Thursday, December 31, 2009

(Un)Crowning Idol by the Media

A 'deserving' win?
That pretty much sums up what most of the local papers (and even online news links) had to say with regards to Sezairi's Idol win. What SHOULD have been a moment of triumph raised more eyebrows and question marks than pats on the back. That's just so sad.

I didn't comment on it before because 1. I thought it would resolve itself and someone would stand up for Airi's win, and 2. I know where I stand when it comes to Airi's win, I don't think it needs to be justified or proven correct - professional auditing says it all. Oh, and also, I've seen Izked's emotional post about this debacle and he's said pretty much all there needs to be said about it.

I decided to do this post to highlight an article that came out in yesterday's Berita Harian, written by Hanim Mohd Saleh, entitled 'Apa salah Sezairi menang?' (What's wrong with Airi winning?). Hanim is a great writer, witty too, and imo, I think Straits Times should carry a translation of her article.

It basically raises the issue of just discrediting Airi simply because he's a Malay Boy. Two things he can't help but be. What irks me is that people can't seem to see past those two superficial traits with which he shares with Taufik and Hady. If you spare a moment to get past that racial slur, you'll see that each of the 3 idols are very different artistes.

The worst part of all this 'Idol-hate' is that those making the most negative comments or complaints either didn't vote or didn't vote enough. You could say that you don't have the cash to splash. I just wanna say, d'you think Airi's voters are flash? His devout fans were perhaps more united in their efforts to vote collectively. But on top of those devout fans, are those who probably watched the show and decided to cast their vote for him too - as Uncle Ken said, Airi did perform better that night.

The votes don't lie. He is clearly Singapore's choice. But because the newspapers are widely read, the impression is that every person and their neighbour doesn't think he deserves it, just turns a great win (especially after what I think was probably a really close fight) into something people don't seem to be proud of.

Airi and I spoke about the backlash a few nights ago. After all thats said and done, he told me he's just gonna 'hold his head up high and walk into the storm'. To which I replied, 'because its calm in the centre of the tornado right?'. I had hit the nail on its head.

To Airi, I hope you get to that centre soon. You deserved this win lor...
Much love, xoxo, s.

ps. Peeps, if you feel the same, lets give Airi some love & support right here on this page - add your comments below k! Sylvia lovin' also very much welcome - heck ANY IDOL LOVIN' is so very very welcome!


  1. Agreed ! For my point of view, Sezairi deserve to win. No qns asked. But it was a close fight though and i though that it didnt matter who won that night. Airi did perform better den Sylvia on the finale and i tink he deserves the credit. After what THE NEWPAPER had to say im really disapointed as they didnt congretulate him but more to critising him. Kudos to Berita Harian for clearing things up. Lastly, congretz to Airi for deservingly winning the idol.

  2. its scary to think how the media sees this as a way to create tension. its not just idol but it could simply be a start to something bigger. a racial tension. i was at carrefour yesterday when a girl no less than 8 told me that the only reason why sezairi won is because of all the malay supporters.she wasn't malay. iM appalled yet amazed that a young girl has so much to talk about other than ponies and toys but its scary to think that shes going to grow up with a racial prejudice.. unbelievable.

  3. YEAHHHH! Sezairi is amazing. Singapore should not be like 'WHAT! ANOTHER MALE MALAY IDOL?!' This just shows that those Singaporeans just want a female idol or a chinese idol. but what the heck, all the idols deserve the singaporeidol spot because they all all so great thats why they get to make it to top 12. Singapore should just be happy that they have such a true talented singaporean in singapore and they should be proud of sezairi! SEZAIRI TRUELY DESERVE IT!

  4. Sezairi! You're too cool. Despite everyone saying that they want Sylvia to win and are voting for her, you put up the best fight ever in the Finale and emerged victorious! Well deserved win dude. You EARNED it. Go make the best of your win so that people who condemn it will realise that they're wrong. Don't take all their shit. It's just virtual insanity. Teehee. Rockon yeah. Gotta have faith!

    Luv, SM

  5. I couldn't agree with you more Tracy. Sezairi and Sylvia are two unique individuals and they're both deserving of the title but since this is a competition, there's got to be a winner. And since it's voter's choice it'll only be fair to say that the voters haven't voted enough to get Sylvia through. I voted for Sylvia and though she didn't win the competition, she is already a winner, her performances that night gave me goosebumps, she was THAT awesome:)

  6. Sezairi definitely deserved that win!!!Sylvia is equally good but maybe its just not the time for a female singapore idol. That night, both of them were good but its just that Sezairi was better. The media has no right to pull him down just because he is what he is. Its not his fault.The Malay community is such a minority that even if every Malay voted 100 times, Sylvia would still win.Putting that aside, Sezairi deserved to be the Singapore Idol because he worked hard and earned it!!!

  7. i couldn't agree more too((:
    its up to the fans who they want to crown and most of the votes goes to airi because he deserves it. and aparently, the people who aren't happy with the public's choice, it just shows that they didnt vote enough. so blame themselves. not others.

  8. Hi i beg to differ and i'm not being racist. the whole race card thing is really getting old and to this age and time, if anyone were to come up with racist slurs.. they really arent current.

    so what i wanna say is that.. if it were 3 chinese girls who won idol, the reaction would have been the same. will we be racist to say that "3 consecutive winners are chinese girls"?

    also, dont blame the public for feeling this way. they barely even know whats going on, they probably must have caught the wave that "this year, a girl will win" from all the promotions and marketing from mediacorp. so thus, the sezairi hate.

    and i must also beg to differ that it is racist of a young girl to speak facts. it is through that sezairi DID get a lot of malay votes. what is so untrue about that? he should be proud of that and we should learn to face that fact. True enough, malays are a minority(not as minority as the indians though) but they have a STRONG sense of community. so abang or not, they will always lend a helping hand to their fellow abangs. I think experience will tell us that what i said is true.

    To summer, please do not block this entry of fact, thanks. love you.

  9. hey there . i so think Sezairi deserved that win . He won it fair&square . The media made Singapore sound so racist but i know that it's not so why this ? Its already the end of Idol Journey and come on , why cant people accept that Sezairi won ? We were given a chance to vote & the voters chose Sezairi .
    To me , Sylvia & Sezairi are both winners . They sang so good that night , i was hoping there could be two Idols (:

    Love , SezairiFan ;D

  10. It's really pity seeing Sezairi gets tons of critics from people , even the media ! I mean c'mon , he can't even be happy for a moment after his winning and like what bh wrote , what's wrong with his winning ? He deserves it realy after watching his Awesome performance that night !

    Stay strong yeah Sezairi ! I know you can handle this bullshits like a man , we all know you can ! We'll forever and ever support you , our Singapore Idol ! :D

  11. whatever it is, he won. deal with it.

  12. to everyone mainly deb : " it is true that sezairi DID get a lot of malay votes. what is so untrue about that?" has it been officially confirmed that sezairi DID win because of all the malay votes. yeh he is malay hence malays WILL vote for him? whats all that? that in itself is a racial prejudice. i think we should just hold hands and sing auld lang syne.. seriously just smile and laugh at all this nonsense.

  13. I pity Sezairi alot .
    He was suppose to enjoy this moment bt he have to deal with this problem .
    I wonder how he endure it ..
    Bt its ok , he will go far .
    We knw he can ..

  14. omg summerr, ur post said exactly the same things i said to my friend.

    so what if sezairi won cos of malay votes? at least they voted someone deserving!! in this instance, i'm so glad the malay community (and the rest of his fans, of course) banded together for sezairi!

    i confess, i'm not that avid a fan of singapore idol in the sense that i don't vote week after week (mainly cos im very kiam siap and i watch the show for entertainment value only), but i've always thought airi was good since day one.. but as i walked into the indoor stadium on sunday, i was rooting for sylvia, only because i wanted to see a female singapore idol for once (and yeah lah her singing is good also what. tho i prefer tabby. hurhur). i was even prepared to vote for her. but as i watched the show, airi's performance not only impressed me, but his version of Touched By An Angel moved me and was very inspiring, and i eventually walked away from the indoor stadium very, very, VERY happy that airi won.

    and if there is any doubt, no i'm not a malay, im a chinese female, but i'm very pleased with the way singapore voted. and i think, all the negative chaos and backlash, is just pure nonsense.

    way to go, airi! waiting for your album! =) keeping ur head high and taking it in ur stride is good. =D we know you are a deserving winner so just ignore the bad press. the public will find something else to pick on soon enough. =)

    p/s: i have no idea WHY there is so much press abt this when there was NOTHING much abt SI the entire season. zzzzz.

  15. Well said Tracy! Yeah, such a pity that Sezairi didn't get the recognition for being the third Sg idol. And all the racist remarks isn't helping either. I mean, Sylvia is good, but Sezairi performed better that night, hence grabbing the hearts of the voters. Imo, they wanted Sylvia to win because they merely wanted a change (a female & non-Malay idol plus of course her voice), and that will then defeats the purpose of the whole idol competition.

    Sylvia being the first female SI finalist is fair enough. I'm sure she'd go far in her singing career as well. But for now, I just hope people would stop all the hatred towards Airi and give him a break. And what's up with the numerous Facebook Fanpage condemning Airi and his winning? Stop it people. Peace.

  16. I totally agree with summerr, you said it girl!

    These people should just accept that Sezairi is already their idol and it has happened. It's no use ranting and flaming Sezairi when he is already the 3rd Singapore Idol. People, please give him a break. He totally deserved it. Sylvia and Sezairi are awesome that night and I'd be happy enough if either of them wins. :) Where's the love that Sezairi needs here? Please stop critising and blaming him. All that needs to blame at is at yourself for not voting enough for your favourite idol. What's done is done, either you accept it or you shut it. And those facebook groups saying that Sezairi doesn't deserve to be idol is just lame and useless. Sezairi, just 'hold your head up and walk into the storm'. :)

    Please, give that poor boy a break and spread the love. <3

    Tons of Sezairified love,

  17. hahaha lol laughing at u sporean! look at urself, denying ur good product just because he's a Malay boy. unbelievable! y do u have to market hate when there's too much love around??

  18. Tracy - nice entry, as always.

    to katie: well said! especially the last part about the media. All season long we haven't heard sh*t about SI (except for those "controversies" like MJ Kuok and Malaque's Vasantham Star thingy), yet suddenly they want to come and stir up trouble by writing such a terrible article? Messed up man.

  19. Thanks for this post summerr =)

    Some people just can't stand not being able to explain what can't be proven, so they choose the easiest, stupidest, most superficial explanation possible and say its true just because a lot of people agree with them.

    And they don't give a crap how hurtful, ridiculous or narrow minded it is because they've got the support of the media and the other idle Idol chatters who only care about the media-sensationalized brouhaha of getting a girl Idol and probably can't even tell us which three Sylvia performances they like best because all they know is "Mercy" and that Sezairi is Malay and male and therefore is totally like Hady and Taufik. Very smart!! Not.

    Just because it's the majority opinion that he doesn't deserve to win, doesn't make your opinion better than the others who voted for him. Suck it up, deal with it, stop acting like petulant children. Next time, vote more. If you don't think it's worth that effort then you don't really care that much, do you? Stop raining on the parade of those who actually give a damn about their favourite.

  20. LTYH and Katie - totally agree on the lack of coverage entire season. Even before the season started, headlines were negative like 'do we need another singapore idol?'.
    I try not to read between the lines so much, but sometimes even without a backlight, the 'hidden' words can be seen - agenda much? all i can say is 'tsk!'.
    We can certainly learn to love a bit more.

  21. hi hallam
    can i ask what is so wrong about "malays voting for a malay contestant"? how is that racial prejudice? you need to know the definition of prejudice. if thats the case, Hady going on Asian Idol, and us Singaporeans vote for him as the Singapore Idol.. and not voting for the other Idols from other countries.

    Are we having a "racial prejudice" then? What is wrong with "malays voting for malay contestant"?

    i think you are a bit delusional.. his fan base consist of 85% malays, and the people who supported him at the Singapore Indoor Stadium also majority malays. So what is wrong with that? Noone is saying that it is wrong for a strong sense of community.

  22. okay okay, chill all.
    This is what i think and feel,
    I've been rooting for Sylvia ever since I started watching Idol and yes I do want her to be the idol but sadly,Sezairi won. Maybe he deserved it, maybe he didnt but give that dude a break! C'mon its singapore,how far can local music here go? International? I dont think so. So i guess you people should all move on with your lives because honestly, this is rediculous. Sezairi won,deal with it.Season 8 of American Idol,Kris Allen won when everyone thought Adam Lambert would but Kris did, so what? Adam has an album now doesnt he? And he is as popular as Kris is. So its not about the title of 'Singapore Idol' that matters now , its about life and success AFTER that. If Sylvia gets a record deal and makes an album,then it'll all comes down to the same thing. So shut up and buy their albums if you're a lunatic for local music (:

  23. I think what Hallam is trying to say is that just because Sezairi is Malay doesn't mean that ALL Malays voted for him. I understand Hallam's frustation because it seems that people are implying that Sezairi won because the entire Malay population voted for him, thus making his victory a matter of colour and not talent.

    True, there's nothing wrong with having a strong sense of community, just like how you see within the Malay community. But the way it is phrased by the media and laymen made it look really bad. I'm sure Sezairi has non-Malay fans and so does Sylvia who has Malay fans.

    The main concern here is to just stop with this whole racial game. I understand prejudice is inevitable cause each is entitled to his/her opinion. But it's best that these prejudices be kept behind closed doors because as soon as they get spoken out loud through various channels, hell will break lose and that is the last thing a multi-racial society like Singapore needs.

    Spread the love people. Who cares about colour? Aren't we all part of the human race? And please, Sezairi and Sylvia are talented in their own unique ways. Support both of them. Only then will the local music industry flourish :)

  24. that night i votes for sylvia only bcos she is my fav but i knew something is not right with sylvia when i first saw her on stage.she look 'lost',oh i do not know how to describe it but sezairi look calm and seems to be having a good time.By the way i watch it on tv,so i can clearly see it.maybe sylvia is pressured by the media,tv commercial and of course those who just wanted a female winner no matter what but do not vote is just not the same sylvia that i knew on spectacular show,who always show confidence when singing and look like she is having fun.that is why when sezairi won, i am not surprised nor am i angry.he deserve it.i do not blame sylvia,again i say sylvia is not at fault.she did her very best but i think the expectation on sylvia is too much.her own fans,ppl who just want a female winner,the medias pressured her too much.and this ppl do not realized they are the people who decide the SI winner.not all malay votes for sezairi( i am one of them and not the only one)and there are also people who was waiting for their performance and than decide who to vote.
    sylvia no doubt process the best vocal in this year SI and i will definately keep on supporting her.i also hope both sezairi and sylvia will think of something to make peace among their fans.reading their facebook really make me sad as a singaporean and as a malay who is supporting sylvia.
    just my point of view, if the previous two seasons 2nd runners up is as goood, where are they now???actually i was upset when sly went to final instead of olinda.was there any controversy,ermm i can't point of recalling.anyway

    Tracy i am addicted to your blog.You did a good job.thank you.


  25. deej said it the best. to deb: i sincerely apologise if what i commented might have rubbed u the wrong way..and i know what prejudice means.

  26. Hello:D

    Sylvia and Sezairi are both equally talented. But in every season of Singapore Idol, there could only be one winner. That said, Sezairi Sezali. His music, his character, th originality he make to th songs that he sing would leave a mark in our hearts. Thus, Sylvia is also a GREAT singer, character.

    Speaking of character, I had a chance to talk to them when they were at th Marina Barrage for their interview. :) They're really a great person. (Hahaha, th owner of this blog also have my picture and posted it here!!) :D

    Anyways, think we just support Sezairi for who he is now, th 3rd Singapore Idol. And though Sylvia didn't win Singapore Idol, being in th FIRST female Grand Finalist is already a job well done. Surely, that was not th last we would see her in this industry.

    So, just, SUPPORT SEZAIRI.

    Love much,

  27. I think Summerr told us to give comments on showing some love to our new Singapore idol . So why are there still debating going on over here ? Relax lah people , it's over , it's already decided that Sezairi is the new Singapore idol . So no matter how hard you guys are fighting over this ( especially those people who are not satisfied with Sezairi's winning ) , it'll still make no difference at all !

    We are as one Singaporean need to be united . Not just because of one reality show , we're all fighting like this . Isn't that crap ? I bet if other country find out about this , they'll laugh at us .

    Anw , congrats Sezairi ! You deserve it alot ! Your Sezairified fans will always love and support ya ! :D

  28. On an international stage, people see the Singapore Idol as a Singaporean, not by race. Let's all just be proud of him, instead of arguing all the time, yes? We, as Singaporeans, should show the world that we support our fellow Singaporeans, regardless of their race, language or religion. It is admirable that we are able to live together despite our differences, don't let this hoo-ha over the winner of this competition affect that.


  29. Thank you Tracy.

    At the Indoor Stadium that nite, Sylvia's fans were everywhere. Even seated two rows in front of the SEZAIRIFIEDs. You can see them in pink and waving pink lights and they were loud.

    But when Sezairi sings Crazy, you can see a lot of these fans singing along. When he sang Touched by an angel, it's an experience that I would not forget. These people are just waving their hands and swaying to the song. Sezairi has touched their hearts with his singing. The clapping never stop even after the song ended.

    Why not highlight that? Lacklustre (the word used by Germaine Lim, TNP) does not even come close!

    How could the media people not able to see and feel the mood, the atmosphere? Aren't writers supposed to have these sensitivity? The answers are right there in front of their very eyes. Sezairi own the stage that night! He gets us involved in his songs. He has worked very hard, improved tremendously and the audience's reaction and participation clearly shows who they think is worthy of their vote. Sezairi's singing touched these people - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Eurasians, Caucasians.

    Unfortunately these journalist has already made up their mind on what kind of sensational headlines they're gonna write should Sezairi win that night. What can I say, if a journalist could not even see that Sezairi's fans are wearing lime green and not CYAN!(as written in a newspaper)

    Come on Singaporean, Sezairi has won and he deserved it.
    ~ Sezairified. Can't Stop. Won't Stop!

  30. Personally I find it hard to believe, after what is probably the most even-finale out of the three editions, that the media would be focusing on the negatives. No offence to Sly and Jonathan, but Taufik and Hady was always gonna win. But not for Sezairi, he really had to up his game for the finale, which he did.

    I'm a Sylvia fan myself but I think the decisive moment came in the final song, Touched by an Angel, which Sezairi delivered wayyy better than Sylvia did. TBH, when I was listening to Sylvia sing Touched By An Angel, I thought, she did a pretty good job. Then I heard Sezairi's rendition and he just stretched the limit of the song beyond it's capabilities. His rendition touched more hearts than Sylvia's did, and that itself should crown him the Singapore Idol.

    I think Sylvia would have made a better idol, in terms of marketability etc. but make no mistake, Sezairi deserved his crown.

  31. if the judges feel he can win, that goes to show the talent he has. those who wanna say about the malay idol thingy, just two words for u: shuddup lah. happy new year, the singapore idol winner entering NS in 2010.

  32. to M Nasri:

    i agree i agree!! as mentioned above i wanted sylvia to win.

    then i heard both their first songs, then i thought, wow tough fight.

    then i heard their 2nd songs, and i was, omg airi! i cant bring myself to vote for sylvia now (absolutely no offense to sylvia fans, but i was impressed with Crazy, and so was my friend who absolutely loves sylvia)

    then i heard sylvia sing touched by an angel, and i thot.. wow, it was very very impressive and diva-ish. and i got really worried for airi cos the song just seemed as if it suited sylvia's style more than airi's.. then airi sang and i got goosebumps and i nearly teared cos it was SO inspiring.

    i wish i cld crown both sylvia, airi and tabby (i love her!). but as it goes, im pretty darn happy airi got the crown cos he certainly deserves it. boo to all the naysayers.

    i hope the 3 of them come out with an album each soon! and i hope touched by an angel (and virtual insanity) will be on the cd for airi, mercy for sylvia and superwoman (and bohemian rhapsody) for tabby. =D

    p/s: summerr, im really REALLY gonna miss checking in on this blog for idol news =X i came here daily for half a year!

  33. now now, let's just stop all this nonsense aite?

    the malay community may be united, but i'm sure sezairi's votes consist of not only malays, but other races as well. look at the number of comments made by sylvia's fans on how well sezairi performed that night. he won because of the number of votes people, not colour.

    i am a sezairi fan, but i do not deny the fact that sylvia is really good too. singapore idol should be a platform where people show much more love than hate, or something like that, as said by the man himself that night.

    so c'mon. spare him the pressure. show him some love.


    summerr, if you meet sezairi, tell him his fans will be his angels ok?

    love him much! :)

  34. To M. Nasri - DUDE YOU HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! PROPS!!! U SAID IT 'Make no mistake'!

    To anon above this, don't worry, I don't need to tell him, he knows. He's so appreciative of the support from his, he reads this blog *wink*


  35. To katie, thank you so much for checking my blog every day for half a year, I'm speechless cos I'm so grateful. I started this as kinda like a favour to a friend, and it really touches me that people bother to read what I have to say. I won't disappoint - already issued orders to the Top12 to speed dial me & izked whenever anythng big happens to them!

  36. Of course, the votes dont lie. He may have got a higher number of votes, but listen to them at last night's countdown and it is so clear who has the better/stronger voice. And she's still waiting for a recording contract? How lousy can that be! I agree he does not have to apologise for being a Malay guy; but it is clear he was enjoys strong support from the Malay community. If she was a less talented singer, the backlash would not have been so bad. Yes, maybe people did not vote - but that does not mean they cannot express their disappointment at the voting minority.

  37. To anon above, how can you call it a 'voting minority' when its a majority vote? Someone far above has already said, even if every single malay person voted 100 times, it wouldn't be enough to confirm a win. You need critical mass for a win.
    And to be honest, if you REALLY listened, you'd know who performed better. Sylvia is a great performer and I think on another night, she would have trumped Sezairi, but on THAT night, maybe it was nerves? She wasn't as on form as Sezairi was who had upped his game - even Ken Lim said so.
    And its fine for people to express disappointment, what is disgusting is that they are expressing it with a racial slur. Spot on when you say there is nothing wrong with community support, whats wrong is when others use it as a point of contention. You say its ok, yet you condemn it - hypocritical much?

  38. Must share this with all:

    John Ross
    Monday, 28 December 2009 17:55:38
    Hello to all,I am an expatriate working in S'pore. Its very clear that Sezairi was far more superior in terms of everything if compared to Sy...lvia. And Tabitha was also much better in comparison to Sylvia before she was executed. You should choose the best singer to win and to represent S'pore for the S'pore Idol title and not base on other factors for instance like die die need a female to be the winner this time round because the last two winner were male and or malay singer.
    You people out there you should choose the best person to win rather than because of stupid, not justifiable, ridiculous reasons and etc........shame on yourselves.
    To me Sezairi was the best and deserved to be the winner....all the 3 songs were great especially the last one....touched by an angel.......he is simply the best no doubt about it.....Well done and Congratulations Sezairi......2009 S'pore Idol

    to be continued

  39. continue...must share

    Noriko chan
    Monday, 28 December 2009 17:56:40
    No 1 : Why did the publisher of this article have to say this "SEZAIRI Sezali made it three wins in a row for aspiring male Malay singers when he was crowned 2009's Singapore Idol on Sunday night"...why cudnt he just have said "...male singers...."...i dun understand y he shud have said this...this 1 word cud bring this topic to a whole diffrent level!

    No 2 : This is Singapore Idol = Singing competition..You have to sing well in order to win & if u look good,den its a bonus...look how Sylivia & Sezairi looked like b4 the competition & look at them now! Sylvia quoted at a vid during the Finale "i have never looked like this,thanx to the make up artiste...."...Soooo...having to say that,BOTH of them look good now!! So in terms of good looks, i think both of them have the looks!

    No 3 : Vocals - When the Finale started everyone tot that it was anybody's game coz both of them could sing...BUT when it came to Sylvia singing "yellow" it was totally flat! and when Sezairi sang "crazy" was clear that he was THE ONE to win..."as Ken said " Round 1,Sylvia,Round 2,Sezairi..." Vocally, i and many others think that Sezairi is definately stronger than doubt about it...

    No 4 : Like what Mrs Dougghy said "if only malays voted,Sezairi wudnt have won coz malays only make 20% of the population in S'pore"..Sezairi won fairly coz Singapore Idol is base on votes that were cast by US = Singaporean's....he won coz WE Singaporeans voted for him...& IF u remeber Singapore is made up of many diff races & people from all over the world....

    Sooo maybe we SHOULD look at the bigger up our minds...and think out of your comfort zone..

    to be continued...

  40. continue...from H Tan

    1. Sylvia has a good number of "Malay" & "FEMALE" fans too. 2. In any competition, contest or even sports, it is usually your final performance/game that decide your winning or losing and yes, Sylvia may have been a good singer but her performance on that night may have swayed votes based SEZAIRI's final presentation. The fact is if you do not "score" a goal, you will lose the game..!? 3. While the "powers that be" wants us to live in racial harmony, such headlines to instill racial discrimination is allowed??? Germaine Lim, I hope you can do some recovery on this!! 4. As Tracy blogs, does Sezairi has a choice of his race and gender and does it mean because he possess these 2 traits, his capabilities and talents should not be acknowledged? 5. "Touched by an Angel" was definitely more suitable for Female.

    You showed that your are very committed to your dream, showed continued improvements and upped the game on that night beyond the expectations of Singaporean (regardless of race, language, religion or gender), you went against all odds and you deserve the Singapore IDOL 2009 110%. CONGRATULATIONS and all the best!

  41. Well,I have to agreet that we have to vote enough for our fav idol to win. Honestly, I felt that sylvia was the most consistent performer and she did perform better than Sezairi that night, however Sezairi did improve so much that it was a close fight, I am a fan of Sylvia because she has a great voice and someone who is simple and able to be inspiring. I dostill feel that Sylvia deservesto win, HOWEVER, It is chosen by the public and I trust that the votes are audited and I should support whoever who wins,but I do hope that people will learn to vote more for the persn they suppport!

    AND, asking us to vote more also is very very costly,its not like American Idol where there is no surcharge for voting only "standard messaging rates apply"

  42. S e z a i r i ............ won. Simple =)

  43. It's over people. The hate won't change the fate, at all. The title is his. Eventhough there is so much hatred, the title won't switch or dissappear. Spread the love. Peace.

    SI fan.

  44. to ainsofiah and anonymous above me,

    i totally agree! the fight's getting kinda old. Sezairi won, end of story. let's stop arguing (cant change the results anyway right, so why fight?) and support our singapore idol! and whoever else u support. =)

    someone sign sylvia and tabby soon please!

  45. Hi. Just my pov: To me, I love tabby/sylvia. And I couldnt vote to help them, making me feel helpless when tabby got voted out or when sylvia did not win the idol competition. People may say, "Who ask you not to vote?". MONEY. money is the key issue here. recession has hit singapore hard and not many families have recovered from this economical wave. I suggest that votes be free so people with tight financial restraints can vote freely for their fav idol. Anws, congrats to sezairi and yes, PLS SIGN SYLVIA AND TABBY UP QUICK!!!

  46. did you see yesterdays life column? they were poking fun at the 3 winners, the host, basically the show
    anyway you can't blame sylvias fans. don't you think they already feel bad enough that she didn't win. okay maybe they didn't vote enough but they were definately dedicated. there was a group of them that only ever conversed on the fan page and they met up and went to orchard road to promote her to ppl on the streets.
    Sylvia is awesome, man. she can bring complete strangers together and she can move ppl to go to such extents for her. and the media can say all they want but they can never take sezairis win away from him. he won, end of story.

  47. ISn't all these nonsense sounds very sexist and racist? what are all of you thinking? very typical of singaporeans. just be frank if all of you are sexist or racist. next competition make it a Singapore FEMALE Idol for those people who wants the guys not to win. or a Singapore MALE Idol for those who wants the ladies not to win. OR Have a Singapore MULTI RACIAL Idol Competition where there will every winner for each racial groups in Singapore not forgeting PR status too... HAHaHA! NEway, Voting competition is meant to be like this. Actualy if you people analyse, Singapore voters have good taste in voting their idols. The 1st and 2nd Singapore Idol are good examples where the voters know what they like. Hardy was the Asian Idol and he came from Singapore. Voters all around Asia voted him as their Favourites and not their idols and yet he won because he got the most 'Favourites' votes. So what else can you say... A vote is a vote! Well done and congrates to our 3rd Singapore Idol.... More Singapore IDols in the future!