Friday, July 30, 2010

OMG!'s New Trailer & Press Ad

Lookin' good.

Now that the hosts and judges have been unmasked, I've been told a slew of new on-air trailers and press ads will be released, obviously featuring their faces ;) how nice.

Check out the first trailer here, it features hosts Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong. By the way, if it doesn't load up, go to the OMG Facebook page to watch. This is the first time I'm using the 'embed' function from FB, so fingers crossed it works all the time.

I have to admit I wasn't sure whether to expect a straightforward trailer or a comedic one, considering the fact that Gurms and Michelle are both hilarious naturally and in the many characters they play on tv.

In fact, on the first day I met them, I asked them to come up with another meaning for OMG and they came up with OMG = The 'Only Michelle & Gurmit' Show. Farnee right? Michelle even said, "They tell me this isn't a comedy show, but look at the line-up, you have Irene and FD, and Gurmit and me, and they say its not comedy? Sure not?"

Well, from the way the recordings went for the first few eps, having these seasoned comedians who are quick witted and can think on their feet certainly makes for good show banter, and keeps the energy level of the show up. (In addition to being able to hold their own against the sometimes rude hecklers in the audience).

IMO, although the show is mainly about the talent, it is also about the way the judges and hosts carry the show - you want to see if your judgement tallies (or not) with theirs. I mean, admit it, we're all couch potato judges at heart right?

xoxo, s.

ps. next post will be about the format, sorry, HAD to share the vid and press ad cos they look so glossy!


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