Wednesday, July 21, 2010

OMG's Second Taping : Meet The Challengers

Contestants aren't the only ones whipping out tricks on OMG.

Its getting really interesting. Last night was the second night of pre-recorded episodes for OMG. Monday night saw Episode 1 in the can. Last night was Ep 2. Tonight will be Ep 3.

Want tickets to tonight's show? Come to MediaCorp's reception tonight at 7pm!
Show starts at 7.45pm.

So after Monday, night saw 2 acts being eliminated, the successful 8 that got through that night moved on to last night's show to face 4 challengers. Here's where it gets interesting. The 4 newcomers get to pick the act they want to challenge from the 8 on the podium, so not everyone performs in the episode. You only perform if you are a challenger or if you get challenged -confusing? Aiya when you watch the show later, it'll be clearer.

Winning strategies
I like this whole 'challenger' thing because not everyone has the same strategy. You can basically choose to challenge anyone on the podiums and with a variety of acts, you could get a crooner
challenging an acrobat. You don't necessarily have to pick on someone in your own genre. Naturally you'd pick the act you think is the weakest and easiest to beat.

At this stage its about impressing the judges, but once viewer voting comes into play, this challenger 'mechanism' will get really interesting. Will an act's loyal supporters outweigh the judges' and general public's voice? Or will the votes reflect the collective audience's opinion? (wah, a bit cheem hor for a Wednesday morning)

Here's A Twist
If you're already on the podium and you get challenged, and you BEAT your challenger, you get immunity for the night AND for the following episode! :) Good la, can slack for a week and shake leg, just come in for hair and makeup and smile for the cam!

Ok, last Twist...
Even a Challenger can get challenged! So you could come in this episode, beat someone, get on the podium, and then get challenged and possibly beaten. This 'trick' from the producers I likey. Just goes to show you can't get complacent on OMG (unless you have immunity).

So did the challengers 'up the ante' for the show? I think yes, they most certainly did. They made the show interesting because they were 1. good and 2. different, from what was already on the podium.

I hope to be surprised again tonight when I see the next set of challengers. The show's definitely picking up, so now I really can't wait for everyone to watch it so we can start having conversations about all things OMG :)

Think you might wanna be on the show? (think you have a**kicking talent?)
Got a talent you wanna showcase? Or need $ to pay off your student loans or buy that new set of rims for your car? Or just think you can probably do better than the contestants already on the show (Once the show gets started, the audition doors will remain open til November, so if you see someone on that podium and you think, "Man, I can SO kick your a**") contact the show's producers at

Like I said, its getting interesting.....

xoxo, s.

ps. If you'd like to come down for tonight's recording (its the last one they'll be having this month), come by to the MediaCorp reception area at 7pm tonight.

pps. I'll be tweeting/twitpiccing as usual, but due to restrictions I doubt there'll be much to twitpic, but don't despair, whatever pics I take now, will make it to the blog sooner or later ...fer sure!

pps. Aren't those just the cutest rainbow socks ever? Thats a 24yr old guy wearing them - aren't you now curious to see what his talent could be? :)

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