Monday, January 18, 2010

Touched By An Angel - The Ch5 Montage

For all your Idol fans out there :)
Sorry peeps, I know its been a while but I've been struck down by a really bad case of koff and a nose I can't catch. Anyhooo...

This has been airing on Channel 5, but we can't be waiting all hours just to catch it right? So I dropped a note to a very special intern at Ch5 and lo and behold, here it is, less than 12 hours later - thank you JameseyJames :)

Hope to be up and raring either today/tomorrow. But this vid was too good not to post...
miss Idol, miss the Idols, miss YOU guys tons.

xoxo, s.

ps. Oh and here's the previously 'blurred out' pic taken of Airi n SylSyl hamming it up at rehearsals for the finale. Unreleased til now heheh, and for the last time, they are not dating ;) they just good actors! Love this pic right? Can you feeel the chemistry? LOL!


  1. hey summerr, always been curious about the bead bracelet that airi always wears. its not religious right? any significance? never seen him without it

  2. ahhhhhh, still gives me the chills when listening to this song :)

  3. hi anon, no idea. will check and let you know. but i doubt its religious. probably means something to him personally. he's at camp, so will ask him over the weekend when he gets out k? chill.

    ain_k...i KNOW rite!!!

  4. okay thanks summerr

  5. summerr have you asked airi yet?

  6. Hi hi, yes I have actually, sorry haven't been online for a while (totally forgot how exhausting settling a child into preschool can be!), and anyway, the answer to your query abt the bracelet is :
    Airi borrowed that bracelet from a friend at the start of the season and wore it for the show. He kept wearing it every episode because he was convinced that if he took it off he would get eliminated. So to answer your question, no its not a religious thing.