Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post New Year's Day...


Good morning peeps!
Its the 2nd day of 2010 and lemmetellya, Idol withdrawal was at its peak yesterday. I had no idea I could miss a bunch of people so much, and its not just the Idols I miss, can you believe I actually miss @siproducer (all of them!) and I even miss emails - the long ones detailing the crazy-packed schedules and excel spreadsheets with song details!

Previously, after Season 1, I was so inundated with post-show publicity work (and handing paperwork and artiste over to Hype) that I had no time to really to go into withdrawal. Plus, I got to work with a few of them again on Shooting Stars (that was a weird time). Maybe one day I shall dig into my archives (if my comp will let me) and I'll post up all those Season 1 behind-the-scenes pics! muahahahha, Idol Season 1 Alum beware - I have truckloads on you guys! (they're probably praying my Dell will just konk out or be virus-infected. To be honest, I think its probably the latter, cos I haven't been able to open my archived stuff for years, I'm not even sure if its still in one piece.)

Last night, I dropped by Airi's post-Idol, pre-NS party, thrown by his closest friends. They invited everyone from Top 24 over, not sure who went and who didn't, cos by the time I arrived (at like 12midnight, cos I'm always fashionably late like that - those who follow my tweets will know the REAL reason why I arrived past midnight LOL!), only JonJon and his cute bro Gabriel were left from the Idol-family. The rest were Airi's friends, all musicians.

Never would I have imagined an old industrial building's rooftop would house a studio. The atmosphere was laidback cool and it was clear Airi was at his most comfortable, surrounded by his closest and dearest and of
I didn't stay long, maybe an hour? Spent most of it just staring (and enjoying) the amazing drummanship (is that even a word?) of Airi's drummer friend who owns the studio, a guy named Riduan Zailani. OMG his hands move super fast. Two words - awesome lor.

Before I left, I had a quick chat with Airi and got updated on his 'album'. He met with Universal Music the other day and it went well. He's looking at possibly a May 2010 release for his album, and its possible that they'll take the singer-songwriter route (which means Airi originals on the album I hope!). So fingers crossed things go smoothly on that front and we'll get an awesome album to buy in May. If there's a pre-order form, you can be sure many will be filling it in - including me!

This morning I woke and Idol withdrawal was still with me, but I was super excited because I suddenly thought of a 'name' for an upcoming project with Izked. IskanDar + TraCy = DarCy. LOL, what do you guys think, 'Project DarCy'! Ok, so its a bit nondescript, but anyway it made ME excited. It probably won't be the final name, but hey, working name can? Our plan is to start a blog that will be co-authored by us both, to follow up with the Top 12 from here on in. More deets to come k?

Ok, shall leave you with some pics from backstage at Celebrate 2010, taken by @izked. All pics belong to @izked, taken from his fb album. Thanks dude - waiting to read your 'thankyou note/last blog entry'.... my tissuebox is on standby.

This is a pic of one of the interns who worked Idol, Clara. Clara dear, sorry I left your name out on the previous post, thank you Clara for always bein' so helpful! Am gonna miss your lil voice and er, interesting insights :)

Iz, our passes! Eh, just realised, I had to return my F1 Rocks one to Eugene! How about timeshare? Just kidding!

xoxo, s.

ps. Ms Tabitha Nauser, if you're reading this, know that I have been craving bubble tea since that day I saw you with one. And I haven't gotten a cup yet. :(

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  1. awwww! i'll sure miss them!! haha! hope you stay in touch with them and share any exciting news with us. -news that can be shared that is. :D
    stay rockinggg!! ;)