome. I totally regret not 'stalking' her for an interview - saw later on on my youtube comments that she's really sweet and woulda 'talked' to me :) DAMMIT! Charice if by some freak-of-nature-chance you ever read this - you were bloodee awesome man!

After all that balladeering, we needed a change of pace....

....and who better to kick us into high gear than our very first Singapore Idol (and can I say, hunk much?) Taufik Batisah! Sporting a new hairstyle (and fresh from a very handsome shoot with Manja magazine whose cover he graced), Taufik performed his brand new, yet unreleased English single 'Addicted'. I am TOTALLY 'Addicted' to that song, and the dancing - so awesome lor. Kudos to the original SI for always keeping a few steps (and notches) ahead of the game and keeping us wanting more. A few nights ago, I dreamt it got 'mashed-up' with Cobra Starship's 'Good Girls Go Bad'..... OMG - Taufik + Leighton Meester 'remix' video for 'Addicted! HAWT!
(okaaay, almost 2am, getting ahead of myself there....sorry Fik!)
Watch 'Addicted'....

(can't believe I don't have any rehearsal footage - Min, if you're reading this, spare me one can?)

And now, after all those vids, you KNOW what we're up for right? Yep, the results. Gurms recaps performances, recaps Judges' comments, and makes us wait through a commercial break. What you don't see at home folks, is that while we went on that last commercial break, Gurms left the stage and Syl and Airi DID.NOT.MOVE.

Not an inch.

They were rooted to that spot for the whole 2 minutes and 30 seconds (maybe more). I can't imagine standing there, rooted for so long, waiting for the announcement that could change your life, with more than 8000 pairs of eyes looking at you, piling their hopes and dreams (and voting guilt) on you. Iz and I were stood by the stage, behind Airi and Syl, and they seriously looked like statues.

Here's what happened when we got back from the break. It went by in such a blur. I was holding my breath and at the same time chanting 'I Will Not Cry. I Will Not Cry. I Will Not Cry.' (already did when Airi sang TBAA mah! Anyway, check out the hand that 'points' to the 'winner' at 2:13 <-- HILARIOUS! Its like he knew!!!!)

This is Airi singing TBAA again through the confetti. I love these confetti blowers, it always adds to the surrealness of that 'winning moment'.

Want more pics/vids?
For tons more vids and pics, do check out my youtube channel (loads of behind-the-scenes footage here or rehearsals and random moments for you to relive the last 6 months of Idol!) and my twitpics (tons and tons of pics of the Idols taken over the last coupla months - enjoy!).

And in case you're still wondering what '2 MJs' meant - aiya, MJ tribute and MJ Kuok lor. Check out MJ's backstage interview here. See my previous post about Airi's win here and the media backlash as a result of that win.

Coupla random pics before I shut down and ZzzzZzz (Scarlett's first day back to school tomorrow and Mummy is still up at 4.13am!)

Pic #1 :
Our favourite personalities - Judges Dick, Flo and Ken.

Pic #2
Here's a collage (click to enlarge) of the people who help make the show seamless for those at the venue - the Hosts! Kudos to Gurms, Matt (who's been our Idol wubby from Day 1) and The Muttons from Official Idol Radio station 987M! Plus, our very own Mae Sta and Tabitha Nauser did AWESOME 'hosting' links for LIVE tv - they're naturals!

Pic #3
And last but not least, haha, a picture of that 'moment' that has sparked tons of rumours in idol-dom....are Airi and Syl in lurve? ;) *go figure that one out yourself*

xoxo, s.

ps. Look out for my next post on Tuesday/Wednesday about 'The Death of Singapore Idol'. Apparently its a topic so hot - its gonna be on BlogTV.

pps. Its Monday 4th January right now, our Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali will be enlisting in about 2 hours plus (I'm assuming calltime for these kinda army things is 7am?). Wishing you a painless and uneventful 2 weeks, and an even more painless, hurdle-less 5 weeks after that.


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  2. Hey Summerr,
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  3. Aw guys, thanks for the support, thank you so much, it really means so very much to me. And you can bet this blog won't stop!