Friday, January 1, 2010

Idol Resolutions - The Videos & a bit more...

HAPPY 2010 everyone!
Here are your Top 12 Finalists' New Year resolutions!
These were recorded backstage at rehearsals for Celebrate 2010, held at The Float@Marina Bay. Its 2am right now, so the dance party should still be goin' on for another hour more! I wonder if the Idols are at the airport sending Justin off?

Oh, and apologies, I do not have 'resolutions' videos for Justin and Nurul. Justin cos he wasn't around, and Nurul, cos I ran out of time, but I did manage to interview her. Anyway, without further ado....



What are his plans for 2010?
As blonde as this prawn-lover is...did I tell you guys that Farhan thought Taiwan was part of Korea? Something to do with Kimchi being available in Taiwan. Sigh. He was pretty shocked to learn that they are indeed se-pa-rate countries. Farhan Farhan....sigh. Still love ya though!
Anywaaaaay, Farhan has tons happening for him in 2010.
1. He's singin' with Tabby at RP's Open House next week (7th or 10th Jan?)
2. He's got some gigs with heregoesnothing! planned. AND, they will be releasing their very first EP this year, if you were at the Celebrate 2010 preshow, you would have heard their first single 'Make It Real'.
3. He'll be forming a boyband with Faizal. Now that I think about it, it shouldn't be called a 'boyband' it should be a 'duo' since there's only two of them. They plan to name it 'F-squared' (I couldn't put a small '2' in, so had to type it out), and btw, yours truly came up with that name sorta. I suggested F2, then we all went 'OMG F-Squared!'. Cool not?
They'll be doing covers on Youtube for a while to get things going. Thereafter they will focus on writing original material. The feel of their music is gonna be like 3-Oh-3..... but cleaner :) (Rated 'G' LOL!)

Tabby & Charlie

What are Tabby's plans for 2010?
Tabby hasn't got any super big hidden recording contract offers goin' on right now. She's hoping to get such offers - so people, if you loved her and would love to invest in her career - get in touch with her now!
In the meantime, she's heading back to school - Republic Poly. Catch her at Republic Poly's Open house on 7th or 10th Jan (someone confirm the date please?). She'll be singing a duet with Farhan Shah! Yes folks, adding more fuel to the rumour-mill fire :) The song they'll be singing is Chris Brown's 'Forever'.

What are Charlie's plans for 2010?
Charles wants to do an album, but it won't be that soon. Right now he's actually looking at going to schools to teach beatboxing! This hip hop trend has been gaining awareness this past year and there's a lot of demand for classes, so since Charlie's one of the pioneer beatboxers in Singapore, he's much sought after for classes.
He'll still continue to sing at pubs and cafes. His permanent gig is at Hong Kong cafe where he belts out a mix of English and Chinese songs, but now he also hopes to add DXO to that list to sing more of his accoustic English covers. I love hearing Charles sing with his guitar, must go and catch him gigging one of these days!


What are his plans for 2010?
Our Mr Pussycat Doll says he's got a coupla gigs lined up and charity events too. And he's also hoping for more to come his way. Keep tabs on Duane on his tumblr, fanpage and twitter.

I don't have a vid of him and I'm soooo missing Justin Jap right now! Will send him a tweet to get him to record a message about resolutions for us all once he touches down in San Francisco.
He's off to the U.S. to hit the books and be my family doctor in about 6 years time. :) For updates on Justin, you can check out his vids on youtube, or go to his blog.


What are her plans for 2010?
Already booked solid for performances with her show choir, you can catch Amira next at The Esplanade, performing with them, on Jan 19th and 20th! They'll be performing seven songs in all, Seasons of Love (from Rent! Love this song!), Bohemian Rhapsody (we all know this one!), two numbers from Grease and three numbers in tribute to Michael Jackson (Black Or White, Man In The Mirror and I'll Be There). She's also got a ton of school performances lined up :) Amira's our resident busy bee!


What are his plans for 2010?
Faizal Monster says he hasn't got anything concrete planned for 2010 musically, but is looking forward to forming a boyband with fellow Idol Top12 Farhan Shah. Looks like he's heeding Uncle Ken's advice? Anyway, they'll be working together on their first single. He's very excited about performing at an event by Selebriti magazine this February (they put our Idols on their cover a few months back).
But the big news for Faizal will be the debut of his acting career! Suria's production people (Eaglevision) called, and they want him to be a part of an upcoming drama series that also features heartthrobs Syarif from Sleeq and ex-Idol contestant Haizad Imran (the hawt hawt male nurse from Season 1's Top 30, tell me you remember him!). The drama apparently centres around a guy who is liked by, count 'em, FIVE girls. Guess who's playin' the guy? ;) I think a new Suria heartthrob is about to be born.
Filming commences January to March, and hopefully the series will air late March or early April. Fingers crossed it all happens - you know how it is in entertainment, change is the only constant! Hope to hear more of this exciting project!

What are her plans for 2010?
Like Faizal, she hasn't got anything planned. But I wouldn't be surprised if Suria gave her a call too - the girl is a natural actress (and she's got good comedic timing too!)
Right now, she's working on a new single for herself, its self-written but still untitled. She's planning to have a showcase at The Esplanade in August 2010, so she'll be aiming to do 5-6 English songs and 2 Malay songs for that performance. Can't wait to be there, am marking it on my calendar now.

Mae & Michael Sta

What are her plans for 2010?
Mae's got a couple of tracks, 6 actually, that she's already put together. So she's looking to put them out there for sale online - probably on iTunes and the Nokia store. She just wants to get her music out there.
Other than that, she's in the midst of writing a song about the Idol journey thats meant to be a duet for herself and Tabby (yay!).
Plus, she'll most likely be doing an accoustic set for Power98, but the dates for that aren't confirmed - let us know when Mae, it'll be awesome to hear you sing LIVE on radio!

Malaque & Sylvia

What are Malaque's plans for 2010?
She's still gonna sing when she can, but at the moment, she's headed back to culinary school to finish her course. After that, she's hoping to sing and cook on tv, possibly on the Asian Food Channel. Any takers?
Oh and I haven't told you guys, Malaque was(IS) the sweetest person, she actually cooked pasta for the Idols and crew for dinner on Christmas Day! How sweet is that? And the pasta was AWESOME. It was a tagliatelle tossed in olive oil with mushrooms and garlic and, I dunno what else cos it was so delicious I didn't pay any attention! AND she brought out the piece-de-resistance - this super hawt chilli padi/garlic/oil concoction <--super spicy and wicked delicious! I was deliriously numb from the chilli. I'm sorry I don't have pics cos I was busy eating. I swear if I had been just a minute later, I wouldn't have had any to eat - it was so good everyone was racing for seconds. Malaque actually 'jaga-ed' the tray so I could have at least one plate, again, sweetest girl right?! Someone hire her for tv cooking/singing show NOW!

What are Sylvia's plans for 2010?
At this point in time, SylSyl is just holding out for a recording contract to come her way. Uncle Ken are you hearing this? Record labels in Singapore - hello? Don't wait anymore la, someone snap her up already!
But seriously, she's hoping to record an album :)

Your Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali

What are his plans for 2010?
Last year (2008), Airi's resolution was to have an album. It may be a few months late, but he's DEFINITELY gonna have an album! Slated for a May release, his single is already out there makin' the rounds on radio. 'Touched By An Angel' is such a beautiful song, what a great way to kick off the new year.
What else does Airi have planned for 2010? - N.S.

Ok thats all I've got from the idols for this year :)
I sincerely hope you'll stay with me and this blog despite Idol bein' over.
MY resolution is to keep this blog going and provide frequent updates on your Idol favourites. First order of business, tv show reviews..... first two shows on my review list - Cougar Town (premieres on Ch5 this Monday - can't wait - its Courteney Cox) and Glee (I've watched the entire season of Glee on mio TV, but I feel the need to talk about it - its just THAT good!). Not to forget American Idol Season 9 premieres in just TWO WEEKS folks! Victoria Beckham, Katy Perry and Ellen Degeneres as judges - need I say more? Oh wait, and Gossip Girl too, in anticipation of its return in March, we should do it justice and do a look back at whats been happening to Bluck (ok, ppl call it 'Chair', but don't you think 'Bluck' is just so much more scandalous than 'Chair'?), Serena, Lonely Boy and the awfulness of Tyra's guest role? (man, what happened to that one?). SO many tv shows, so little time!

Happy newFont size year everyone, time for me to catch some Zzzzzsss....
It is now 2.15am on 1st January 2010. I'm takin' the day off today, so no more updates for 1st Jan, but do look out for an update from me and Izked - we got some plans we think you may be interested in ;)

xoxo, s.

ps. bonus Idol lovin' video....I will always remember this hug and the energy and love these people (who were mere strangers to each other just months before) had for each other. Thank you guys for a brilliant season!


  1. ahahha why got sausage? wanna share the joke? ;)

  2. LOL, I dunno how it happened, all I know is that if someone yells sausage, you're supposed to SLEEP! LOL! of maybe its 'DIE'!

  3. Did you have to pay for Glee? :D

  4. I can't wait for American Idol! Hopefully you'll do a review of each episode..I always enjoy a good critique, and since this time you won't know any of them personally, you can afford to not be so nice! hahah..

    Thanks for all your updates in 2009! And looking forward to more in 2010 and all the way to perhaps Singapore Idol 4? Hahah I can keep hoping can I..

  5. SUMMERR, any idea why can't I load the vid on Syl and Malaque? The rest can but only this.. I really wanna watch it.. =(

  6. to M nasri :
    LOL! 'can afford to be not so nice' ... maybe less hate more love? boring hor. Ok, shall endeavour to be constructive and not acidic for no reason!
    And yea for SURE i will be reviewing AI as it happens!

    to anon above :
    No idea :( i have watched it and tested a few times, also tried it out on the husband's laptop and it works, maybe try another PC if you have access? like on a friend's PC?

  7. Hey Tracy, can I point out that the RP Open House runs from 7th to 9th Jan (same goes for the other 4 polys)? 10th Jan is a Sunday lah... means that Farhan's appearance with his band at RP will be on 7th Jan, Thurs afternoon... but not sure what time exactly.

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