Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Singapore Idol Updates

Quickie Update on our own Idols...
Am camped outside my son's class, he's 2 and a half by the way, in case you think I'm at some primary school. And no I'm not leeching off their internet .....I have a dongle. (@tabithagizelle and @duaneho, one day I will get a BERSCHKAdongle! Note to self, must write to Berschka and ask them to sell dongles)

Update #1a :
Amira's performing at Esplanade today (19th Jan) and tomorrow (20th Jan) with her show choir.

Update #1b :
Farhan and his band heregoesnoth!ng will also be performing at the Esplanade. Check them out at Esplanade Concourse, Thursday (21st Jan) and Friday (22nd Jan), 7.00pm to 8.45pm.

Update #2 :
Sylvia's performing this weekend at Iluma Bugis. Saturday & Sunday (23rd/24th Jan) at 5pm for the launch of Motorola's new phone. Check her out!

Update #3 :
Singapore Idol Airi met up with music execs from Universal over the weekend when he booked out from camp and alls goin' well. From what I hear, they're still on track for an April/May album launch - so yippeeee! As we already know, Airi submitted like 10 songs to Universal to consider for the album, word is, they likey some. So the album will be a mix of his own stuff and some new stuff they'll be recording with him! I'm excited, are you?

And now, for some Idol video updates!
Video #1
Check out our boys Faizal and Duane.
This is Jay Sean's 'Down'. Love the harmonies.

Video #2
This is their second vid together ;) and a little more 'produced' haha. Good job boys. I like the whole vid. Very cute! I'm surprised you guys didn't do the 'elevator' trick...
Enjoy (cos I did :))

Don't you just love 'em? So cute la. Duane boy, love your voice in this one :)

Video #3
This one's been on Youtube for a while now. Justin recorded this at one of the sessions at Ann Hussein's place. I had no idea it was recording sound, and I think neither did Izked. You can hear him talking and me laughing on and off, we were right next to these crazy people. Aaah I miss those days!

Photo updates
(courtesy of @izked's tweetphotos and FannaOsman's FBpics)
Just on Sunday, our very own blonde prawn-lover Farhan Shah threw a fan bash for his fabulous fans. I dropped by unglamourously early, was told it was 4pm, so I strolled in at 4.30pm thinking I'd be fashionably late, only to be told, 'eh supposed to be 6pm la' *Fail*. Oh and get this, I was also told it was a belated bday party, wahlao, I musta been the only one toting a pressie and a card. No matter, Farhair, you likey rrriiiight??

Thanks to the lovely @FANNAosman for sharing her pics with me (and everyone reading this too! btw I had no idea what your pretty friend's name is thus the nick Pretty Young Thing (PYT). :))

Idol Day tomorrow wheeeeeeeeee!

xoxo, s.

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  1. since she started using that motorola phone Sylvia has been tweeting from motoBLUR. quite appropriate. if you know what I mean;)