Saturday, July 24, 2010

OMG's Third Taping : 4 New Challengers + More Rules

Weeding Out The Weak?
Sorry for the mini silence, I had spent all Wednesday/Thursday night trying to reorganise the blog and archive all the idol stuff to make way for OMG! stuff, but it was a seriously tedious back-end job! Needless to say, by the time I shut down the netbook each night, I was zonked out of my mind.

Ok, excuses aside, I had been wondering what to report about for OMG!'s 3rd episode. I''m still not at liberty to disclose identities of the judges/hosts/contestants/challengers. So what COULD I possibly blog about that would be different from the last two entries??

Here's what we know :

1. In Episode 1, we see 10 contestants culled from nationwide auditions perform. Judged then whittle this down to just 8. These 8 contestants take a spot each on the 8 coveted podiums on stage.

2. From Episode 2 to Episode 6 (that's a 5 week period), 4 new challengers will be introduced each week to challenge any one of the 8 on the podiums. The challengers get to pick who they want to challenge. And once both parties have performed, judges decide on the spot who gets the spot on the podium.

- If the contestant manages to defend his spot, he gets immunity for the night, and the following week, he cannot be challenged again.

- If a challenger wins, the contestant goes home. The challenger takes the spot on the podium but does not have immunity - he can be challenged within the same show and may even lose his spot! So really, you can't relax at all on this show (until the credits start rolling!)

Think YOU could be a worthy challenger?
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By the end of episode 3, some of the original contestants managed to defend their places and some were replaced by the challengers, we're actually left with only about half of the original contestants from Episode 1 - how's that for musical chairs?

Here's what I think...

This show is really quite watchable. The producers have come up with a pretty interesting and smart format. Watching contestants and challengers have a go and try and top each other is great tv. The format is also a smart and effective way of weeding out the weaker contestant. Which means, technically, at the end of this process (at the end of Episode 6), we should have the strongest line up of 8 on the podium to go on to the next round of weekly eliminations til we get to the winner.

However, there's a loophole. And this is what makes it extra interesting for me, and gut-wrenching at times.

The loophole is this - challengers are the ones that get to pick the contestant they perceive to be the weakest, or basically the one they think they can beat. A wrong choice here and a fan favourite or a really talented contestant, could wind up going home.

Do your research and choose wisely!
This happened on Episode 3. One challenger chose a very strong and unique contestant and ended up not making the cut. I thought this particular challenger would have made for interesting tv and had they chosen a different act off the podium, they would have sailed through quite easily. The contestant that was challenged had a unique talent and it was a close fight imo. In fact, I wasn't sure who to root for.

So, to all those who have a hidden talent so far unbeknowst to anyone, and you think you can totally kick some butt on the show, join OMG! and you could be walking away with $50,000, but a word of caution, since you'll be coming on as a challenger, I suggest you really watch the show and pick your 'oppFont sizeponents' carefully, choose the one you KNOW you can beat!

I'm looking forward to next week! Thursday, 11am is the press conference at *scape! Once that's done, I have soooo much more to share!

xoxo, s.

ps. Coming up on Monday - OMG! fun facts :)

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