Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Idol Day!*summerr takes a break*

Its IDOL DAY folks!
While you're reading this, I'm probably mid air over some ocean heading to Hong Kong. I'm taking a short one week break with the kiddies Disney-style and will be back by Idol Day next week! I'm so gonna miss blogging and tweeting, and I do hope you'll come back next week and watch/review American Idol with me!

I shall leave you with this lovely song, done Idol-style from Celebrate 2010.

Don't forget to watch blogtv tomorrow night at 930pm on CNA or at 915pm on to catch Sylvia Ratonel, Uncle Ken and Izked on the show. Tell me all about it on twitter k!

much love and wheeeeeeee I'm off to see Mickey!
xoxo, s.

ps. Where possible I'll try to log in, but in the meantime, do try to keep it clean here on the blog k? Self-moderate a little please.

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  1. have a safe and fun trip to hongkong ! and i'll sure to follow your American Idol review ;D tracyyyyyyyyyyy (: