Wednesday, July 28, 2010

OMG! Judges/Host Big Reveal Tomorrow

The big reveal happens tomorrow!
In just under 14 hours, the media will be introduced to the four Judges and two Hosts of One Moment Of Glory. Of course those who attended the show's recordings last Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday already know who they are, but we're all being very good and keeping mum.

I'm actually pretty excited about tomorrow because

1. Its gonna be at *Scape and I haven't really had a good walk around that place - heard from the marketing team that the room where the media conference is gonna be held is pretty snazzy!

2. I'm looking forward to hear what the judges/hosts have to say about their roles on the show and what they've seen so far in terms of talent.

3. I'm interested to hear what our local journos are gonna ask them. I hope someone will ask them really tough questions (and put them on the spot haha)! *evil grin*

4. Last but not least, I just heard that producers may be inviting some of the more, ahem, 'colourful' or 'unique' contestants to perform for the journos! I wonder who they'll cherry-pick and whether these acts are representative of the judges' favourites or are just random? Ooh, if there's fire involved, its gonna be hawt!

Follow me on Twitter tomorrow for live updates and you'll also get to see it all unfold via Twitpic as it happens :)

The whole thing starts at 11am, so see you on Twitter right about then! Have a good Thursday night y'all!

xoxo, s.

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