Saturday, July 17, 2010

Judges/Hosts Publicity Pics - 'First' Look!

Think you can figure out who they are?
Happy Saturday morning everyone! Check out the four pics I just got from the very nice promo people at Channel 5. There was one more sent to me but that one was waaay too obvious who it was, even with my amateur grafitti, you could so tell. So I couldn't put it up. (Apologies to that artiste!)

But I think this should be enough to whet your appetite over the weekend :)

Masked #1 :
Doesn't this celeb look super chio? Hawt right? Your guess - Judge or Host? She was the tallest 'celeb' at the shoot, sumore add heels, phwoar! V pretty lady :)

Masked #2 :
Had to put something to cover up his hand cos I thought his hand would give his identity away. Now on hindsight, I'm thinking, how COULD his HAND possibly give him away?! Silly summerr tsk! So...judge or host?

Masked #3 :
Also didn't expect this lady to be so tall when I met her. Haven't had a chat with her yet, so will catch her on Monday (hopefully) :), I'm really impressed by all her accomplishments, and hope I don't get TOO tongue-tied when I meet her 'properly'!

Masked #4 :
This one held her mask really well, I didn't even need to add grafitti to cover her face! Either the mask was big or she has a small face. Possibly the latter, she's a lot more fine-boned than what you see on tv, and waaaay taller than I expected.

(D'you see a trend? They're all taller than I expected, ie I'm probably shorter than I think I am wth!)

This is the celeb with the fab Kate Spade bag. Love.It. (Want.It.) suitably whetted? <-- is that even a word?
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Have a good weekend, and if you've gotten yourself tickets, I'll see you on Monday night!

xoxo, s.

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